The Four Eleven 411 Fort Worth – Ep 021 – The Rod Baker Vlog
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The Four Eleven 411 Fort Worth – Ep 021 – The Rod Baker Vlog

I know that I talk about the value of venue visits quite a bit on this vlog, but it’s really really important In a case like this. I just took a peek through with The 411. I just showed you some video footage of this really really cool event and I knew that with an old building like this We’re dealing with probably some acoustic issues things that Can be overcome actually without a great deal of complexity. But if you don’t go in the space, and you don’t check it out, then you’re walking into a situation where you’re not sure how to take care of these things the gold dust girl’s fantastic group of planners there They were putting together the layout they’re looking at things they wanted to know what I needed we’re gonna need multiple microphones So we’re doing doing various things there so What it allows me to do is kind of put in my request for the things I need Then that way the day are there’s no surprises You know I know execution of where I’m gonna put I’m gonna have Bose towers in a couple places. I’m gonna have some remote QSC speakers in another spot. And I know how to do all this without creating any echo, so these venue visits… I’m gonna keep harping them on that to you guys. And even if you’re not the DJ world and even if you’re not in the wedding world, prep of going into a situation and understanding and getting those things done before you walk into them So completely invaluable it can help you so much. Any time you can walk into a situation where you know what you’re where and where you have known quantities versus unknowns I think that puts things in your favor, so I absolutely absolutely 100 highly recommend this.


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    Thank you for following the journey, I really appreciate it! New episode every Tuesday! I have some collaboration videos coming up that are fun, so be on the lookout for that!

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