Tent Wood Stove Guide | Longer Burn and Firewood Choices
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Tent Wood Stove Guide | Longer Burn and Firewood Choices

Today I want to discuss, how to manage a wood stove inside of your hot tent. Let’s talk about wood first, and the type of wood you would gather. to be able to use to burn inside the stove. Just like you would do with any campfire, you’re going to want to gather, and initially build your fire with just small pieces of wood, and once you get it burning really well and got coal base starting to build up, in the bottom of the stove. Then you can start to add thicker and bigger pieces that are going to burn longer, and create a hotter burning fire. Then you can start to add, just the really big pieces, but notice they are short, make sure they don’t exceed the length of the stove. typically when you’re out with a wood stove you’re going to be in not the greatest of weather. and so you’re likely going to have wet wood, it might be covered in snow, so you want to take advantage of the heat coming from the stove to be able to basically dry out the wood by putting the wood on the underside of the stove. Now the next thing to consider is how the air intake and the damper work together to make the stove more efficient so here on the front of the stove you have an air intake that is adjustable that basically works to allow air to be drawn into the fire box and so you can adjust this to change the amount of air intake into the stove which will change how fast or quickly the wood is going to burn. Now with the damper What you’ve got here is the ability to adjust how the air intake is drawn from the front of the stove and then up and out through the chimney. The second part of the damper is to be able to basically force heat back down into the belly of the stove so that you’re heating up the tent and you’re not losing all of your heat and it’s not escaping up through the chimney pipe. Now the last thing to talk about is how you might prepare the stove for bedtime so that you get the most heat out of it for the longest period of time. So what you want to do, like we talked about earlier is with your biggest pieces you don’t necessarily want to put them underneath the belly of the stove you kind of want them to be a little bit wet because this will help prolong the length of time that they burn. You want to make sure the stove has burned for a good period of time, because you want to have a really good coal base in the bottom of the stove. so when you throw those in, you got that good coal base, and then shut your door. Then you are going to shut your damper all the way, and that will allow these pieces to burn for a long time, create good heat inside of the tent to just be a nice, cozy evening of sleep. we hope you found that helpful, different ways to manage a wood stove inside of your tent if you have questions or comments please leave them down below. Thanks for watching.


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  • adam Burdine

    I'll never get tired of this teepee I have the same one and let me tell you its amazing I don't have the 3 w stove but I have the gstove and it will run you out of teepee so anybody wants to buy one they should buy from luxe hiking gear you want regret it so order one today and go out to the wild and relax life is to short so make it the best life you can so enjoy

  • HomelessOnline

    I bought the Luxe Megahorn and put the Winnerwell stove and oven inside it and we are completely satisfied. We camped in the Olympic Nat'l Forest last week and getting a campfire started was nearly impossible, but the stove could burn it because it was hot enough. It's nice not being crammed in together when it rains for days straight.

  • MegaWoodswalker

    I stuff the firebox (full) with wood then ignite it with a cottonball and Vaseline. So long as there are enough twigs some larger fuel will also ignite though some split wood mixed in on start up is nice. During startup I keep the door closed as much as possible till a draft develops with a coal base. A good coal base makes larger wood easier to burn but a stove can be choked so every now and then rack to coals forward and let um burn down. I use largest chucks before turning in. I zip the bag up as the stove burns down though oddly sometimes the larger chunks choke the fire then 1/2 hour later they ignite when I am almost asleep. It's hammock camping season and will miss the hot tent till October/Nov though we had a frost the other night.

  • Miriam Miriam

    What an excellent stove! But isn't there risk of carbon monoxide when you close the damper and air intake and sleep close to the stove? May I have a question – do you ship your goods to the Europe?

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