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  • Agus Heru Permana

    notification squad, hi pak Martin, based on it's logo, I think it's not an Indonesian boy scout camp stove, but it is an Indonesian military camp stove..

  • Trafalgar D. Leifr

    Hiking will draining your energy.. bring rice/rice cake and instant noodle πŸ˜….. it will be nice to be eaten when wheater is freezing.

  • Al 43111

    Pak martin, if you want to put out the fuel block, just close the stove back into its folding position using a wood or a rock. It will automatically stop the burning.

  • Andreas Churchill

    Pagi pak, menurut saya lbh baik nyewa kompor portable dan tabung gasnya di toko outdoor atau jasa penyewaan alat" outdoor di jogja

  • Enrile Indro

    i recommend that you should go in group with other hiker, if you dont have any experience hiking indonesian mountain before

  • Farid Maulana

    Harap berhati-hati saat mendaki, sebaiknya Pak Martin menyewa pemandu atau bergabung bersama komunitas pendaki. Anyway Happy Birthday to Sarah ❀️

  • Budi Santoso

    Hanya utk sekedar saran, mungkin bisa ikut bareng kelompok pendakian bisa dari kampus2 UGM, UII, dan lain-lain. Mereka sering melakukan pendakian dan sangat berpengalaman. Tq.

  • elkiza A

    Lawu.. Great mountain for starter but the route is quite far. Stay safe for ur hike. Maybe next u want to hike again someday, i highly recommend rinjani mountain. U will love it

  • racoon park

    You need LED headlamps beside flashlight. And you also need a local guide because you don't know the path. It s not easy in the dark in that mountain.

  • Aditya Wicaksono

    Pak martin, sebaiknya sekalian coba makanan militer TNI, namanya ransum. Yang varian T2SP. Kalau di Jogja, banyak yang jual di toko-toko perlengkapan militer, lokasi di bawah fly over pass Janti (jalan solo). Harganya sekitar 75 ribuan, bandingkan dengan rasa MRE USA pak

  • Ihdhar Nur Hadyan

    Mr. Martin is an ex US Army IIRC so i guess it's pretty safe for him and his family to go on mountain hike guuuys. Eks tentara cuuy dah pengalaman juga kali..
    Btw, can't wait to see the adventure of lawu mountain video πŸ˜‚

  • Comrade Walrus

    I recomend portable propane stove, its divided by two pieces the small propane tank it size was like 600ml mineral water bottle and the pan holder, put the pan holder on top of the small propane tank, check crazy russian hacker channel

  • Indahnya Indonesia

    Yes, there's actually a portable stove with removable gas can. But, of course this small scout stove is more compact and much easier to carry. If you don't plan to spend a night outdoor, I guess it's enough.

  • ferri Ferrari

    5 hours hiking. i only last 3 hour. well i learn that bringing to many luggage make you tired more. bring water with you. if food make sure its not heavy on your backpack.

  • Achmad Syauqi

    some old school stove πŸ˜€ ,
    hope you all having a great time up there . i can't give any real tips nor advices since i never climb lawu.
    but stay safe as always, listen to your trusted guide, and make sure you guys not forget to recording the whole event

  • tulungagung raya

    Pax bawa rokok kretek, karna hewan penghisap darah, bisa lepas dri kulit kita, dengan mengoleskan rokok itu ke kulit anda (disana pasti ada bwah hewan pacet

  • easaly bee

    Saran saya bawa pemandu pak meskipun jalurnya skrg sdh enak tp byk jg pendaki yg tersesat dan akhirnya dehidrasi krn kehabisan bekal

  • fixer VVV

    Pak sebaiknya mendaki bersama pendaki lain atau pemandu soalnya di gunung bukan seperti jalan raya ada rambu2 belok ke kanan atau ke kiri,itu di dalam hutan pak,jalan itu akan tersamar seperti semak2,dan saya kira gunung lawu gunung yg lumayan tinggi bagi saya,owh ya sleeping bag sangat membantu sekali dalam mengurangi cuaca dingin, pakailah sepatu jgn sendal karena kaki akan lecet2 jika pakai sandal,untuk memperkuat stamina dan ini sudah say a buktikan sendiri waktu saya naik gunung merbabu,lawu,ungaran dll, makan gula jawa atau makanan yang manis2 saat perjalanan,karena makanan manis akan menambah tenaga hingga kurang lebih hampir 50% ! sungguh membantu membawa makanan manis Pak,semoga selamat sampai tujuan dan kembali dengan selamat

