Tell Me About Your Last Vacation
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Tell Me About Your Last Vacation

Tell me about your last vacation.
Well, my last vacation was in Vietnam. I was in Vietnam for three weeks.
And how was it? It was fantastic. It’s a beautiful country.
And what did you do? Many things. Vietnam is a country that is
very diverse, so the south is very different from the north. In the south, you can go to
the beach and I went swimming in the ocean. It’s very hot. In the north, I went to the
mountains where it’s very cold and I went hiking.
And how was that? It was beautiful. It was the scenery was beautiful,
and they have many different ethnic groups in the north. So, it’s very interesting
to meet all the different people. Did you go alone?
No, I went with a friend. And, what, who did you meet along the way?
We met many families and children. We met many people who were farmers. They were working
in the rice fields. We also were lucky to have a tour guide, who was from the local
area and could show us all of the sites of the local area.
So, did you pay a guide? Yes, yes we did.
And how did you do that? He gave us, he gave us a standard rate of
how much we had to pay. And so, we went to the, to the cash machine and we took out the
money and we paid it to him And was the entire trip very expensive?
No, Vietnam is not an expensive country. I think for a three-week holiday we only spent
around one thousand five hundred dollars, US dollars.
One thousand five hundred? Yes.
Plus transportation to get to and from Vietnam. Plus, yes, yes, plus the cost for the flight.
And where did you stay at night? It’s very easy to find accommodation in
Vietnam. So, each time we arrived in a new city, we asked at the bus station or train
station, and someone took us to a, to a hostel. You always stayed in a hostel?
We, we always stayed in a hostel or, or a, a, a cheap hotel.
And did, did you eat the local food? Yes, we did. It was delicious. They have very
fresh ingredients. And, I like the Vietnamese food, I liked the Vietnamese food very much
because it’s not very fried, it’s very fresh. We ate a lot of salad and these kinds
of things. Did you get sick?
No. Both of us were very lucky. We didn’t get sick, and we ate a lot.
Do you recommend it? Yes, I thoroughly recommend it. It was a wonderful


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