Talking To Birds ~ WMA Free Camping in Florida!

hey everybody how you doing back to my
roots here boondocking no hookups got the solar panels tilted trying to gather
some of this Florida Solar that’s a little lower in the winter time and
doing pretty well it’s a little later in the afternoon now but we did reach 84
degrees here and I haven’t made it quite to the coast yet like I said well going
back a lot of my subscribers lost their mind when I said I had joined thousand
trails and I was gonna possibly do some resorts down in Florida like very
strange look still gonna boondock without anything no power no water no
electricity no TV stations it’s quiet out here I parked this far away for most
of these campers which are also hunters a lot of people are hunting in this area
gone in the daytime they party at night but this is called three Lakes WMA which
is a Wildlife Management Area a lot like BLM back out west just called something
different 14-day max free camping under percent free but anyway I won’t go on
and on about all the resources I use you know my life is changing every single
month on the road I’ve been on YouTube over five years now been full timing for
over eight years in an RV living in an RV and I’m constantly changing I’m
improving the quality of life on a daily basis essentially and I have a lot of
tools to help me in Jack’s it really enjoy life on the road so don’t be
afraid to change guys on the channel I know I share a lot of information on
this channel and I make you guys go through a lot of changes but like I said
it’s all for the good still me and it’s still Jax and we have a lot of
excitement rolling into 2019 for where this channels gonna lead and I
appreciate you guys sticking around it’s what you to hear how quiet this place as
though all these campers you can’t even hear anything like I said
I think most of them are gone last night was pretty loud here like after 10 p.m.
this place was a party zone it’s what you get out of the free stuff but that’s
pretty nice yeah we chillin we’re chillin at the end of January Jax is
gonna need his annual checkup do is make sure as all his vaccines are up to date
so he can travel anywhere don’t know where we’ll make that appointment but
when the time comes we’ll figure that out we need to find out how his weight
management has been working doctor wanted the high protein and the more
frequent feedings so we do five feedings with the smaller portions rather than
two half cups so he eats more often but less we’ve been tricking in the last
year I haven’t got him in for a midpoint way or anything so I don’t know if he
still weighs 24 pounds or what we’ll see we’ll make more changes if we need to
but you’re a pretty healthy guy you’ve logged more cat miles than any cat I
know yeah you like the chin scratches okay he likes the chin scratches he does
we like it out here huh Florida’s nice in the winter Oh birds
yeah as a bird I know as a big bird that’s a big bird coulda took you away
keep an eye on my boy gotta get inside and make dinner I’m making dinner in the
RB ok ok anything else and so ironically the low overnight tonight is gonna be 72
degrees yeah it’s gonna drop down as low as 72 degrees so it’s gonna be one of
those nights where I’m perfectly happy leaving all of the windows open and
maybe even a fan running in the bed area just to just to try to keep cool it’s
the it’s the sacrifice Florida in the winter as far as humidity and nightly
temperatures daily highs in the 80s and stuff but I’m still really super excited
about it so not not deterred from the weather and the humidity just yet as we
are going to go much much farther south in Florida yeah working on my favorite
RV meal spaghetti dinner with meatballs I don’t really care for the cleanup part
of it because the you know red sauce and other things but oh we’re really fogged
up sorry about that but it’s worth it it’s worth it whoo
humidity Florida give me paw star all right meatballs and
garlic bread you know I like to make three meals worth generally that way
there’s less cooking next time I can do some microwave and just cook up some
fresh noodles or something so cook a little bit more that way it’s easier
laters that make sense oh man why did you it real good oh man
turkey meatballs and I got I love my milk and yeah maybe not the wisest
decision to cook so much oven and stove food on a date on a night where it’s
still 81 degrees right now I’m a little warm still but only got a
few episodes left a better call Saul they’re up to season three on that place
I’m on Episode six so that’s how we do that you’re warning guys don’t know if we saw
any actual star movement last night it may have been just too cloudy but it was
sure noisy here like I said after 10 p.m.
you just kind of accept it it’s a free campground in the middle of nowhere um
go jump in the shower here in a minute I like boondocking it’s really fun it’s
just totally different than being hooked into power well one thing I want to say
though is that in the wintertime you know you’re really relying on solar when
you’re boondocking ok so I have to wait until the Sun hits my panels and then
the day’s end so quickly like the Sun sets at like I think 450 here in this
area so your days are shorter with solar so you’re relying on your battery longer
does that make sense your batteries so I mean even in the
winter time when I’ve tilted the panels and everything I still have to
physically run the generator for a couple hours every night while
boondocking in the winter it’s just I don’t have enough solar on the roof
maybe one day I get more solar or upgrade my batteries to make it work a
little better but it works just fine I don’t mind another generator a little
bit I like to do it at night like if the Sun sets at 5 o’clock 5 p.m. and I’m
gonna be in bed by 11:00 p.m. I like to run it for like an hour or two right in
the middle of that you know that play gonna be watching TV there on the laptop
or doing something that requires some power straight off the batteries so
there we go and feeling refreshed now Sunshine’s
piqued him through a little bit and by the way I’m just a little bit uneasy
about Gators sometimes so when I came out this morning you know just as the
Sun was getting ready to come out I jumped past the RV looked underneath
to make sure there wasn’t one and with this tall grass there’s just no way that
I’m gonna let Jax come out here and walk around out
here even with me on a leash I just don’t trust this swampy lake area so
that’s why I’d rather have Jax in my arms in a place where Gators are
possible and I kind of just changed my mind this afternoon I feel like two
nights out here was good enough for me so want to get back to the city for a
little bit of civilization stuff needs some milk a few other things so that’s
what we’ll do I’ll pack up put the panel’s back flat on the roof and we’ll
head out of y’all all right buddy let’s see if we can get out of here without
running over any mails people like to burn mattresses in these free
campgrounds and pallets with nails I always check within like 10 miles like
just get on the main road and once we get to a gas station I’ll pull out check
all my tires make sure there’s no metal debris from these free campsites I still
highly recommend this one if you can deal with like one bar
service which for me was enough to run netflix last night with my booster
though nobody else gets any service out here for AT&T t-mobile Sprint or Verizon
so something to consider but you know it’s nature you come out here for the
experience of being away from society which is where I’m going back to now if
I can find my way whoa whoa okay you also might notice that
some of the people living through here seem to be a little more comfortable
than others maybe like they’re here for the entire season look at that there’s a
vault toilet up here huh okay I did not know that
alrighty back to this dirt road now and we are officially headed for the coast
today we should be near the Atlantic Ocean Jack’s man I know that’s exciting
okay I’ll do the driving you just go ahead sleep okay okay we’re parked
Jack’s chillin fan going in step outside nothing amazing but thank you Cracker
Barrell for being the new Walmart’s basically still have not found a Cracker
Barrel it doesn’t allow some overnight parking and yeah we got one other RV
behind me a rental cruise America over there otherwise I’m gonna cut this video
right here because I want to go explore the beach tomorrow
not necessarily today so stay tuned for my next video from hopefully the
Atlantic Ocean have a good night guys

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