THAILAND VACATION – Secluded Beaches and Wildlife Heaven
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THAILAND VACATION – Secluded Beaches and Wildlife Heaven


  • Michyy nicole

    you should have your own TV show or something I was so blown away and entertained by this video I love it. I like how your completely calm being so close to wildlife.. I love snakes I HATE spiders lol I would be freaking out if that big ass spider was in my bathroom lol

  • KnowOne AtAll

    Your living the life Sir! Music, storms, wildlife and travel. I keep telling myself, I'll invest in some equipment to record my East Coast Snake Hunting Adventures, but I just can't seem to stack 1500, for the purpose of video.. If you have any pointers, Hank, I'd surely appreciate the insight!

  • KnowOne AtAll

    On another note, I always hear you saying how, the way you approach the snake, can almost always determine the reaction. I wanna second that notion, as I kept a 4' Southern brown phase Timber this past summer, and could free handle her, without any recourse. I even have a photo, holding her 12 inches or so down the neck, documenting it, and the level of confidence I had with her. She is now back in the outskirts of a wildlife management area here in the southeast. Thanks, as always for the level of insight and personal belief you share with those, unfamiliar with reptiles and their purpose.

  • O R Y X

    Hank, seriously, it's a damned good thing your wife is pretty in a bikini, otherwise, I might have been upset not knowing if geckos in Thailand would give you a puffy eye like your stateside run in with geckos in Kansas. :/ No matter.

  • Phobic.

    Whenever you say Isolated, my mind always goes to a supercell/storm and when you say something else, it sounds so weird

  • send it

    Murica showing their ignorance again at 12:52
    Have you ever even tried looking at Trip Advisor forums? It's not like you have to go to a library to get information nowadays…

  • Rennie Kontak

    "A sensitive forked tongue able to taste the smallest molecules 'In Stereo'".
    That's a lot to wrap my feeble mind around Hank. I may have blown a tube filament trying……

  • jpsholland

    But as always, the tornadoes sucked you back all the way to the States…

    You are one hell of a film maker Pacos. It sure stand out of the crowd.

  • Sarah Rathe

    I love that in all your vlogs, you teach us something. Your narration is awesome as well as your personality! Looking forward to more vlogs, animal/tornado or any kind 🙂

  • Jacqui Simone

    Hi! I'm curious, how did you travel from khao sok to koh lanta? Was this expensive? How long did it take? I'd love to do a similar trip! Flights from Bangkok to Khao Sok are cheap but a flight to Krabi from Khao Sok is very expensive, if you know any secrets or alternatives I would greatly appreciate it 🙂


    dude you gotta take more picture stills for your woman of your woman she's gorgeous! and always expecting it but your filming lol 🙂 take some stills man 😉 your awesome btw love your narration and what you reveal to us loungeroom explorers! also this is this profile's missus' replying here lol he's out and i'm on his profile 🙂 wish we could explore the world like you guys are doing ! 🙂 until then iill watch you and dream , and i'll show fading mist my man your video for a bit of inspiration!

  • will wagner

    The expressions of your wife and mother in law when they are being patient with you crack me up. Poor wife trying to keep her butt out of your vacation movie. She is knock out!

  • William Mills

    The US sucks compared to what you show here. I worked with a guy a decade ago who moved to Thailand and loves it. I can't help but wonder how much better of a life is waiting outside of the US, and more importantly, how much less commercialism exists.

  • Michael Delepine

    That was a great tour thank you for showing us the beautiful sights. I'm too old to visit, but your movie allowed my wife and I to feel and sense the beauty of Thailand.

