The Brisbane Gothic and Alternative Picnic 2018
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The Brisbane Gothic and Alternative Picnic 2018

Hello everyone I have just come back from a gothic picnic and I’ve gotten dressed into some more casual stuff. Obviously. I mean, you know Yeah, um a bit of a quick history with them a friend of mine named Jocelyn organizes them. I have included her in videos before, this person in case you wondering Yeah, what yeah, she organizes these picnic things just as mainly a Way to get the larger Brisbane goth seen as a whole To sort of come together once every year or so on. It’s just you know Enjoy themselves, pretty much and yeah, I enjoy that as a concept anyway I’ve been going to these things since 2015 There were a lot more in that year but since then things have kind of slowed down a bit and we’re back to just one a year, you know instead of the Three. In one year four. That happened just after I’ve been going to those things for all that time. I’ve taken some photos of them in the past I haven’t really given them to the main public But I’ve also never filmed anything there before and I’ve never, and again I’ve never given them or shown them through the general public. I Am changing that today, pretty much I can’t think of any decent segway so here is the footage of the Brisbane of Gothic and Alternative picnic 2018


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