The Budget Mom – What My Life Is Really Like
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The Budget Mom – What My Life Is Really Like

(lively music) – My life is pretty hectic, so
I was up at 1:30 this morning and I couldn’t go back to sleep. I have a lot of things going on. So I’m the type of person
where I have a hard time calming myself if I’m thinking
about a lot of things. It’s hard for me to bring
myself down from that. So I get up really early. I’m up probably about 4:00
a.m. every single day. That’s when my day starts. First thing I do is I
make coffee and then, I head over to my computer
and I look up my online bank and I check my spending
and I track my spending. I do my personal budget stuff first. It usually takes me about
15 minutes and then, I’m answering email and Instagram messages for about two hours. That’s, I spend about a good
two hours of my morning, you know, answering my
readers and making sure I’m there, showing up for
them and being there for them. And then, I come here to
the new distribution center and headquarters for The
Budget Mom where I finally have an office outside of my kitchen. I look at my office and
all the stuff in here. I’m like, I can’t believe I actually put all this stuff in my apartment. How did this all fit in there? (laughing) And I come here and I work with Ryan and we, we have a lot of meetings, we talk a lot about the
future of The Budget Mom, different projects. We work on articles and the whole shebang. Now, I’m doing YouTube videos or, uh, yeah, YouTube videos. So, it can change. My calendar fills up fast
and we do a…it’s crazy, every single day in the
life of Miko is different. (lively music) So I’m a movie junkie. I like to watch all movies. Scratch that. I am not so much of a horror film buff, but any other type of
movie, I am all about. I’m also a Netflix junkie
and baking show junkie. So I’m all about the “Great
British Baking Show,” “Zumbo’s Just Deserts.” You know you watched season
two of “Zumbo’s Just Deserts.” It was amazing and if you
haven’t, you definitely should. Look, I’m an introvert. And I know it’s hard for a lot of people to see that when they’re
seeing me here on social and I’m out doing all
these public speaking and media things. I am at my happiest, though,
wrapped up in a blanket, with my son and my cat,
binge-watching Netflix with a box of popcorn and
some hot tea, like period. But I also, I really like to draw. I love being creative
and designing new things. I love to ride my
Harley-Davidson motorcycle. It’s something that I’ve
been doing since 2011. I grew up on the back of my dad’s Harley. I started riding on the back
of his Harley when I was five, so that’s a big part of my life. But I’m also active. I love being outdoors, I love hiking, I love paddle boarding. I like just being outdoors. So, yeah. (lively music) Oh man, dinner and a movie. Let’s eat some food
and be lazy. (laughing) That, I mean, Christopher
and I differ a little bit in our activity. So he is very active. He’s competitive at heart. So he likes going out and playing sports. He’ll ask me to come and play basketball with him at the gym. That’s his idea of a date night. Whereas, I’m more chill. I wanna sit and be lazy
and eat some good food. We find middle ground, though. We like to go bowling. I love that Christopher
is also very active. It’s actually how we met. He was my personal trainer
when I was just starting my journey of long distance running. So we both like to go
outside and do hiking and swimming and camping and
all of that stuff as well. (lively music) Ah, I don’t know, ’cause here’s the thing. I have been dreaming about
getting a dog for so long and for the longest time, I
envision me getting a puppy. But a puppy is much like a baby. You have to be ready to be up late nights, like them pooping and
peeing all over the place. I don’t know if I’m mentally
prepared for this task. So we are going to adopt. My heart is with Spokane Humane Society and I’m hoping to find an animal there. We also have a really close family friend that does animal rescue on the side. I’m thinking, now,
we’re probably gonna get a dog that’s a little bit older that’s already somewhat potty trained, but not old enough to where I still can’t train him as my own. Who knows what kind of dog? You know, I don’t really
get the whole breed thing. I don’t really care
what kind of dog I get, as long as they have a kind heart and they’re not out biting
people or anything like that. I think all animals, all
breed deserve a chance. Who knows, we’ll see. (lively music) The biggest change, moving from my kitchen to the new TBM headquarters was my mindset did a shift again. So when I left my full time job, I had to teach myself
to be an at home worker. I had to learn to get
over the distractions, I had to give myself a schedule. It was really hard for me to stay on task because I’d be working on
something over in my kitchen. I’m like, ooh, I can wash dishes right now and I can take care of the
laundry and before you know it, the day was over and I didn’t
get anything done for work. When we moved into the TBM warehouse, I, all of a sudden, had
that mindset shift of like, I was going back to my full time job. I find myself being a
lot more dedicated here. I don’t wanna say
dedicated but more focused. I’m focused on the task that I’m doing. I’m not getting distracted as easily. I don’t have Kitty here,
who I’m like, in love with, and she distracts me. She’s meowing and jumping
all over the place. So here, I feel like I’m
a little more focused. And it’s really, it’s
actually, to be honest, it’s really nice to
have more of that eight to five scheudle again. I feel like I can leave
the work here and go home and kind of just relax and
take my mind off things. (lively music)

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