Tentipi Presents – Viking Camp at the FIS Nordic World Ski Championship 2015
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Tentipi Presents – Viking Camp at the FIS Nordic World Ski Championship 2015

We are in Falun, Sweden to export the
Norwegian “Holmenkollen mood” At Holmenkollen ski stadium in Oslo
100,000 people gather for great ski events We want to bring that feeling to Falun now. There are 600-700 Norwegians
coming to the camp. And we want to get them as close to
the event as possible. So we use Tentipi Nordic tipis and build them
right next to the stadium here in Falun. The guests at Viking Camp can then
stay in the middle of the event all the time. While other Norwegians stay in hotels in the area which means they may have to drive
up to an hour to get here. And it’s traffic jam in the morning, it’s
traffic jam in the afternoon. While at Viking Camp they
have all they need in the same place. They have their Nordic tipi, their bed,
their restaurant tent, everything they need is here. And from here you can also easily
walk down to Falun city centre where the prize ceremony is. They can stay at this very central location
thanks to the Tentipi Nordic tipis. Tentipi Nordic tipis are perfect because
they’re easy to set up, keeping it warm in the tents is easy,
and it’s a system that’s packed and ready. Then they have a field bed with
mattress and reindeer hides, and they comfortably sleep six people
in a Tentipi Zirkon 15. There is space for luggage and there is
room for beds and sleeping bags. Additionally, we have a couple of Cirrus 40
that sleeps groups of 10 people. We have restaurant tents for dinner and breakfast
and we will have a bar open all evening. So it will be a great party! It will be a great event!

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