The 7 Things You Need to Start Backpacking | Outside
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The 7 Things You Need to Start Backpacking | Outside


  • Kevin Lytle

    A pack, tent, cook system, sleeping bag and some clothes is no where near enough to get started and be safe. No mention of a compass? What about the following as well? A decent First aid kit, not an EMT bag but something more than moleskin, which is a gift from the gods on a hike for sure, but not the only first aid item you must have to get started, fire starting items not just cheap lighters, signaling items, back up shelter like a high quality poncho/tarp with some cordage for tarp/poncho as shelter from sun rain etc, cordage is also great for injuries like broken bones(splints), repairing straps, shoes, and other things that need to be there to keep you moving. You can buy all the items I mention for a $100 more or less. But they are worth their weight if you need them. I carry 550 cord as it has so many useful capabilities, spool of very thin bare wire just a few yards for repairs, gorilla tape wrapped around a pencil, Ferro rod to spark a fire in emergencies, small knife for obvious reasons that can also strike the ferro rod. Not all knives work well with rods. This is not all but you get it.

  • Average lad

    I would recommend not listening to what people tell you works for them. What is comfortable for them may not be comfortable for you. It takes time to find the right bag to use.
    Don't get poor quality bags. The Hidden Woodsman makes great outdoors bags.

  • Winners Edge International

    Awful pack especially the big clumsy thing to put under you…..why not a 100 gal trash bag you can fill with leaves or grass. I would never csrry such a thing…never!

  • Keta Ewing

    60 liter bag for a weekend? The bigger the bag, the more you will pack. I usually take my 46 liter on 6-10 day hikes. You also need a waterproof first aid kit. A sleeping pad isn't essential, especially if you choose a hammock over a tent. A bag rated 30 to 50 will usually work. If you're going any colder you can get a liner for your bag, which not only keeps you warmer it keeps the inside of your bag cleaner. Do your research before heading out and take videos like this with a grain of salt. Talk to experienced hikers and try to find a local outfitter to help you out. The more local the outfitter, the better. Some of the nationwide ones (like Academy) are less specialized in backpacking. Happy trails 🙂

  • Zack Steward

    We typically pack lightest to heaviest in the army.. We zip the bottom portion of our rucksacks to give us about half the compartment.. If i have too much gear i put the sleep system in the bottom portion.. But we put ach(helmet) and boots and things heavy like that on top.. And pack the bag as packed down as you can get it. Then cinch everything dowm

  • Richard Kemp

    The LAST thing you need is a backpack. Buy your gear, work out how much you have, add food, fuel etc, buy a pack to fit LAST.

  • HungryScottishPotato

    This guy sounds like a bit of a noob. He probably likes buying kit more than using it. Go off grid for 2 days with nothing but your pack and see what happens. It's always better to go out with to much gear then dial in what you really need for next time.

    A smaller filter, a first aid kit and a tarp shelter would save space and a lot of weight in your pack. A steel mug is all you need to cook and only take food that is either cold or can be rehydrated. Eat it out of ziplock bags and you don't need to clean up. I use a gas stove because I like it, but if you wanted to save weight I would switch to an alcohol stove. Here in Scotland you have to leave no trace so I don't build fires unless I intend to bury the ashes. Also if your worried about contaminated water boil it after filtering or drop in a purification tablet. They are dirt cheap and can save you from getting a nasty virus.

    How this helps.

  • Zaq G

    The stove is redundant even a beginner could make a small fire. But if you choose to take it it could have fit inside the cooking set along with spork the filter and a few other things that weigh next to nothing that are quality of life improvements. Especially a cook set that size.

  • MrRandomTV1000

    I agree with others here. This video is supposed to be a general list for the average person. I guess he thinks his audience are whiskey lovers? 🤷🏻‍♂️

  • Mike Rooseboom

    If you want a backpack that is good for you?

    I calculate the weight that I can easily carry as follows; 60kg / 4 = 15 kg max and 60 * 0,2% = 12 kg max, 15 + 12/ 2 = 13,5kg.

    So I search for a bag that can carry 13,5kg of weight. Most of the time you will be between 45-55 litre bags. You do not meet more. Unless you like to carry a lot of weight for the on you walk.

    Have fun traveling.

  • R V

    what was that? no first aid ? How are your gloves? Tools? no cordage? how are you going start a fire / cook? get water? tools? flashlight / headlamp? TP? btw duct tape is just as good as mole skin. and 60 liter pack for a beginner? the more room you have the more junk and weight you are going to pack around. I've been packing for 25 yrs. I can utilize a 25 liter pack for a comfortable weekend. and still take my whiskey. beginners beware please check other sources before you go buy this stuff.


    Dont u think that putting the tent last and the matt is best that is the first thing you should set up as well it should be that last thing u put away???

