The Loud House Vacation 🌴 Packing Guide 💼 | Nick
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The Loud House Vacation 🌴 Packing Guide 💼 | Nick

– We’re going on vacation!
– We’re going on vacation! – We’re going on vacation!
– We’re going on vacation! The Loud family
is going on a tropical vacation! But wait! There’s only one suitcase
for the kids to bring their stuff. [gasping] What? So, with limited space, what goes into the case? Let’s get packing with
The Loud House Vacation Packing Guide. Lori’s up first. Should she bring her cell phone
or Bobby? Bobby Boo Boo Bear! Well, as much as she’d like
to bring Bobby, he definitely doesn’t
fit in a suitcase. And putting people in suitcases
is not cool. But with her cell phone,
she can stay connected to her love 24/7. Cell phone going in the case! You don’t need all these devices. Bobby and I like to admire each other
from multiple angles. Next to pack: Lincoln. He could bring his favorite comics,
or his favorite sandwiches. Hey Lana, you wanna try half of my
peanut butter and sauerkraut sandwich? They’re not for everyone,
but Lincoln needs a snack! Sandwiches are going in the bag! [burping] Up next: Luna. She could bring her guitar or her music player. Let’s try to fit the guitar,
’cause we need some island jams! I guess it could go right here. Yeah!
That looks like it fits! Yes to music! Okay, Lucy’s up next. Wait a minute.
What’s that awful smell? Oh, no.
It’s Lincoln’s sandwiches! That smell could knock out
a dung beetle. Let’s switch the sandwiches
with some of Lincoln’s comics. Ultra rare comic?
Check! Woo hoo! Okay, on to Lucy! She can bring her Edwin statue
or some sunscreen. Oh, Edwin. I can’t resist your piercing gaze. [kissing] Who are we to come between
a girl and her immortal crush? Edwin it is! Lana’s up.
Lana wants to bring her pet frog or her plunger. [laughing] You’re the best froggy! I don’t think they’ll allow
frogs on a plane. Plus, sometimes vacation food
can make some upset tummies. This is a class five clog. You’re gonna need Big Bertha. Plunger it is! But wait!
Where is this gonna fit? What if we move Edwin over here and move the guitar like this? Does it work?
Yeah! Lynn’s up next. Should she bring her basketball
or her baseball? [dribbling] Basketball going in! Wait, Edwin’s head is too big. Let’s move Edwin here
and then the basketball will fit! Swish!
Two points! Luan’s the next to pack. She can bring Mr. Coconuts
or her microphone. How do you make an egg roll? I don’t know.
How do you make an egg roll? You push it! [laughing] Well, Mr. Coconuts is the only one
who gets all of Luan’s jokes so he’ll be a good travel companion. He’d fit perfect here. But Edwin’s in the way. I know, let’s switch
Edwin with Lucy’s sunscreen and move the sunscreen down here. Lucy’s pale complexion
doesn’t do well in the sun anyway. [baby giggling] Princess Lola, time to pack! Now Lola wants to bring
her tiara, her mirror, her toy car and her tea set. But she can only bring one thing,
so what’s it gonna be? You can’t look away from the mirror
for five seconds. Lies! The mirror’s a great choice because who needs to look
at beautiful vacation views, when you can look
at this cute face? Hold up!
Mr. Coconuts is in the way. I know, how about Luan takes
her mic instead. Then Lola’s mirror can fit right here. I hear the resort
has an open mic night anyway. Sorry, Mr. Coconuts. There are already enough coconuts
on the beach. – Ha.
– Get it? Okay, I’ll just leave
the jokes to Luan. Next up: Lenny. Should she bring her sunglasses
or her hairbrush? Let’s go with sunglasses. Yay!
Uh-oh. Guess we’ll have to wait
until after the solar eclipse. On second thought,
hair brush is a better idea. And it still fits in the case! I brush my hair exactly 50 times a night
to keep it beautiful. 34…
35… We’re almost done packing. Lisa’s turn. She can bring her beakers
or this book on quantum physics. Let’s try the beakers. Oh, no.
Looks like the beakers won’t fit. I know, maybe if we switch
Luna’s guitar with her music player. Yup, that works! And the beakers can fit
right here. She would have finished
that quantum physics book in five minutes anyway. That is a logical conclusion. And finally, little Lily’s turn. What should Lily bring? Her blankie or her diaper? Well, she can’t go anywhere
without her signature blankie. Fecal incident! – Loud family out!
– Loud family out! Now that we think about it,
diapers might be more important, but where do they fit? I know, let’s switch Lynn’s basketball
with her baseball and move it down here. And the diapies go right here. Lynn’s throwing heat
hotter than the summer sun anyway. [window breaking] Okay, that’s it.
We did it! And now that we’re all packed up
it’s time for vacay, but first an exclusive new
Loud House scene! Roll it! Whoa, guys.
This is too much stuff. Something’s gotta go back. How bout this humonga bag? Absolutely not.
That one’s very important. Puzzles? The bag stays! See you next time on
The Loud House Vacation Packing Guide!


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