Teaser #2 PERSONNAGES Camping Forever My Love
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Teaser #2 PERSONNAGES Camping Forever My Love

Ready for the best fighting game
of your life? “This game has cured my cancer!”
“I don’t know it, but it’s dope!”
“Stop calling me, please.” With a wide range of 10 datable characters! “You want to come to blows?”
Specialty: Seduction Kiss “Say that again!”
Specialty: Angry punch in your face “If you want…”
Specialty: Sense of rhythm “Beware, water is wet”
Specialty: Whistle blast “No excesses allowed!”
Specialty: Pen throwing “Always ready for a battle!”
Specialty : “Yo moma” “Let’s race!”
Specialty: Ultra Flex “Watch it… I did judo”
Specialty: Acolyte Kick “You better roll along smoothly”
Specialty: Turbo Propeller Included: a incredible story mode
with romance and… No, wait… Hum, we’re making a dating game,
not a fighting game You knew that, right? Please wait, the current video is being rebuild Camping Forever My Love
A fabulous dating simulator With a succulent choice of
10 datable characters! In an summer, intriging
and non-violent context ♥ Yeah but when is it available? Current technical difficulties, just a insignificant little hold-up, please come by later However, the demo will come out Autumn 2019 😉 Subscribe to discover and follow the project!
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