  • *Lady Voldemort*

    I've been in Thailand once in 1997 when I was 16. I wasn't allowed to see much back then, but boy it's a beautiful country and the people are friendly… I'd like to visit Thailand again someday…maybe traveling more up to the Northern part and visit Vietnam, too.
    Your videos are so funny, beautiful, and enjoyable…and the most important thing for me: it's informative. I just love them all. And you have a gorgeous wife, hello miss Natchaya (if I'm not mistaken the spelling of your name, if I do, I'm very sorry). You guys are such a sweet and lucky couple to found each other… 💜👍😍
    Greetings from Indonesia. 👋😁

  • Reinz Bill Dugan

    Watching this video, I forgot that this channel was about Storm spotting/chasing. Great stuff man! Philippines should be your next destination… if ever.

  • Jim M

    That was absolutely the best 15 minute tour of Thailand, EVER! I would be on a 'higher plain', being there in person. Just taking the 'Hank" tour, put me in a place so much better than I was before I spent the last hour or so with you guys. So, thanx. Much appreciation. Mean while, time warp back here to Sep. 11th, 2017, and a touch to the west of you, I have a question. We (my gal and I) have discovered that some new neighbors moved in to a tree just outside the back door, and just in front of our office window. They are some sort of rodents……a rodent family. It appears to be Mr., Mrs., and junior. They have a long "rat" tail, probably just under the length of their body. Here is the "HHhhmmmm" part, their bodies are multiple colors. Their backs are a slate grey color and it transitions into a soft white color on the underbelly. When they look at us looking at them, they have round ears like a mouse. Contrary to what I said previously about them living in the tree, I think they just hang out in the tree at night, 'cause there is no sign of them in the daylight. We live in Yuma, AZ, and after seeing your 'wildlife' vids, We thought you may be able to help us identify them. Thank you, Jim and Nellie.

  • joy campbell

    Love love love this video and seeing the adventures you and your insanely beautiful wife were able to experience…minus the snakes they are my biggest pathological fear thank goodness for fast-forwarding!! Found your channel a few hrs ago and I've been vegging on it ever since 😁

  • avaorchid

    As long as you do not allow the mangrove to chew on you for a bit you should be ok 🙂 Unless they have a different type of mangrove than I know of .

  • Sharon Anderson

    Never particularly wanted to go to Thailand before now. You SHOULD do a show. On anything. You have a great way of sharing your thoughts and experiences….Thank you!

  • Toast

    This might be the first channel that I've clicked the bell icon for. Absolutely love every video you make, Hank. They're entertaining, educational, and just straight up fascinating. I love listening to either poetic, or hilarious diolouge as you chase storms, or rescue snakes and other creatures. Stay awesome man.

  • Mineav

    This is the first blog I've watched, but it was amazing! Great job, man. I'd totally watch this on TV if it were made into a series.

  • Digitalhunny

    At first glance I thought the title read: Secluded Beaches and Wildwife heaven LOL!
    Suggestion: Create a video/audio book of your travels. Or short ones for tourism. Give em crazy titles.

  • Firmicute s

    well.. you tried 😀 the schön was surprisingly well, just a bit to short. sheen
    and it would be euch, because those are two gals, dich is singuöar (unlike you which can be both. )
    Schön, dass ich euch kennengelernt habe

    sheen, dass ich oich kennan gu.. learnt ho-bah
    (ge in gelernt like gu n gust.
    lernt -the e in lernt is like the e in there, shifting into a, so : learnt
    the a in hab is pronounced like ho in hot. it ends on a schwa.. so.. if you say the word funnel, then the schwa is like the er in summer (so more summah)

    but you americans have problem with the ch.. yeah, s shite if there is some phon missing in one language but not another..

    I like language. still english is so much nicer despite it having even less "sensible" connection between written word and spoken.

    but hey, we regularly sthumble over the th in all iths glory

    those moths are beautiful.. sadly the BF isphobic, so I'll dont think I'll ever get there lol

    okay, after seeing that giant crabspider (well it poses like one idk whether it is one) I'm sure I'll never get there..his arachnophobia is worse than his general entomophobia ) well, whatevs

  • Uncle Ruckus

    thats YOUR wife ?

    hello kayak .com
    whats best price to thailand !?

    i want some thai girl to find me !

    awesome video congrats

  • Tamra King-Nappi

    LMAO with the spider…. I would have died!!!…. You are a Freak!!!…. I love it…. Great Video….

