The Best Way To Visit Furano HOKKAIDO Japan – Camp at Hinode Park!

Konnichi wa! Let’s chat about the best way to visit Furano Japan. If you’re not familiar, Furano is located in the
center of the island of Hokkaido. It’s often referred to as the bellybutton of
Hokkaido. In our opinion, the best way to visit
Furano is to camp overnight. When you camp overnight in Furano
you can get up early and beat the crowds. Because some of these tourist sites get
pretty crowded during the heat of the day. You’re also not restricted to the
route that the summer tourist bus takes so you can visit exactly which places
you want to see. For us, a big consideration was that if we took the
tour bus from Sapporo to Furano it would have been a three-hour drive there,
then a full day of sightseeing, and a three-hour drive back. And we just didn’t
think our one-year-old toddler would be able to sit still on a bus for that long.
Another great thing about camping overnight in Furano is you’re
immersed in the beautiful scenery, which is a big draw for visiting the area. It’s absolutely gorgeous there! We camped at Hinode campground
in Kami Furano. Hinode means “sunrise”. It was an absolutely
gorgeous campground to stay at. It was clean, safe, there was friendly and
helpful staff, and it’s also inexpensive as well. They have a whole bunch of
different options. For free you can pitch a tent there. They also have cottages
you can rent or these little tiny bungalows that are like just wooden
squares and you provide your own bedding in those. There were two different types
of car campsites. There was pretty simple one that didn’t have electricity and
then a more expensive option where you could plug into electricity and have
kind of your own little yard area for the kids to run around. With that one
we also got our own sink. There are also great facilities. There’s
a reception building and in there there’s a small shop and a vending
machine. There’s coin-operated showers where you
go to the bathroom, take off your shoes, and then in the shower there’s a little locker you can put your stuff in. It’s just a ten-minute shower but that ended up being more than enough.
There is a certain time of day that they closed it for cleaning so be sure to
check on that. There’s washers and dryers you can use as well. So it had
pretty much everything that our family needed. What’s also great is the actual
physical location. It’s very central so if you are going to visit other sites
around Furano such as we went to Asahi-dake. We took the roapway up the
mountain. It was only about an hour-and-a-half drive even in an RV. Also blue pond and the Shirahige waterfall were nearby we were able to do
actually the three those in the same day. If you go to the south to the town of
Furano then there’s Farm Tomita and a lot of other flower fields. The jam
garden. And in the town of Biei which is on the northern side they have even more
flower fields. So there’s an awful lot to do in the area. You could spend you know a
few days there easily. So camping really really makes it easy and again the
reason why we like Hinode is the central location of it. It was so
great with kids. They didn’t have to spend very long in
the car in the morning to get to the site that we were visiting. One thing
that you have to do at Hinode and this is everywhere in Japan in
particular, and there’s signs that remind you. Is you need to really clean
up after yourself. So for instance when you cook big a lot of places have the
outside sink you need to really clean that really well you need to make sure
your trash is packed really well for instance we forgot one night we left the
trash in the trash bin was a bad idea because in the morning the crows head
like literally lifted lifted it open and spread our trash everywhere so that
wasn’t good I’m sure we were found upon to that the
other thing is your actual trash you need to break it down into its
components for instance you need to separate water bottle lids need to be
separated and then the labels that have to be
removed as well the lids and the labels are considered regular plastic trash
that needs to get separated with the plastic and then just the bottle itself
is the recyclable bottles and they make all the plastics easy to remove so
they’ll be somewhere for bottles somewhere for cans plastic trash and
then burnable trash except this is all plastic trash here this is burnable
trash which has like eggshells and stuff in a mix indistinct I mean we could
probably do a better job next time anyways okay got the cap separated in
the bottles and there’s a bunch of different trash cans outside that I’m
going to stick these into it’s also so nice staying at her no day campground
that we were right next to a gorgeous lavender field so we could just get up
in the morning and head right over there I have to place almost ourselves and
also in the evening we visit of it as well it was a much more peaceful
experience than going to be really crowded with our coats kids really loved