  • Kelik Nurcahya

    bawa kompor portabel bahan bakar gas saja pak martin, kompor seperti itu tidak praktis dan kotor. kalau sarapan dipuncak lawu ada, nasi pecel bu tun (warung pecel tertinggi sedunia) hahaha

  • Satria Ekaputra

    Pak martin, be careful when handling the parafin, because it's poisonous. Make sure you use protection or at least wash your hand after touching it so it doesnt get in your food.

  • novan ardiansah

    pak martin…kalau menurut saya bahan bakar divideo itu kurang efektif.itu namanya parafin..
    lebih cocok kalau pakai gas portabel+ kompornya..bisa bertahan lama juga

  • Ihsan Prakasa

    Pak Martin
    Its not an boyscout stove, its a military disposable stove. I believe those are military over supply or reject products (see the rust & white spot on the stove).

  • George Jono

    Big thanks to FitBit, a new watch that makes Pak Martin looks updated aka better !..keeps working out, changes t-shirt daily and smiling !

  • Wisnu Pamungkas

    WHAT ??!!! Ingin mendaki tanpa pemandu dan tanpa memiliki pengalaman medan disana bahkan bahwa keluarga yg juga tidak punya pengalaman disana ??!!
    Pak Martin, mendaki bukan soal keren atau gagah atau bikin banyak subscribe biar dapat uang banyak.
    Ini soal nyawa!
    Anda mungkin memiliki basic militer dalam hal Survival skill dan fisik (maybe), tapi ini jauh berbeda, Pak!
    Setiap gunung memiliki 'karakter' yg berbeda-beda!

  • urayaldo

    a little tips: when you go hiking, store the 8 tablets inside the stove. it is designed that way to save space.
    i usually break the tablet into pieces before i light it. that way, the flame will be bigger but quickly exhausted. just add another tablet before the flame completely gone

  • Aulia Idris

    Keep important contact numbers.
    Saves the mobile phone battery by changing to flight mode or turn it off.
    If at the top will rain, be careful with lightning strikes.
    Just in case, if the raincoat is penetrated by heavy rain, protect essential equipment by inserting into an additional plastic bag when inserted into the bag/ pockets to keep it from getting wet.
    Wear mountain slippers / special anti-slip shoes.
    Trousers to protect the feet not only the weather but also sharp objects and biting animals.

  • Jusuf Agung

    Pak Martin, that's actually a standard military personal field stove. Indonesian Boy Scouts often use it because they are adopting military camping.

  • Jusuf Agung

    Pak Martin, that's actually a standard military personal field stove. Indonesian Boy Scouts often use it because they are adopting military camping.

  • Visha Mulchan

    Can't give any tips coz I've never been hiking before .
    I didn't even know there's such thing as camping stove with that kind of fuel . XD
    OMG I feel like I've been living under a rock after all this time. XD
    But anyway , Good luck for the hiking , Sir . Stay save . Hope everything will be just fine.

  • gfrn23

    mending mulai hiking pagi sekitar jam 9 pagi. sampai atas sore dan bisa mendirikan tenda, istirahat, dan bermalam di situ. paginya buka tenda sudah bisa melihat sunrise. hiking malam oksigen terbatas pak saingan sama pohon haha cepet capek

  • Anugrah Makmur

    pak martin…klw sudah sampai diatas gunung… mendidih nya lebih lama dari hitungan waktu test. Diatas udara nya jauh lebih dingin dan kemungkinan berangin. Dan jangan lupa beli pematik api, bukan pakai korek gas untuk menghidupkan parafin (bahan bakar) nya.

