THE CRAPPY PART OF CAMPING (7.6.15 – Day 1193) |
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THE CRAPPY PART OF CAMPING (7.6.15 – Day 1193) |

– [Clint] Well, good morning, clan. And welcome to Monday, July 6th. We are already packed up
and left the the Cinders. I showed you guys most of the stuff we do to pack up yesterday in yesterday’s blog, because I thought we
were leaving yesterday. But we were not. We’re here at, I don’t even
know what this place is called, some kind of RV resort
just by Cliff Castle Casino to use their dump stations. This is where a lot of
my buddies were saying they use the dump stations. So I’m going to show you guys how to empty out the black
tank, AKA the pooper. (brass band hit) Alright, so there’s two elements to this. The first element is obviously the hose which is stored down here. Nice, convenient storage. Oh, where’s, oh. Aw, man. (laughs) It’s way down there. (laughs) Ugh, how the heck did
it get way over there? Ew! (laughs) – [Tiffany] Oh, gross, dude. – [Clint] Alright, so
here’s the black hose for black tank or black water. And we’ve got an elbow, 90 degree elbow. Now this is the one
that came with my hose. The cool one is actually the clear one which probably sounds gross,
but it actually is convenient, because, yes, you can see
the turds coming through, but you can also see when your water, when it’s empty, and
there’s no more turds. So we’re going to connect
this to here, alright? And that’s what goes in the dump station. Alright, so then next you got
the drain plug on the trailer. And you’re going to connect
this bad body right here. And make sure it’s on really good, because you don’t want
this stuff spilling on you. There we go, alright. So now we are hooked up, good to go. But we’re not going to stop there. The next thing we’re going
to do is we’re actually going to hook up a water hose to the other side. There’s actually like a sprinkler system on the inside of the black tank which helps flush out anything that’s stuck, might get stuck to it. So we’re going to hook that up as well. And all dump stations should
have a fresh water hose. And that, if you notice, is a green hose. This is definitely, this is a designated pooper cleaner hose. Don’t ever use this for
anything else but this. And so right here I’ve
got the black tank flush. You just connect this right to it. And when I turn the hose on, it will actually shoot like jets inside the black tank
to help kinda flush it. And there we go, alright, so
most trailers have a black tank and a grey tank, right, so
here’s the two: black, grey. They’re labelled. We actually have a third, another grey, which is called the galley. That’s for like our sinks and stuff. So we’ll actually have
three tanks to pull. But the first thing you pull
is the black tank, alright? You can actually hear
everything going down. So we’re going to let the black
tank pretty much empty out. I’m actually going to turn
on the fresh water right now. And help flush it out. – [Tiffany] The water’s spraying on me. – [Clint] So we got fresh water going in the sprinkler system which is helping kinda loosen
up the bottom of the tank and hopefully pushing it up
and getting it out, right? Because, obviously, you want as much of that out of the tank as you can. You don’t necessarily
empty the entire tank. You’re gonna leave a little bit of water in the bottom of it. If there’s a little bit
of poop at the bottom, it is what it is, but you
basically want just a little bit of liquid, because then you’re
going to pour in a solvent which A, helps break down
whatever is left in there, and B, helps to make it smell better. So that will take about
five to ten minutes to empty out completely. And, like I said, we
keep checking the gauge to see where we’re at. And once it gets to about
a third part of that, we’re going to actually close the lever, let the water fill back up,
and then pull it one more time. And that way, we try to get as much of that stuff out as we can. Alright, so once the black tank
kinda seems like it’s empty, we close it off and let
the water fill it back up almost to full, because basically, the tank was full when we left, so we want to put as much
water back in there as we can to make sure all the sides are clean. Put the black tank again,
let it drain out again, actually registers empty on the gauge. And then we pull the
grey tank and the galley. So again, black tank, grey
tank and my galley tank. So pull all those. Once the gauges all read empty, and the water seems like
its kinda just trickling through the hose, you close ’em all off, you disconnect the hose,
you put it all back. The last thing you’re gonna want to do is put some treatment
into your black tank. And so they make tablets, they
make gels, they make liquid. We use this stuff here. Smells pretty good. You just dump it right
into the black tank. That one takes about two ounces. I usually put about four, and that’s it. And that is the (beep) part of camping. Well, guys, we finally made it back home. We actually made really good time. After we were leaving the dump
station, it was a clear run. Pretty much no traffic. The hill was a little crowded at first because of all the trucks, but after that, it was just smooth sailing. By now, everyone’s clean, taken showers. We’ve unloaded everything. Put everything away for the most part. The last piece of that, obviously, is bringing the trailer
back to the storage. So that’s what I’m gonna to do right now. And it’s 99 degrees outside. Well, guys, fast forward to this evening. Kind of just a really, really chill day. Tiffany and Sierra played
a little LittleBigPlanet 2 for a while. Bryce and I played some Destiny
Iron Banner and whatnot. And then kind of took a break. Then, Tiffany took a nap, and Sierra watched some YouTube videos, and Bryce and I did his
first raid through Crota. What do you think of that, dude? Is that pretty cool? – [Bryce] Mm-hmm, fun. – [Clint] Fun. What’d ya get? – [Bryce] I got a Legendary Shotgun. – [Clint] Swordbreaker. So yeah, we just got finished doing Crota, and now we’re going to do Vault of Glass. Basically, take him
through his first raids. He’s been wanting to do
Vault of Glass forever, and so we’re probably going to go do that. And we just got some pizza. And so we’re going to munch
on some pizza, him and I. Tiffany’s going to bed. Sierra’s doing her thing,
talking to her friends. And everyone’s having a fun, chill day. So yeah, it’s good to vlog. Well, guys, I’m going
to end the vlog there. It’s late. I’m ready for
some sleep in my own bed. Tomorrow, no set plans,
but we might be going and seeing Jurassic World with my mom, and the kids might be
having a sleepover with them later that night for a day or two. I definitely have some
more running around to do. I’m not sure when, where,
like when I’ll do it all, but I have a lot of stuff to do this week. Busy week. Catch up. Tap the “i” in the sky for
the last three year’s videos. One year ago, kids were
out and about with Tiffany. Lunch, shopping, goofing
around, that sort of thing. Two years ago, we’re at
Woody Mountain Campgrounds. It rains like crazy. We’re playing Farkle. We’re running around
just having a great time. The four of us camping up in Flagstaff. Love this place. I
definitely want to go back. And three years ago, on
another camping trip, Rocky Park, no, Schnebly
Hill with the Wolfs and the Bagleys and all those guys. And the kids had their
first scavenger hunt. So check those out in the
cards links down below. And we will see you guys tomorrow. Oh, don’t forget. We do
have an app now, guys. If you haven’t heard, in the
iTunes and Android store, you can go and download our app. It has all three of my channels, my Twitter, my Instagram, my Facebook, my merch store, my Tumblr,
everything, all in one app. Just search for, one word, and you should find it,
download it, install it, and you’re good to go. Alright, until tomorrow, vlog on.

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