The ‘Jersey Shore’ Crew Heads Back To Seaside | Jersey Shore: Family Vacation | MTV

(upbeat instrumental music) [Announcer] – Tonight
Jersey Shore is coming home. – This feels like old times back in Jersey – Yes it does feel like old times. – Yeah. – Eating good Italian food. Sitting across from your sisters. (laughs) – Yo, imagine going back
where we all met each other. – 10 years later. – I would love that. Can you imagine being
in that house together? That’d be weird! – It was, like, a lot
of good memories there. – That’s when Nicole
got punched in the face. – Yeah that was fun. – That’s when Jenni seen my pierced (ding) – Oh! (group groans) – [Paulie] No doubt for that. – Yes, thank you! Aw, you cheated.
– You cheated. – [Pauly] You cheated. – That’s when Ronnie met Sammi! Oh! (group laughs) – We should go back to the Shore. I don’t know what you
guys are waiting for. – Yo. That would be epic! – Can we have our same room
if we get back together? – Yes, absolutely! – Mike, you’ll actually
get to experience it now. – [Nicole] Mike, do you
remember any of Seaside? You get to see the house
for the first time. – Oh my god.
– Oh my god. – It’s gonna be a good time for you. I think we should call
Danny and rent the house. Do you have Danny? – Uh, yeah. Danny T-Shirt Shop. (phone ringing) – [Danny] What’s up? – Hey! – It’s DJ Paul D, remember me?
– Hey Danny! – Sup guys, how we doin’? (laughs) – [Danny] How we doin’ guys? – Can we come back to the house? I want to check it out and
make sure my bed’s still there. – [Danny] The house is rented out a lot. – Oh! – Oh damn! What do you mean, you
done rented our house? – [Vinny] That’s our house bro. – [Danny] I’m sure I can open a couple of free dates for you guys. – [Vinny] Alright, alright.
(laughs) – Man, we can only have it
like the weekend, all right. – Yeah we’ll take what we can get. – Yeah we’ll take it. – Yeah we’ll see you at the shore! We’re going back to Seaside. – All right, well, we will
see you soon and thank you. – It’s gonna be lit. – [Nicole] Thanks Danny, peace out! – [Jenni] We’re gonna bust
his balls and (mumbles) – Alright my dude.
– [Danny] Later guys. – Later. – Gettin’ everyone back together at the shore house in Seaside. That would be nothin’ short of magic. It’s been five to six
years since the squad has been back at Seaside. But I predict that it would be like not a day that’s passed and
we get right in our groove. – Let’s Facetime Ron. – [Deena] Let’s do it. – [Mike] Oh, Ronson! (Facetime ringing) – [Group] Hey! – What’s up you chooch? – Hey Ron! – Who you over there with? Ah, there’s the little munchkin. – [Group] Aw! – Little peanut. Well listen we have an idea. We want to go back to the shore house. – In Seaside. – In Seaside with Danny. – Seaside? – [Pauly] Yeah. – Will you come? – Yeah! (laughs) – Tell Ron to pack his bags. – We’re going back to the same house though where it all started. (groans) – And the only thing is never fall in love at the Jersey Shore. – [Deena] See you there Ron! – Alright, we’ll see you over there. I’ll see you in Vegas. – [Vinny] Peace. – All right so he’s down! He’s coming. – Nice, it’s happening. – This is happening. We’re gonna be living
in our old shore house. Honestly, I’m scared. – We’re going back to where
it all started, people! – Should I call Angeliners? (bass drop)
(drip drop) – Anybody want her at Seaside? – We squashed our beef. We squashed it. – You squashed the beef? – Oh now you love her, come now. – It’s a wait and see.
– Wow, best friends! – Yo, for real though? She can come, I don’t care. – Sure. – [Pauly] We need somebody
to pay for the cheese steaks. (laughs) – So I’ll never forget the last time we all said goodbye to
each other in Jersey. We legit said goodbye to the shore house. – Our lives will never be the same again ’cause of this (bleep)ing thing. – My life is perfect now
because of being here. So it sucks that I’m leaving. – [Announcer] Watch as they
make their way back east starting at eight, seven central. Only on MTV.

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