Talking Tom and Friends – Superhero Picnic  | Season 3 Episode 2
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Talking Tom and Friends – Superhero Picnic | Season 3 Episode 2

Beware, supervillains, or face the might of Cyber Hank
and his trusty sidekick… Sticky Ginger! Holy helium! It’s our arch-enemy,
the Balloon-inator! We have to stop him
before he inflates the whole world! Time to download justice! Wa! Whoa! Ha-ha! -No!
-[Tom] Ha-ha! Put down the watermelon
and help me with this. Got no time, Ben. Having a picnic
with Angela this afternoon. Huh? You’ll have plenty of time
when you help me complete the Time-Slower. Angela’s at the store right now
picking out our grapes. This picnic is on. -Stupid Tom…
-The Balloon-inator is making its move! Enter observation mode! -Boop boop boop!
-What’s this doing here? Cyber, Sticky go-go-go! Aagh! Get off of me! Stop it! -[growls]
-Huh? [balloon squeaking] -[pop]
-[Ben chuckles] You know, Ben, no matter how evil he was,
that balloon deserved a trial. Hm! ♪ Wa-oah ♪ Citizen, it is our sworn duty
to be a firewall between you and crime. Don’t be a firewall to me.
Play your game somewhere else. Mighty misunderstanding, Ben! Superheroeing isn’t a game. It’s big, grown-up stuff. Huh? Toys! Don’t touch that. It’s my fail box, where
I put all my inventions that don’t work. -Aagh!
-Whoa! [belching] [laughing] Yes. I love it! Why is this harmonica in your fail box? The yuck-monica has lousy
battery life. Now please, stop touching– And what’s this? Robot boogers? I was trying to improve upon glue. I failed, so that only sticks
to things if you throw it. Ooh-hoo! And this could be
Cyber Hank’s cyber saber! It’s just a flashlight
that’s way too bright. Don’t point it in my– Aagh. [screams] Eyes! Guys, go away!
I need to work on my Time-Slower! But you’re the only one around
who needs to be kept safe from crime. That’s not true. There are lots of other
citizens to save. Like, like… [evil laugh] Tom and Angela! I hear their picnic is in peril. A perilous picnic?
That doesn’t sound very dangerous. That’s what the bad guys
want you to think. That logic computes.
We’ve got to save Tom and Angela! Okay, but we have to take the fail box. Fine, just go! Save somebody else. [adventure theme plays] -[Angela giggles]
-I don’t want to ruin the surprise, but I heard that soon we’ll have plenty
of time for even more of these picnics. Oh, nice!
Is Ben making a time-slowing machine? -Mm-hm.
-[buzzing] [Hank] Bug detected. That villainous fly
is about to destroy Angela’s cupcake. Dastardly desserts!
Let’s teach that fly to buzz off! -Hey!
-Download this, scoundrel! [chuckles] You don’t need
to fight the fly, guys. Flies are part of picnics. Like ants.
And sunburns in weird places. But Ben told us to protect you
because you were in danger. So, Ben put you up to this, huh? -Yeah, good thing.
-Is it really a good thing? What do you guys know
about supervillain mad scientists? -[both gasp]
-[Angela] Oh, yeah. A mad scientist
would definitely be someone two brave superheroes
would want to battle. But the only mad scientist we know is Ben. Ben’s not doing anything evil. He’s just
making some invention to control time. But he could use that power to rob banks. You’re right.
Ben fooled us as if we were… fools. Not for long. Cyber Hank
and Sticky Ginger to the rescue! -Woo!
-Woo-hoo! [Hank] Hold it right there, Doctor… Hm… Slowpoke!
Dr. Slowpoke, that’s a good name. I thought I pushed you off onto Tom
and Angela. Go back outside. I’m busy. Your mind games don’t work on us,
Dr. Slowpoke! The time has come to stop you
from stopping time. Whoa! What are you talking about? The Time-Slower is a miraculous,
world-improving invention. -[evil laugh]
– World-improving? Doesn’t sound evil. Not sounding evil is an obvious
supervillain trick. -Don’t fall for it, Cyber Hank.
