The Happy Family Show – S3 E3 “Haunted Cabin!” | The Barbie Happy Family Show

(upbeat spooky music) (woman screaming and
man evilly laughing) (upbeat spooky music) – Oh, isn’t this gorgeous? – Isn’t it great that
grandma and grandpa let us have their
cabin for the weekend? – Oh yes, I’m sure
we’re going to have a wonderful time. Come on in, kids. – Hey, this place
is pretty cool. Okay dad, you said
when we got here we can go fishing. Can we, can we? – Okay, okay Ryan. We can go fishing,
but first we need to make sure it’s
okay with the girls. Midge, is it all right
if we go fishing? – Okay, you two have fun. – Thanks mom. Come on dad, the
poles are in the car. (door closing) – Well, I guess I’d
better start unpacking. (upbeat orchestral music) Hey girls, I got us
some marshmallows to roast in the fire. – Yay! (upbeat orchestral music) – Wait a minute,
didn’t I just unpack all of this stuff? (suspenseful orchestral music) What? (suspenseful orchestral music) What, I just put the
marshmallows over… Girls, didn’t I just take a
bunch of things out of this bag? – Yeah, and you put the
marshmallows over… Wait, where’d they go? – That’s just it. The marshmallows are
back in this bag. I turned around
for just a second, and everything got repacked. – Wow, that sure is strange. We better tell dad
when he gets back. – Those were some good s’mores. – Oh, Alan, I
forgot to tell you. Something strange happened while you and Ryan were gone today. You see, I started unpacking, and then I turned
around to do something, and when I turned back, the
bag was completely repacked. – Nikki and I saw it too. Everything was out on the bed, and then all of a sudden
went back in the suitcase. – Well that is strange. Are you sure you didn’t
just think you unpacked it? – I just don’t see how I could
have imagined unpacking it. – Well, I don’t think
there’s anything to worry about at this point. Just let me know if something
like that happens again. – Okay. – Good night everyone. – Night, dad. (wood creaking lightly) – Wait, guys, do you hear that? (creaking and thumping) – Yeah, I hear it. I’ll go check outside. (staccato flute and cello music) I don’t see anything guys. It was probably just an animal. We should just go back to bed. (phone ringing) – Oh. What’s that? (suspenseful music) (phone ringing) Unknown? Who could that be? – I don’t know. Here, let me take it. Hello? (heavy breathing) (phone clicking) They hung up. – So you don’t know who it was? – No, they just sat
there breathing, and then they hung up. – Dad, I don’t think I want
to go to sleep anymore. – All right Nikki, let’s
just turn the lights back on. (switch clicking) (electricity buzzing) (low hum-like pulsing) What? Okay, no power. – Daddy, what’s going on? – It’s okay Nikki. Everything’s gonna be fine. – Oh great, the power’s out, people are breathing
over the phone. All that’s missing now is the
thunder and the lightning. (thunder crashing) – All right, that’s it. Everyone pack up your stuff
and let’s get out of here. (suspenseful orchestral music) – Jenny, Nikki,
do you have my… Jenny? Nikki? Mom, dad, Jenny
and Nikki are gone! – What? Girls, where are you?
– Jenny, Nikki! Where are you?
– Jenny, Nikki! Guys, I’m going to look outside. You guys look inside. Jenny! Nikki! (thunder clashing) Guys, I didn’t see
them out there. Guys? Oh boy. Midge? Ryan? Jenny? Nikki? Teddy! Well Teddy, it’s
just me and you now. (wood cracking) (loud thumping) (loud thumping continuing) (whimpering) Mom? What’re you doing here? Is this a prank? Oh my gosh. – Yep, we needed a
Halloween special, so here it is. – Are you serious? Oh brother, stupid
Halloween specials. I should have known. All right, so where is everyone? – Oh, they’re
right here with me. – Hi. – Hey dad, you should
have seen yourself when you were
hiding behind Teddy. – Yeah, yeah, all right. Everyone get in here. (women laughing) – So, were you guys all in on
this together or something? – No, we didn’t
know about it until grandma pulled us out of the
room to have us disappear. – Oh, okay. – Oh yeah, grandma,
I forgot to ask, but how did you repack my bag
after I’d already unpacked it? – Repacked your bag? I never did that. I wasn’t even here
until after dark. – Wait, so that
wasn’t you, grandma? – No. – So does that mean there’s a — – Real ghost? (everyone screaming) (upbeat spooky music)

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