The most emotional military homecomings compilation | Militarykind
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The most emotional military homecomings compilation | Militarykind

(upbeat music) (young child screaming) – [Camera Operator] Oh! – Hi! Oh! (girl screaming) (weeping) (camera person laughing) (weeping) (laughing) (children chattering) (laughing) – [Camera Person] Are
you sharing your snack? (laughing) – Mom! – [Children] Aw! (children clapping) – Hi baby! Hi! Hi baby – Aw. – Mommy! (mother crying) – [Camera Person] Hey, boys. – Mommy! – Hi! (camera person laughing) (clapping) – Mommy! – [Camera Person] Yeah! (camera person laughing) (screaming) (mother crying) – Oh my god! (mother crying) Oh god. – Mom! (classroom laughing) (classroom clapping) – Hey baby! (screaming) (weeping) (clapping) (weeping) – [Camera Person] Look who it is. – Mama! (crying) – Hi! (child crying) (upbeat music) (kids chattering) – Mommy! (crowd cheering) (rock music) – Daddy! Daddy! (crying) Daddy! I missed you! (little girl crying) (clapping) (upbeat music) (little girl laughing) (mom laughing) – Hi dad! (cheering) – Daddy? – Daddy! – [Both Children] Daddy! (girls crying) (rock music) (kids screaming) (girl in yellow crying) – Daddy! – Oh! – I already knew dad was coming! – You alright? – Yeah. – Daddy! – Here! (laughing) – [Camera Person] How are you? – Good how are you? Come here, hi! (screaming) – Dad! Daddy I love you! – Dad! (kids screaming) – Dad! (camera person laughing) (crowd cheering) (slow music) – [Camera Person] Ania. (crying) – Oh my god. (crowd clapping) (uplifting music) (crying) (throat clearing) (laughing) – [Camera Person] Oh! – Surprise surprise! Oh my god, baby are you here for real? (clapping) (cheering) – Daddy! (crying) (clapping) – [Off Camera] Thank you for your service. – Hey! How you doing little man? (uplifting music) (cheering)


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