it there they could just run around there’s like a huge field or other kids
playing playing baseball in there frisbee and we planted to do the same
thing it’s just that we even though we were staying right there we felt like we
didn’t have their time so because that you know we could have easily spent a
couple more days there just hanging out with the kids and they would have been
perfectly happy with that so if you wanna camp overnight in futon
oh you have a few options you could rent an RV you could rent a camper van or you
could rent a car along with camping equipment like a tent and table and
chairs and we opted for the RV forever the reason why we chose the RV well
there’s actually a number of reason first of all we wanted something that
was large enough that we could actually live in it because with two kids if we
had rented a car basically we would have to camp it every single night I was kind
of rub for the idea but it’s nice to be able to cook inside you don’t know if
it’s gonna be kind of chilly in the evening and with an RV we knew we could
prepare our meals inside and we had our kind of nightly family ritual of making
s’mores which was fun for the kids since that was the first time doing that for
them especially since we actually bring our own pans and other cookware with us
wherever we go which is kind of unusual but like Heidi
said it’s part of our ritual it allowed us to have some normalcy of cooking our
own dinner eating new things we like to eat for breakfast I’m going to make our
butter coffee and butter tea every morning that’s good see this and when we
stayed in the bigger campsite there was also kind of a little area for the kids
to run around if you choose just to rent a car you will have to rent your your
camping gear separately but there are many places that will rent you tents
sleeping bags cookware or anything else that you need also many of the car
rental places themselves will rent those to you if not there are places online
that can rent it to you and I will put links to those in a description
the van campers some of them are completely bare like you’re gonna have
to I mean basically you can just sleep in it so you’ll have to rent a sleeping
bags and things like that this is what Heidi actually liked about the band
campers is there’s still a car that they have better safety features if you have
kids of the seatbelts are better than in them the one thing that we didn’t like
about the RV is that we weren’t satisfied with the the seatbelt
harnesses we had looked around and make sure that these vehicles could handle
car seeds made for children and some of them claim to do that even the one that
we did but we weren’t really happy with it we didn’t fill our kids with the same
facility in order to rent a vehicle in Japan you
will need these three items you will need your international driver’s permit
you will need your driver’s license and your passport make sure you bring all
three of these one time I forgot to bring my passport and they would not
rent it to me even though I had paid for it so I have to go back to the hotel so
just make sure you have those three items with you as far as driving in
Japan they drive on the left side of the road we’re from the United States we
drive on the right so that might be a little scary for some people it was to
me at first years ago but because we had lived abroad for a while already in Asia
in particular I gotten used to being on the left side all the time so it’s
really easy accident Hokkaido mainly because there’s not many cars on the
road and especially you don’t need to take the toll roads let’s just save some
time you can take the toll roads but the country roads are quite beautiful and
peaceful and you will have a GPS so you will you know have no problem in my
opinion just make sure you learn some of the main laws ahead of time for instance
you have to stop at every train car the last item we want to talk about is
Mitchie no wedgies if you don’t want to stay at a campground or even some of the
Nights you want to stay somewhere different you can stay at these places
called Mitchie no wekki’s which are basically rest stops and in a Hokkaido
there are a hundred and eighteen of them a brand new one just opened last year in
2018 and what’s cool about this one is it’s right next to the shit Oh got a
blue pop so if you drive up that way towards ba you have somewhere to stay
and there’s restaurants at these places they some of them have showers actually
a lot of them have showers most of them have a free Wi-Fi they have emergency
services and also what’s really cool about it is during the daytime you can
buy fresh fruits and vegetables thrown by the local farmers which is super
awesome if you’d like to see all the places we visited in Toronto watch our
playlist eating our way through Hokkaido up next will be the photo if you have
any questions leave them down below and we’d be happy to help you any way they
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