Take Yourself Out For A Cute Picnic~| 김수민 sookim [ENG SUB/한글 자막]

Oh no no no no (Wind blows when trying to spread a mat) So easy Oh~this one! Have you had this one? It’s one of my favorites. It’s so good Oh? What’s this? Apple cider! This one looks good too These cool down my belly so nice What should we eat? I see Spicy Chicken noodles This brings back some memories Never Again Put this on here and push start Yessss! It’a boiling Could we please get the chicken set no.1 ? Done! If you go to our youtube studio app now You will see we now have 52,649 subscribers Today is August 1st. I still find it hard to believe This tears me up What is wrong with me? Wait, hold on (Trying hard not to cry) We didn’t have this on our script, Soo (lol) I’m gonna have some ramen now! Let’s drink some beer too Since I get super hot when drinking beer Let me put my hair up too beforehand You look like Bao the dumpling Hey you! Dumpling? Why am I sitting here alone btw Mmm~ (Beer fizzing over) It’s okay I’m alright hahaha I’m not alright, okay? Here you go (Yeah that was my beer) Thank you Yeap yeap (Pouring beer into a plastic cup) Wow look at that ratio of foam and beer, 8:2 Why does beer instantly turn to foam when poured into a plastic cup? I heard there are certain ways of pouring beer They are mowing the lawn right now so you might not be able to hear me well Let’s have some deep conversations while day drinking Let’s have some deep conversations while day drinking Deep conversations? Let’s talk about something that our subcribers would like to know So we now have over 50k subscribers, right? (She’s easily distacted by food always) Let’s talk about the stories behind the scenes and… Oh my! I spilled it on my shirt You are not listening to me… So it’s been 5 months since we started our channel Right! this is our 5th month It feels like it was only yesterday that we had a few hundreds subscribers but then we now have over 50K subscribers It still feels unreal to me Right Taehyung? Remember your only goal was to reach about 500 subsribers in the beginning? Yeah maybe around 1K.. Didn’t I say 1K before? I only wished for that amount You were actually scared when you reached 10K I was really scared once There are more people watching our channel now I feel moe responsible now You weren’t scared? Not at all? Nope, I was rather so excited I remember you were scared once Nope, not at all (I am a strong indepedent man) I’ve been wanting to say thank you so much to our subscribers If it weren’t for you, I would not be here today Many have asked me, “What’s Next?” Many have asked me, “What’s Next?” I know a lot of people don’t know about this but once you become Miss Korea You will be working with the organization for 2 years I have finsihed my first year and I now have a year left with the organization I’ve handed down everything to the new Miss Koreas I’ve handed down everything to the new Miss Koreas I will have more autonomy and freedom to do things I want to do Of course I would have more time to do Youtube I remember we used to have many time conflicts in the beginning It was very hard to make time to film youtube videos but from now on, we will have more time to try new things and make more videos but from now on, we will have more time to try new things and make more videos Taehyung keeps convincing me to become a Full-Time Youtuber Always like “Noona, you are meant to become a Youtuber~” “Full-Time Youtuber~” I’ve been seriously thinking about this because I truly enjoy making videos with Taehyung even making a cover dance video that we just did? It was my first time filming a music video but I’m so thankful that our subsribers enjoyed it I love learning this process Wait hold on, what am I saying I think I’m drunk I told you it would be my first but also my last time doing a cover dance But I just said I would do it again Please cut this part out for me but I know you won’t.. I got a call! I think our chicken is here! Chicken is here~I’m gonna put this ramen down here You look super excited? Chicken over Ramen? Whao Daebak! Let me see it too You see this? (Warming up with a sip of beer before eating chicken) This is living~ Btw, I read some hate coments about me Oh right! I forgot about that Taehyung-a haha So Taehyung called me a few days ago I said what’sup but then he was, I think he was almost crying saying “Noona, I got my first hate comment” So we had this scene where Taehyung had to push me over So we had this scene where Taehyung had to push me over His hate comment was saying “Why do you push our Soo” Yeah, why did you push me like that Taehyung? It was all just acting… No, I could feel some real hard feelings you have towards me Because you really pushed me hard You were like, “Noona, bamm!” Ouch! Taehyunga! I hope people don’t take this seriously… But yes, it was all actig~(I hope it was) It