Taxa Outdoors – Designed by NASA Architect
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Taxa Outdoors – Designed by NASA Architect

My name is Antonio Gonzalez I am the president at Taxa Outdoors. We design and manufacture adventure equipment that you can sleep in. Our adventure vehicles, our adventure campers, everything that we do as a product… it’s just a little bit unique to the industry as a whole. The reason we’ve gone after this segment of the market and the reason we’ve actually
focused more and more of our efforts to the next generation of RVers who in current numbers is the largest buying.. segment of buyers out there, right? It’s the millenials and so one of the things that we have done is partner with influencers. So these are folks that are out there pro skiers, pro mountain bikers, pro climbers and those are the people that are giving us the feedback
in terms of what they want to see and that’s what we’re designing for, that’s
who we’re designing for. Now not to say that a family with a couple of young
kids don’t find our products interesting and exciting they definitely do. But again we are really focused on what you could do with your products taking it out into the bush right, boondocking, being off the grid, extremely lightweight that’s also one of the key things that we’ll focus on on here but it’s definitely something that we again continue to push the envelope on the design, the minimalistic and then just the ruggedness of our campers. Three words that are in bold there is really again what we believe in right environmental friendly, sustainable and smaller vehicles. Okay that is something.. you see my shirt, I love nature. So this is something that we again it’s something that drives us, something that we really have a mission towards. I sit on the board of Leave No Trace, which is a centre for outdoor ethics based out of Boulder Colorado and we also get to work with them in terms of hey here’s what public lands are doing, here’s what we should be focusing on in terms of really preserving or our public lands and really kind of working with governments and policymakers to understand what the
impact is right. I mean right now if there’s a lot of talk in Washington DC about public lands and where people camp and we’re right in the middle of it
in terms of about having a voice. So I mentioned lightweight. Bit of a stretch right So not so much right so lightweight not a Fiat could pull our newest Mantis but definitely a smaller SUV crossover will do the job right. I mean all our products are engineered with space-age material Garrett will kinda jump on here talk a little bit about his background in NASA in terms of when I say Space Age. So how much do our units weigh? 2,800 pounds is the heaviest going down by 1,500, 1,300 and 900 pounds. So as I mentioned, still very lightweight the use of high quality durable material is something that allows us to be able to do this with our manufacture in Texas. So what do we encourage? Treading lightly the environment right it again I
keep going back to this notion and it’s really again who we are. All right.
We’re folks that were former backpackers, were former mountain bikers,
people that continue to use the land and so these are some of the things that we
encourage our consumers to do more. Responsible ways to adventure right so
bouldering, climbing, not about just jumping on a rock and leaving studs and
leaving rope out there right. But I mean there is a responsible way to do this and our mission, our product and our culture talks about it every day. Stewardships of the outdoors again right the outdoors focused on the goodness of
what people do outdoor when they go and camp. Doing and not watching, right, it’s all good said and done pound your chest and
say hey we’re part of this but we do a lot of what we say and we’re proud of that and the big thing is fun right. At the end of the day I mean
how much fun is it really to get out into remote area not necessarily a
National or State Park but really find that dirt road, that Forest Service Road, where our units are rugged enough to be able to take on the gravel, to take on the adventure road, the adventure life and having a hell of a good time every time you go out there and do that. It says basically I mean we don’t aspire to be the latest and greatest RV company. Sorry we just don’t, we aspire for people to get outside and that’s where
our products do, that’s what our mission does, that’s what we’re all about at Taxa Outdoors. This is a recent photo shoot again right we build the products that use high-quality, durable material. You heard the Truma folks out there earlier we use their system, we don’t shy away from putting in some of the best
components in our system and you’ll see that once you kind of walk around. We do partnerships from everyone from Yeti Coolers and we’re both Texas companies. But also Goal Zero, Thule those are big partners of ours and and they’re very much aligned with how rugged, how lightweight our campers are. So in terms of a product roadmap we started with the Cricket three years ago, so I mentioned that was the Cricket at Burning Man. Every year after that we’ve added a new product: The Tiger Moth, again micro camper, sleeps 2. You can actually get rooftop tent up on top so now it sleeps 4. So it’s a very cool way to
again put the kids up on top, forget about them so to speak and then parents could possibly go downstairs but it expands these sleeping quarters right, expands the opportunity for you to still
be small, be lightweight, get out there, take as many folks with you as possible
and strap all your gear in and around the product itself. Speaking about gear haulers the Woolly Bear. The Woolly Bear is our 900 pound
gear hauler right this is the ultimate hauling vehicle again with the rooftop tent. So you can actually sleep on top, can’t sleep inside it, but can sleep on top. Strap bikes, strap kayaks, strap canoes, anything that you can take with you and then low and behold the Mantis. So I’ll let Garrett kind of jump up here in a little bit and as the founder in and lead designer talk a little bit about the Mantis. Yes, so I’m not a millennial I’m a little bit older than that. All these products are also secretly designed for me and those are my bikes and Antonio’s
bikes and my kayaks and all those things. So I always design and think about Venn
diagrams and how do we overlap what are the 25 year olds like and what is it
70 year old like and how can I make something easy for both of them to use in whatever way they want to figure out. I am an architect by training and then
I moved to Houston and became a space architect working on the International
Space Station and lunar habitats and that’s where a lot of this came from. I
looked at the RV industry and thought I have small kids, I want to be comfortable
and safe and secure and yet I want to go camping and so when I invented the Cricket I actually thought before I knew any of the regulations that I was inventing an anti RV and thinking this is equipment and I can sleep in it and I can get out of the weather and mosquitoes won’t eat me alive and then now I am smarter and wiser and see our company fitting into a continuum but we’re definitely pushed and reaching towards the outdoor industry and what do people who don’t want to sleep on the ground anymore want to get inside and go do. So when I when we think as my NASA brain says we design systems so can we design a way the purchase of a tow
vehicle by being low weight, can we design away the need to rent a spot to store your RV because everything fits in a garage even the Mantis. Just maybe by this much and not if you have too many paint cans. But that kind of thinking goes in and sweeps through the trailer of how do you use the backpack that you already own, how do you make a ceiling that’s useful like a spaceship instead of just having a ceiling. So we have attach points for gear and for people and one of my favourite customers is in the wheelchair and hoist himself around with handles that are hanging from the ceiling. So Antonio showed our product portfolio and we’re going from camping and sleeping
right into the Mantis our biggest product which is like every manufacturer here. The 18 foot trailer with an inside bathroom that sleeps 4 adults and then with our systems thinking can it fit in a garage how many bikes and how many kayaks can we put inside or outside and see how
far people go and inspire us to go further and sometimes to scare us with how far they’ve gone. But get out there. I don’t I feel trying to think of Lenny’s there’s the RV and then the AV is something
out the adventure vehicle and then one of our investors is the PTV for the
personal transformation vehicle which I think was Lenny imagining getting way out there and having some revelations to bring back to society I don’t know what
else to say I love talking about this I love figuring out the difference between a house on wheels which is a requirement for many people and what comfortable camping is and when it includes the kitchen and when it includes a furnace and when it doesn’t and the kind of people who all head towards one path or another about trying to have experiences that they don’t have at home and trying to be intelligent about how to integrate technology or and when to choose not to for instance we don’t sell flat-screen TVs we assume you own a laptop and you can watch a movie that way or on your phone. We don’t object to you watching a
movie in the woods. I do that with my kids but I like knots, I like not building in a stove if you’re gonna be cooking outside. I have that choice. The Mantis is our most house on wheels like thing but it has excellent ground clearance and attach points and systems for all these adventures that people might have.


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