-Excellent point, Sticky Ginger. The one thing that doesn’t stick to you…
is lies. Step away from the Time-Slower,
Dr. Slowpoke. -Stop calling me that!
-Cyber, Sticky get the supervillain! -Whoa!
-I’m not a supervillain! Aah… Aaah… Well, how about that? It works! -Hoo! Hoo!
-[honk, honk] [laughing] [muffled voices] Sorry to take such extreme measures,
but I need to finish my work. I hope you don’t mind
hanging around until I’m done! [evil laugh] Uh! We’re having a… …great time. This is a lot more fun than playing
superheroes, like Hank and Ginger. Right? [Ben’s evil laugh] It does not sound like they’re having
a good time in there, does it? No. Not one bit. Hm… I kinda want to be a superhero, too. -Me too! Oh, I’m so glad you said that!
-Hm. -Yes! We can get costumes from here!
-Woo! Let’s go fight evil! [Ben laughing] -[muffled cries]
-Stop that mumbling! It’s making it very hard
to get into my work flow. We’ll never stop, Dr. Slowpoke!
Not until you’ve been vanquished! I am not a supervillain. Besides, who’s going to vanquish me? You guys are all tied up! -Ha-ha-ha! Man, I am on today!
-[door opens] [laughing] Hank! Ginger! What happened? You were right about Dr. Slowpoke! -He wants to freeze us all in time!
-That’s not what I’m doing! -Who are you two supposed to be, anyway?
-Well… [clears throat] I’m The Dynamic Diva! Fighting evil with the power of song!
♪ Oo-ooh! ♪ And I’m Tom… Man! Oh. Uh… I’m Tom Guy. Wait. Okay. Look, I didn’t come up with a cool
superhero name yet, but I will, I promise. Tom Guy, shh. The point is,
why are Hank and Ginger tied up? Because I no longer have time
for any more interruptions. And unfortunately for you guys,
you are interrupting me! Hey! [evil laugh] Vanishing villains! Where did Ben go? [Ben] I’m right here. I stopped time so I could change
into this bad guy costume. It just happens to look good on me. And if you must know,
I also had a snack and took a little nap. Ben’s all villain now, but it’s a good thing we have
a supervillain’s one weakness… ♪ A superhero team! ♪ -[belch]
-Yeah! How dare you all distract me from my work? -Get the Time-Slower!
-Woo! Ah! -Ah! Ha-ha-ha!
-No fair! Don’t worry, Sticky Ginger.
Boop-boop-boop. Attack now! Ow! Ha-ha! Ai-ya-ya! -[laughs]
-He’s using his helmet against us! Boop boop boop! Aagh! [evil laugh] Cover your ears, everyone!
Let the Diva take this verse. [belch] [tuneful strum] -[evil laugh]
-[Tom] Hey, Ben? Ya! Hoi! Hoya! What is your power supposed to be? It’s… a good one! You’ll see. -Soon. Right after this.
-Enough! -Time to end this. Huh?
-[Ginger] Yah! [slo-mo yowl] Gotcha! Nice distraction, Tom! Oh, distraction. That’s my super-thing! [laughing] [Ben] Noooooooo! Aha! Looks like the only thing
you’ll be inventing now is tears, Dr. Slowpoke-Cry-Baby. I get it, I got carried away. I just wanted to finish the Time-Slower and then Hank and Ginger
kept distracting me! Well, you have no one to blame
but yourself. -Hm…
-All right, we sent them in. But only so we could have
a picnic by ourselves. [gasps] Wait a minute! This was all so you two
could do your kiss-barfing. Wow! Classic superhero backstab.
Life is a graphic novel, I guess. No! This machine is far too powerful
to be left in your hands. -Cyber Hank, we’ve got a town to protect.
-I’m with you, Sticky Ginger! Well, I wouldn’t worry.
They’ll break that thing soon enough. [superhero theme] Ya!


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