didn’t hurt me much He can’t hurt me, I’m taller than Taehyung. What do you mean It only tickled a little Let’s say cheers before drinking (Slurped in delight) I read all the comments I feel bad that I couldn’t reply back to all of you guys I feel bad that I couldn’t reply back to all of you guys but I try to respond to some of the questions you guys have and like the comments I love reading all your comments, they are all so nice To be honest, Taehyung’s first hate comment wasn’t even that bad right? It was more like a joke? scoldingish? Yes, I wouldn’t say it was a hurtful comment This just tells us how kind and supportive our subribers are You’ve all been so generous and kind to us It means a lot to me Reading the beautiful, kind comments always make my day I get such a great, positive energy from you guys Same here Although I don’t speak English But I think your English is already good enough I also can’t understand the comments in Vietnamese but I enjoy google translate them and try guessing what it means Right right I’m so grateful we have many cheering, postivie comments It motivates me more when editing the videos Same here If you think about it, That’s what really drove us here Oh and I got something for you! What is it? (Ta-daa) Turn it on now Wait, isn’t’ this a electrick shock lie detector? Soo Takes The Lie Detector Shock Test “I really want to become a full-time Youtuber” Be honest “a full-time Youtuber?” I told you I’m thinking about that seriously now No, I meant “you should truly want to become a full-time Youtuber” No, I meant “you should truly want to become a full-time Youtuber” Well.. like want-want? (Result is…?) Uh… (Truth) I want to do it~ you satisfied? I know how this functions “I’m actually lonely being single” (Lmao) Me? I was alright until last year but I sometimes do feel lonely thesedays (Truth) Are you telling me that you are lonely even though you have your SooKim subscribers with you? How dare you That’s not what I meant~ I would certainly feel less lonely if I had a chance to meet up with our subscribers I hope we do someday Next is! “I’ve regretted participating the pageant” Yes, I have (Truth) Oh…you better now let your organization people know about this haha (Miss Korea Organization, did you hear this?) The moment I regretted the most is when I saw my family getting hurt from the harsh comments I received The fact that my family also had to see that hurt me the most “Were you ever mad or angry at me while working with me?” Taehyung, you are perfect, Never (Oh yeah?) (Receving Electric Shock) Oh, so you were No~ It actually hurts Let’s have a serious talk about this What were you so mad about? Nothing Tell me at least one thing I bet you have many but just one No, nothing Let me take a listen first and I’ll decide if I should work on it or not I don’t have any problem with you I think there’s something wrong with this detector Stop that and just tell me It’s just wrong~ I mean it’s just really little things like.. (This pause makes me nervous) Things I asked you to cut out is always in the videos So I’m like “Oh!?” Other than that I don’t have any hard feelings towards you Alright, I got it So sad…she was mad at me this whole time Give that back to me asap Give it to me! This really hurts seriously What am I the only one doing this test? I don’t want to do it! You are trying to get away from this I always call our subscribers “Guys~” Cuz you’ve been saying “Hey guys~” since your first intro video Yeah it became such a habit Kim Soo (pause) Min ibnida~ I mimic Soo so well There is this weird pause between Soo and Min when you say your name in Korean I didn’t know that until you told me Say it now Hey guys~ I’m Kim Soo(pause) Min Oh yeah I see it now I don’t know why I say it like that “Hey guys! Kim Soo Min ibnida” How’s this? better? Is there any other names that we could use for our subsrcribers? If you have any fandom name ideas please share with us! Should we actually pick one among them and stick with it? Since we have over 50K subsribers, let’s thank our subsribers by hosting a little giveaway Let’s pick the top three people who shared the famdom name ideas in the comment and send them handwritten postcards and some Korean snacks Thank you so much 50,000 subsribers! I have some exciting news for you We have a fun collaboration project coming up soon I think this will give us more opportunities to try new video contents and meet you guys more often Stay tuned for this project! I’ll explain more about it later! We will continue making videos! Thank you so much Our PD-nim resigned to start his own business I miss him so much Are you crying right now? For real? What is going on…omg (Bursts into tears) PD-nim, do you see this now? Taehyung is bullying me! I hope people don’t take this seriously omg

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