  • Mutsuki Reysa

    Becarefull with ghost market at there, idk. . my be after pos 3. jika anda mendengar suara keramaian di atas gunung harap berhati-hati, kemungkinan besar itu pasar hantu. jika anda melewatinya, jangan berkomunikasi sedikitpun dengan mereka. jika tidak anda akan di bawa ke alam lain.
    That may sound like a myth, but for safety, please be careful.

    I advise you to visit tea garden "jamus" is located on the slopes of lawu mountain village ngerambe. There is a pool jugda in place as cold as it and the scenery is also beautiful.

    Happy Born Day Sarah. . God ALways Bless you and your Family. πŸ™‚ Keep smilling

  • Aditya C

    Don't worry Pak Martin.. there are even warungs on your way to the top. As is the case in your country, for mountain hikes layering will be important namely:
    1. Base layer sticking to your skin that isn't cotton (normally synthetic moisture wicking stuff). Hiking with cotton is obviously dangerous and pose hypothermia risk
    2. 'warming' layer which can be wool or fleece (or locally known as 'Polar')
    3. Outermost layer which is something waterproof /plastic-ish

    Put on/ take off the layers as required. When you're moving it's OK you have body heat maybe you'll find 2 layers enough. Sometimes I find the wait for the sunrise is the most brutally cold. Get a glove which will also be useful if you need to scramble on all 4 limbs. This is also where headlamps will come handy instead of flashlight if you can get your hands on one.

    Other than that.. for food that is easy and you can put a stash of it everywhere just bring fitbars. For worst case preparation make sure everyone has personal stash. As you probably know, ensure everyone have a personal flashlight / headlamp. Might be a good idea for everyone to bring whistle too, cheap and good precaution.

    Oh and I see Bu Juli has stumbled upon the gunungbagging website!

  • Iamlazyness

    Mr. Johnson, I think better you have a guide or with other hiker have experience hiking that Mt. Lawu before for safety reason and safer routes. Last but not least Wishing Happy Birthday to Ms. Sarah Johnson! Have fun hiking with friends and family.. and keep keeps:)ing..!! πŸ™‚

  • Arie Yuniarto

    Hi pak martin the wax block called parafin..
    i think u better take portable gas stove

    enjoy your trip to lawu.. and happy bday sarah

  • andy kurniawan

    Its not really a boyscout supplies Pa Martin..We called those fuel cells "lilin tentara" pa martin which means "soldier candle",cos it one of indonesian military standart supplies..you see the camouflage design, and the orange hexagonal shape on the box? Thats the symbol of defense and homeland security ministry of Indonesia. When i go camping,i mostly use it as a good fire activator only before i use fire wood and only use half of that little cube..saves the fuel cells..😊

  • gustiyar ambio

    Gunakan jas hujan di dalam dan gunakan jaket diluar jas hujan…..itu sedikit solusi saya jika ingin hangat di gunung saat malam hari. Jika hujan it's okay jaket kita basah tapi tubuh tetap hangat. (Pendapat saja)

  • ruchimat71

    Pak martin, gimana anak anak sekolah nya? Apa sekolah di sekolah biasa atau coresponden school dari sekolah amerika…. By the way bus way happy b'day buat putri nya

  • Joseph Dykes

    Nice knife. Kershaw Skyline? I've been curious about knife laws in Indonesia. Will be traveling to Semarang and Jakarta next year and wonder what the Police will allow.

  • Joseph Dykes

    Bring plenty of water, a water filter (if you can find one) a spare lighter, small fixed blade knife if you can find it, and dehydrated food. Also, you could try to learn about edible plants in the region before you go.

  • Ahmadi Arismaharto

    "fishy new shoes"? Where do you buy your shoes Martin? πŸ˜‚ How do you identify fish smell with new shoes smell? πŸ‘πŸ˜‚

  • Ahmadi Arismaharto

    Do you think it's possible to stack a few bbq coal briquettes on top of the fuel cube thingie to extend the cooking period? That would be quite a life saver right?

  • wawan suteja

    Pak martin, sebentar lagi ada pilpres 17 april2019. Pak martin secara pribadi akan memilih siapa jika bapak jadi warga indonesia? Jokowi atau prabowo?

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