  • zettle 234

    You only need two(2) things to start backpacking… 1) a backpack, 2) something to carry in the backpack! It could be something as simple as bottled water and a bowl, so you can backpack with your dog to the dog park. If you want to go hiking or camping, those are different subjects… don't confuse yourself.

  • ScorpionRegent

    Outside – In all the time I have backpacked in the Sierras I have never carried a tent, or any potable alcohol. I didn't have a sleeping pad for the first ten years. I don't know what your definition of "need" is, but I can't take you seriously. Big thumbs down.

  • TReXcuRRy

    Rflol 7 essentials for beginners : includes whiskey ? Nice one bruh. Booze is definitely in the core essentials for backpacking beginners… ?!

  • kevrock01

    I was totally taking this video seriously up until I heard the word "whiskey" listed as a need to get started in backpacking. Now I just think that you are an idiot and have no desire to hear any more of your advise.

  • K SS

    i have this monster 100L backpack that i took to go hiking around austria. i was able to fit a shit ton of things in there. survived two weeks on that. ended up buying two additional pieces of proper luggage in country because i bought so much stuff to bring home. but if i controlled my spending 100L was enough for me and the wife for just shy of two weeks.

  • Spencer Eyring

    Really strange video. Some valuable stuff, but I'd never recommend putting a bladder in close to my sleeping bag etc. This kit is all over the place. Honestly, just skip this video and find a better one. No fire, first aid, flashlight etc.

  • David Abbott

    He didn't mention a headlamp because you can soak the end of a stick in the whiskey. Great torch and saves grams.

  • Louis Miller

    The background music is unobtrusive. You should receive an award for superior editing. Nice informality! Whiskey. I can't imagine REI recommending Alcohol. Nice that your mind is on reality. You're packing dusty equipment in a dusty old garage. Not from the backroom of a sporting goods store, like other videos. I camp in campgrounds. They have to pave the 'trails' for wheelchairs. Time to camp out of a suitcase, making me a suitcaser.


    whiskey huh… a couple lines of some good meth and you wont need any of that stuff. just a good flashlight and keep walking…

  • kasa

    While distribution of weight is good thing to think about, it's better to just put things you use most on top. But yeah… I have to say this not video to watch, especially for beginners.
    Sure, video gives you some obvious items you need (doesn't mention some essential items) but that's pretty much it. Doesn't really offer any advice on what type of gear you would want and why.

  • Frank Dooks

    I like this vid cause you showed all the main (90%) components of what to pack and showed how to pack them. You dumbed it down and made it soooo easy. The comments shared compliment the leaning. E.g. others sharing and adding to their experiences. I feel more confident to jump right into backpacking now. Thanks for the vid I've given you a thumbs up.

  • joecoool100

    This video should be called “How I threw a bunch of old outdated camping gear in a bag and made a crappy video”

  • Helen Burnley

    Guys maybe he keeps his firestarters, med kit, and paracord in the pockets of his pants but he just didn't mention that??🤔

  • Darrell F

    I've never understood why somebody would want to bring alcohol while backpacking.
    Seriously having the ultimate experience with nature and then you want decide to get inebriated Wow!

  • Allan De Vera

    The can do almost anything with a whiskey. It's your blanket. It's your jacket. You can use for cuts and bruises, fire starter, cooking ingredient, bug spray, anaesthetic, sleeping pill, water treatment. Who needs a map and trekking poles if you have whiskey. Actually you dont need to cook if you are carrying bottles of whiskey. Just load your backpack with all the whiskey you can carry and that's it…enyoy. After all the aim of backpacking is walking and sleeping outdoors.

  • Adventures With Bravo Company 1/1

    Ditch the pad and get an air mattress. Also, get rid of the mole skin and wear sock inserts.

  • Will Mcdonald

    Christ. No fire, no first-aid, no toiletries, no food, no extra clothing. If this is for a beginner backpacker then go with a 30L pack with some smaller more packable options. They're not hiking the AT as a beginner, they're going out for a few nights to get their feet wet.

  • Greg Williams

    If you use a sleeping bag, just call yourself a bearito. If you like to get smashed in the wild, just think of it as getting marinated. The bear likes it either way.

  • DJ Tangable

    Everyone knows moonshine was named from hikers who wanted to reduce pack weight, it is the only alcohol approved and named for nights in the outdoors!

  • JP Outdoors

    No compass, first aid kit , eating utensils, water filter, fire making implements, personal hygiene, rain gear , bear bag, light source . This is one of the worst attempts i have seen on how to get people ready to start hicking.

  • Larry Terry

    I love backpacking . I plan to do a thorough hike of the AT in 2020 to spread my wife's ashes in every state . Can you recommend a good hammock system for so eone with a extremely limited budget ? I have a Teton Explorer 4000 backpack and North face sleeping bag with a complete cook system but I need something to sleep within say a hammock system . Can you advise me of something dicient to make this happen for me in this great adventure.

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