THE FINAL REVEAL: Before & After RV Renovation | RVLOVE’s Ultimate RV Makeover (Ep 8) | DIY Remodel
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THE FINAL REVEAL: Before & After RV Renovation | RVLOVE’s Ultimate RV Makeover (Ep 8) | DIY Remodel

(upbeat country music) – Marc and Julie aren’t
just living off grid, they did a full renovation off grid. (carpet groaning) – Yeah, it’s been very
fun to be part of it. – She looks amazing. I’m really happy. – RV doesn’t feel or look like an RV. We just happened across CC,
our 1999 Country Coach Intrigue really serendipitously. We unexpectedly fell in
love with this old coach. Price was right and
then it was made it easy for us to renovate and
really make it our own without breaking the budget. – And allowed us to have
the room in the budget to make some bigger upgrades too. We wanted to have a big solar
and battery installation to be able to go off grid more. – We wanted to keep a lot
of things original in CC that were still really good quality and in really good shape. But there were some things that
we really wanted to upgrade. – And so we went big with it. We had new flooring, new appliances, new paint, new lighting. We changed the furniture style, we set in offices, because
with us both working full time we needed dedicated work spaces for both of us. – This is the really fun part is getting all the accessories and the design accents in the van to make it look really beautiful. – What surprised me most during the reno is the degree of work involved. It’s been full on. I’ve been here 22 days. And I’ve worked those 22 days. (laughing) (jazzy music) Oh that looks so nice, guys. With this, the shape, the shades. – [Woman] You can look at
yourself in the mirror. – Yeah, oh my god, I
need a lipstick top up. (laughing) It’s not just about making it beautiful. It’s about making it a place that is totally unique and special. Like lots of designers can
make a space beautiful, but I make a space really unique to the people who live there. My favorite thing in the RV is probably going to be the bedroom. Even down to the small detail of the handles in the
bedroom on the cupboard. There’s so many things of
beauty and surprise in CC. Oh my god, I cannot
believe that we’re done. And this is like every reno. It’s right up until the last second and literally before you guys came in to see the big reveal, I was still running around like a lunatic. So it feels amazing. (upbeat music) – Yeah it’s been very fun to do and it’s made me want to do more to mine. In fact I want to put a new floor in now, because I’ve seen Julie’s beautiful floor and I love her tape. Everybody about their reno. – My favorite thing that
I could say as a designer of what I’m really proud of is doing the new L shape dinette seat and using bed heads as the base. There is no upholsterer
here and it was like I need seat backs so what can I get. And then to have them
work out so perfectly and they just look amazing. – It was homey before, but
now it really feel like it represents us and it’s just, it feels truly like an
apartment on wheels. – It does. – And a very luxurious
and wonderful apartment. – So what I wanted to do as a designer was really to take into
account who Marc and Julie are in the world and that’s
really important to me. And they are a really
groovy, happy couple. So I really wanted CC to be that palette. When you walk in you actually get an idea of who Jules and Marc are. But I also was really focused on that it had to be
sophisticated and effortless. Just getting all the
linking from the blues, the grays, the blacks,
the silver and the marble, so the organic and then the sensualness of fabrics and feathers and so you know there’s a lot at play with designing a space. It isn’t just about putting a
cushion and painting a wall. There’s a lot of play with
linking all the colors, all the textures, the
light, the environment. So that’s where I can see my work. It feels like I’ve finished a painting. And that is the most
gratifying feeling I can have. And then the one after that is of course, just knowing that the
homeowners are so happy. That’s first and foremost
but for me as a designer, that is truly the most gratifying to see that work of art totally finished. (upbeat music) – Just being a part of it I
think has just been really fun. I mean it’s just ’cause we did know them before they had this RV and then they’ve never come to visit us. So it’s just gave ’em reason
to come visit us here. And yeah the whole thing has
just been a good experience. We’ve just really thoroughly
enjoyed the whole thing. Eating dinner every night
together, going to the lake, showing off our beautiful
area has been fun. – Sure wanted to help and I
wanted to see their process and the thought process that goes into it and how to lay it out. Really excited to have
them come up and do that and be able to be a part of it. And they honored us by
letting us be a part of it. I know that sounds stupid,
but I was anxious to help ’em. Theirs is so much more
extensive than ours. Now I’m all jealous that
how theirs turned out. (upbeat music) I was literally hugging
Marc and Julie’s toilet installing the lines to the
water lines to the bathroom. And I must say that is
friendship right there. And Marc and Julie need to understand that that is true friendship,
hugging your toilet. Luckily it was a brand new
floor and a brand new toilet. So it made it a little easier. But still, it’s a toilet
for crying out loud. (laughing) (upbeat music) – It just works so well for us now. It is exactly what we would want in an RV. – Yeah. And it’s so luxurious.
