The Key To Camping
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The Key To Camping

Kim’s going camping for the first time I’ve been very opposed to camping for years What I’ve learned here is that you haven’t ever done anything No, I just don’t… You haven’t seen Pulp Fiction, you haven’t gone camping I don’t like going outside What happens if someone goes into cardiac arrest? What are you going to do? Die Just let them die, that’s the rule of camping But one of my friends is kind of.. He doesn’t really like camping either but he’s like, a pretty well known engineer and roboticist and he was like, Kim I’m bringing a generator we’re going to watch some DVDs we’re going to play some Play Station 4 and I said, “you have made everything better” On time I went out with these guys, and um, we went out into the desert. And they’re like, “we’re going to Joshua Tree” and I’m like, “well now I assume we are in Joshua Tree” and we camped and I woke up and was like, “it must be noon because it’s four thousand degrees” and then he pulled out a GPS…we were just nowhere near Joshua Tree We didn’t see Joshua Trees, there were no Joshua Trees What’s a Joshua Tree? It’s a kind of tree. Was it just flat? There’s a guy going like, “well you’re going to die here” The key to camping I think is…is like, you gotta camp in Scotland first and then you prepare yourself for any sort of adversary you could face. You’ve got to…..that’s where like, Bear Grylls nearly died. and Scotland is one of the rare places in the world that you can go through five to six different types of weather in the space of like, ten minutes. One time I was on a jog, a ten minute jog, not lying, around my house. It rained it, it hail stormed, it had sun, it snowed. Not in that order, like it just decided to just kinda…it’s bipolar. the weather’s bipolar…”I’m gunna go rain this time” and when you come here especially in Las Angeles, you’re going to camp the national parks you’ve just got to prepare for it to be a little bit hot and at night it gets a little bit chilly and once you face that, it’s a piece of cake. I feel like Burning Man has created this group of people who think they’re awesome campers, but aren’t I don’t….I have no interest in Burning Man. *whiny voice* I’m going to go live in the desert and you should go too I think it’s a trick…. I don’t wanna go all the photos that they post are like, of them having a great time but then all the photos that when they’re going through their phone of Burning Man that they didn’t post is just like them dirt?… in dirt and they can’t see and they can’t talk and it sounds terrible But they’ve all had a transcendental new experience that changed their lives Horse garbage…. Don’t you want that? I want that. Speaking of horse garbage, why is beastiality illegal? *laughter* Thanks for the transition Brett Bring it My answer to this is that, uh you will often see that uhm S&M is a way in which people profess their love right? Through sexual intercourse. Yeah. There are going to people dominate and people that’re submissives Mhmm. uhm I’ll need a safety word What is the one thing that changes it? From when it goes to the extreme? Safety words. Safe words! So there is my answer for why bestiality is illegal. It cannot consent. You might think that it’s kickin’ you and you may take that as an inclination. that it doesn’t like it, but Brett, it could be an inclination that it does like it. An animal can’t consent Brett! I’m just saying *laughter* from a legal perspective… I really hope that like, that makes a clip show that we end up doing for an add for the post-game show Brett, Brett asked I’m just sayin’!


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