Tent Camping Trip: Good Times With The Family!
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Tent Camping Trip: Good Times With The Family!

So here we are, this is our campsite! We’re not too far away from where my dad lives actually. Ok, we’re in his backyard. “Say something profound” “It’s a beautiful day in the woods” okay well said! Okay so this does
deserve a bit of an explanation. We recently found out that one of our
children has become severely allergic to cats. My wife and I decided that it would
be easier on everybody if we just turn this into a little camping trip and stay
outside, But to our hosts credit they were willing to have their cat stay
elsewhere and sterilize their entire house. I also wanted a good reason to use
my tent All right so I’m gonna take you a quick
video tour of our camp. This is our tent. This is a 12 x 12 tent and this
is the guide gear ultimate outfitter tent. Actually I’m not sure that
sportsman’s guide sells it anymore but it’s a really nice tent, perfect for the
amount of people that we have sleeping in it. This is a mosquito
netting tent, we like to place it over the doorway and kind of treat it as a
mosquito airlock. Its helps a lot with the amount of mosquitoes that get in the
tent because we are camped right next to a lake. ok we are inside the big tent, we have two
cots set up with three little beds. Hi Andrea, how are you. There’s an awful
lot of room in here you could sleep more than five in here but this way we
can keep our duffel bags in here too. But yeah, that’s our setup! let me
take you down to the water this is a beautiful lake this is one of
those hidden gems in Minnesota good morning Emily, that’s a nice shirt you
got there, did you just wake up? you ready to have a fun day? right on! hey, have you brushed your hair yet this
morning? yep! nice job Andrea you got a fish stick! Dad is that a frog? does it look like a frog? does
he have a name? His name is the worm sucking my thumb Think you got em all? what
how many worms do you have your friends over dance baby Winky wow they’re
getting back in the water though oh he’s so beautiful
go let him go he’s got to go back to his home then this is Manny good job what are their names all their names are
worm it’s a beautiful one big bigger hole
give me another breath but can you I wanna order your mr. crabby yeah why are
you mr. crabby that’s quite a fist of mud you got there good morning Andrea good morning what
are you doing back there Oh someone doesn’t want to share mom
anymore and look at you looks like you’re allergic to something
up here huh your eyes puffy this is because of the
goggles directly shaped like oh your swimming goggles yeah a lot of fun
swimming didn’t you maybe hedgy goggles on too tight now can
you wave to the camera there’s every bit of it I do hey kids you have fun trip yeah what was
your favorite part I’m fishing internet fishing and swimming guys did a lot of
all that just like swimming right we are headed
home so thank you for letting us share our camping trip with you please like
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