– But it doesn’t feel like an RV. It doesn’t feel or look like an RV now. It looks like an apartment on wheels. A luxurious apartment on wheels. – And now it makes all those late nights, those sweaty days, those
you know cut fingers, stubbed toes really worthwhile because she looks amazing, she
really does look incredible. I’m really happy with how it looks. (happy music) Jules and Marc have been so much underfoot in the whole process. And for me as a designer
that’s not the norm. Normally I will do reveals to the client so they get to see the end product. So I really wanted them
to have a special reveal just for themselves because
they’ve been so hard at it. And then just then they
opened up to that bedroom and I could see they just were delighted, they loved it. Ready for your bedroom
reveal, Marc and Jules? – Let’s see it.
– Okay. Alright. – Oh my god. – Wow. – That is so beautiful. – [Jane] You like it? – Yes. (laughing) Wow. Oh you can get out now. We’ve gotta get. (all laughing) Oh my god. – [Marc] It’s so beautiful. – [Julie] Wow, that is so beautiful. – [Jane] Yep. It’s yours. – I know, right. This is not an RV. (laughing) – It’s shocking to think
about where it used to be. Even where it was before Jane came in. – Oh my god.
– You know? Just the construction
piece to here is gigantic. It’s beautiful. – Aw, I’m glad you guys are happy. – I love it.
– Yeah. – [Marc] Thank you Jane. – You’re welcome. – Aw. (all laughing) – You’ll rub my mascara. She’s a different bedroom to that, you know mirrored mayhem
that was in there before. And I love bedrooms, they’re my specialty. It’s like I’ve said before, you know, it’s all about the sanctity and the sanctuary and the
fun you can have in there. – We set out with the
goal of transforming CC to be an even better version
of the highway princess she was 20 years. And to really make the most of her and to really, really
give her some RV love. That’s what we’re known for. And just to bring her back to life but in a way that was bigger
and better than ever before, that really compliments us in
our life and where we’re going and to me it really
exceeded my expectations. – It absolutely exceeded
my expectations too. And especially ’cause so much of it came together in these last couple days. Up until that it’s just
been, I’ve been so head down, working in a hard, this
was a huge, huge job. But this last day or so, is when all the design
elements came together and all the small things
started linking together and just, it looks amazing. – It’s magic.
– Far exceeded my expectations. We absolutely love it. I’m so feel at home in this. Already it’s just fantastic. – Yeah, she’s beautiful. And we couldn’t have done it without Jane. There is absolutely no way. We just, you know yeah. This has been a really special journey and we’re just gonna continue on now and keep on having fun and yeah. I’m just kinda speechless. – So what I do with transforming homes transforms people’s lives. It really is. It is so much more than
just having a pretty home. I would just really experiment. You know or call me. I think that’s a really good plan. But if you don’t call me, I would say do it. You know experiment with paint, go buy a series of
cushions, throw them on, take them away, just have a play and step outside, be a little bit brave. Because if the paint doesn’t work you can always paint over it. But I’d highly recommend it. Personalize your RV,
you know it’s your home, it’s where you live, so yeah, enjoy it. – This is one sexy,
beautiful, glamping machine. I am just, I love it, absolutely love it. So thank you for flying 8000, more than 8000 miles. – A long, long way. – To get here and just spend
all of this three weeks, two to three weeks I think. – Yeah, 23 days. – There you go, she was counting. – I was counting, ’cause
there were 23 days of working straight through. It has been the ultimate RV makeover and I love how it’s turned out. It’s everything and more than I imagined. And it’s been really hard
work but so worth it, like everything in life. You know, you’ve gotta put
in the time and the energy and the rewards come. So I’m delighted. I think it looks amazing. She looks fresh and very
sexy, very welcoming. And I think you guys are gonna have a really nice journey in her. – And that’s it. We’ve finished the
ultimate RV makeover of CC. She looks amazing. We are just so excited to now hit the road and enjoy everything
about our new motor home. And yeah, just get out there and continue showing the
adventures with you guys. So thank you so much for watching. And whoo. – Catch your next RV makeover. – Yeah. See ya! Oh it’s over. – Yeah. – Thank you! So worked so hard. Whoo! (upbeat music) This is one of the messages that we really try to convey in our book, in RV Success School, is that anyone can RV. You can afford it no
matter what your budget it. That’s one of the examples
that we really hope that what we’re doing
inspires other people to help think about different ways that they can hit the road too. (upbeat country music)


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