  • Richard Goold

    Me too came here for the storm chasing (Really good videos Pecos Hank), but ended up watching some nice highlights of your holiday But if you want snakes come to Australian, Inland Taipan, Eastern brown snake and the tiger snake just to name a few. them, you can look at but don't play with them. Watch this old but funny

  • conspiracies are just great stories

    You and your wife are beautiful people and you guys definitely deserve your own show. The music talent….the storm chasing talent…the entertainment factor and your good looks definitely deserve a show. Sadly, without your wife you lose the beautiful part 😉

  • Raccoon Mama

    You have a wonderful speaking (and singing) voice and I am enjoying all your videos immensely. Thanks for sharing!!!

  • Lop-Wa

    8:18 – I like snakes and turtles, spiders are OK, and lizards are cool, but I'll back way or run (as the situation dictates) from wasps/hornets. NO taming/living near those evil bastards! Gotta draw the line somewhere.

  • Andrew Grey

    "Avoid those guys at all cost". Exactly. More to life than that. …I don't mind snakes, but if I saw that spider in the bathroom, I'd be on the first plane home LOL.

  • Half-Asleep Chris

    You're quite possibly the coolest person alive… every video just leaves me entranced and wanting more. Seriously the best videos on YouTube.


    I got to tell you Hank, I never been interested in going to the Far East but after watching this Thailand is a definite must do! Thank you very much! By the way, how much was the total for that trip? And how did you book it?

  • Alexis England

    Thank you for an excellent video. I am going to Thailand in June and have similar wishes: no nearby partying, lots of wildlife (especially snakes :), as cheap as possible! We can't visit the same areas due to rainy season but I'm very hopeful I'll get some encounters.

  • Emma Dreyfus

    Literally has a giant spider next to him that’s jumping around that could possibly land on him and kill him
    Hank “I love this country”

  • Redeemed

    This was totally amazing, until I saw…..the spider.  I may never sleep again. lol      Awesome videos 😉  Except for the spiders, that is. lol

  • Qba Z

    Love It! But… did you make sure that the elephant ride 'company' wasn't one of many that mistreats the elephants? 😉

  • Ayush Nyachhyon

    first travel vlogger i have subscribed to. i wouldn't like half the places you go to, but you genuinely sound like you were having an amazing time. looking forward to visiting khao sok in the near future cuz of this video.. 🙂

  • Mary Lou Lord

    What's the name of the sweet little song @ 13:24/ 15:04? It sounds sort of Asian, and
    sort of old timey US Country as well. Is that you? Fabulous music. I'd love to purchase that.

  • Castle Graphics

    Just a note…at 6:17 that looks like Toxicodendron orientale, or Asian poison ivy vine wrapping up the tree that you're chasing around…has the same effect as North American poison ivy, if you're allergic to it.

  • Calling All Hands On Deck!

    Feel like I'm watching a PBS documentary but much better. You could be the next Ken Burns of all things wild!

  • kim mcdonald

    Awww…I loved the Tokayvgeckos. My son had one for years. Also, the pigtail and longtail macaques are awesome. I can do without the spiders and the snake in the bathroom though. I love animals but, cant stand a spider and I have a healthy respect for unidentified snakes. Lol

  • tbwpiper

    You had me until the giant arachnid in the loo. Pants down in front of venomous fangs is the definition of vulnerable. But thanks for the vid. Was great.

  • VoxPathfinder15R

    I will never ever never go to Thailand, if I saw a spider like that while taking a dump, I would have run out with my pants around my ankles!

  • Farming In Iowa eden

    Is that your woman there. Ah shoot not too bad. My buddy married a Tai woman about 5 years ago. Then about a month ago sent me a pic of her friend and asked if I was interested in meeting her. I kindly passed but she was really pretty. I'm single and probably stay that way quite happy actually.

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