The 10 Best Places To Live In Arizona – Moving to Arizona ?
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The 10 Best Places To Live In Arizona – Moving to Arizona ?

Known for its warm climate and beautiful desert
landscape, Arizona has long been considered a great place for vacation. But it’s also a great place to live because
of median income, safety, graduation rates, weather, and cultural offerings. Here’re the ten best places to live in Arizona. 1. Phoenix. Nicknamed the “Valley of the Sun,” the Greater
Phoenix area sees more sunshine than any other metro area in the country. That in and of itself is enough to entice
people to lay down roots, but Arizona’s capital also features a desirable
combination of a thriving job market, a relatively low cost of living and plenty
of ways to enjoy the nice weather. Its downtown area may be characterized by
sleek, ultramodern office buildings, but the city center is not all about work. Phoenix also contains ample opportunities
to play. Recently built sports stadiums, along with
updated arts and shopping districts fringe downtown, as do some of the area’s finest
eateries. Residents will find plenty to do in the Phoenix
area. Outdoor enthusiasts can hike trails in the
Phoenix Mountains Preserve, kayak or paddleboard on Tempe Town Lake, or
enjoy desert wildlife at the Desert Botanical Garden. Dozens of museums with themes like Native
American history, musical instruments, toys and firetrucks provide respite from the sun. 2.Tucson. Tucson is an example of how a place can be
constantly transforming without losing sight of its roots. A sprawling metro area in southern Arizona,
Tucson started small and expanded into the empty space around it,
drawing new residents with its low cost of living and its nationally recognized university. But perhaps the best part of Tucson is its
scenery. The metro area is ringed by mountain ranges
that emphasize the great desert skies and sunsets that continuously impress even the
most seasoned residents. North of Tucson is Mount Lemmon, where residents
often ski in the winter. To the east and west are the two halves of
Saguaro National Park, where hiking trails are abundant. The summer can be punishing, with highs over
100 degrees and monsoonal rain storms sweeping through the region. A boon to those who would move here are the
mild winters, with average highs in the 60s. 3. Gilbert. Gilbert is a very family oriented community. The people here are very friendly and the
city is fairly safe. If you have a family or are planning a family,
this is the best town to live in within Arizona. Gilbert’s close proximity to Phoenix means
you’re close enough to catch a Suns or a Cardinals game, while still enjoying the quieter
lifestyle. Working parents enjoy an average commute time
of 27 minutes. There are many fun family activities including
exploring the Riparian Preserve. This city has a low cost of living allowing
families to spend more of their income on fun activities. 4. Chandler. Chandler is a beautiful environment great
for family with children to live. This city is very family friendly and catered
to the children with many events and free activities. The homes are slightly more affordable, and
the median income and graduation rates are among the highest in the state. Another added bonus is the city’s close
proximity to one of the most interesting parts of the state, The Petrified Forest. It is known for its fossils, especially fallen
trees that lived in the Late Triassic Period, about 225 million years ago. 5. Scottsdale. If you are looking to move to Arizona for
work, then make sure to consider Scottsdale. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics,
the unemployment rate there is 3.3 percent. Jobs in the tourism industry are plentiful
here, although the city is quickly developing a reputation for being a great place for financial
and insurance companies. Scottsdale’s also ranks high in high school
graduation rate and home value. Perhaps Scottsdale’s greatest feature is
its central location around some of Arizona’s great cultural offerings. You’re not only a hop, skip, and a jump
away from the Butterfly Wonderland, a rainforest kept lush and green indoors and is as beautiful
as it sounds, but Tonto Natural Bridge State Park is also
nearby. 6. Paradise Valley. If you are interested in finding a job with
a high income, then make sure to consider Paradise Valley. This city also has some of the best restaurants
in the state along with outstanding luxury shopping. With a name like “Paradise” you can imagine
that the landscape isn’t too shabby either. It’s indeed a beautiful place to live, with
mountain views, thriving greenspace, and pleasant year-round temperatures,
so even after the kids graduate you really won’t want to leave. 7. Oro Valley. It is a growing town. It is clean and safe. Oro Valley is a wonderful place to live, might
be the most beautiful city on this list, just a few minutes north of downtown Tucson. It is located near the Santa Catalina Mountains. You can enjoy leisurely walks or bike rides
along the paths around town. Beautiful parks, to enjoy an evening of fun
and games with family and friends. Community events to bring family, friends,
neighbors and visitors together. Also boasting an impressive graduation rate
(96%), Oro Valley’s school system is another reason the city ranks so highly. Not only that, but strong library and after-school
programs help give children a bright future as well. 8. Tempe. Tempe has the most convenient location, it’s
very close to most desirable cities. It’s close to the lake, museums, shopping
and night life. The cost of living is decent comparable to
the surrounding cities. According to Livability, one of the top 10
college city’s in America is Tempe, Arizona. The presence of Arizona State University,
the University of Mary and other colleges give this town a young vibe. The site has also named the city one of the
best 100 cities in America to live, and one of the 10 best downtown areas in America. Many of the buildings located downtown are
listed on the National Register of Historical Places. 9. Peoria. Peoria is a great place to live and raise
a family. Boasting some of the better schools in the
city, and new developments north towards Lake Pleasant,
there are many options to choose from. The city is safe for the most part with good
police presence. Real estate values are rising, particularly
on the north side of Peoria. Money Magazine has already called Peoria one
of the top places to live in the country, with its beautiful weather, high median income
and high graduation rate. It’s also not too far from the Grand Canyon,
and even closer is the incredible Desert Botanical Garden,
and other important cultural attractions that are great trips for the whole family. 10. Litchfield Park. Known for its top-notch education system,
high median income, and low crime rate, tiny Litchfield Park more than deserves a high
ranking on this list. Litchfield Park is a nice residential area
with lots of diversity. There are plenty of areas for entertainment
and is near several shopping centers. There are also many homes for sale as the
area is in development and improving constantly. If you’re a sports fan, the area is also fifteen
minutes away from Gila Bend Arena for Arizona Coyote fans,
as wells as near The University of Phoenix Stadium where the Arizona Cardinals play. These factors make it not only an ideal place
to live, but also start and raise a family. The moderate temperatures and ample greenspace
are an added bonus as well.


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