The Most Heated Fights – Never Before Seen! | Jersey Shore: Family Vacation | MTV
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The Most Heated Fights – Never Before Seen! | Jersey Shore: Family Vacation | MTV

– Check out our most heated fights right now. – [All] This is Guido on Guido drama. (snaps) – The third most heated
fight of the vacation. Vinny versus Nicole versus Jenny. What are the boundaries? – No! – Vinny like please just stop. You know, obviously there’s history. You’re still alive? – I’m going in the hot tub. – Ew. – Woo! – Don’t touch me. – He was pushing the envelope. (Ronnie laughs) – God, you’re going to ruin my marriage. Get off me. (dramatic music) Oh we’re not doing confessional together. – Oh! – Vinny. Don’t touch me. My man will not like that. – Can I talk to you for a second? – No.
– I’ve got to ask you a question. I gotta ask you a question. I was gonna ask you what the rules are. – You’re being annoying. You’re disrespecting my husband now. Stop. What? – Why’d I have to do
this scene in body paint? – And can anybody take somebody serious with a flag painted on their chest? – What do you mean? You have that on your back. (laughs) – Got him. – Listen. He has a legitimate question. – No, but you made it like dramatic. – I’m dramatic? – So what? What’s the God’s honest question? – Sometimes you go, I can’t be next to Vinny. – Okay. I can’t. – What am I supposed to do right there? Go oh okay and then like walk away. – Don’t be like annoying. Just know the boundaries. – I don’t know the boundaries. That’s why I’m asking you. – Establish your boundaries right now. – We’re friends Vin. Just stop talking about it. This is literally gonna
(bleep) ruin my marriage. I’m gonna get (bleep)pissed. Stop! – He wants to know the boundaries. – Nicole! – Don’t (bleep) with my family. – If Gianni was in a house he was like close to somebody, and then they like I
can’t be next to Gianni. I just hit my 10,000 steps. I didn’t know how the Nicole past was gonna like rear its head. – No pun. – Yeah, no pun intended. I wasn’t expecting that
fight to happen that day. – Leave me alone. – Listen. – Go be on his side. Thank you. – Okay, fine. We’re done. – Thanks for being a good friend, idiot. – Don’t (bleep) call me an idiot. Don’t (bleep) say that. Because when you say you’re (bleep) done be (bleep) done. – Looks like a (bleep)
Doberman versus the Chihuahua. – You’re the worst. You’re ruining my (bleep) marriage. – Be an adult. – Jesus, you’re the worst. – Not ruining, (bleep) Nicole. Well she’s just blamed me
for ruining her marriage. So I’m out. – I hear you, you annoying. – No one is trying to
ruin this girl’s marriage. – Exactly. She calls me a (bleep) idiot. I don’t deserve to be ragged on. – Oh my God. You’re be so (bleep) dramatic. Shut up! – That was the best. – When the Jwow came out. Oh. – Meanwhile, Nicole was scared of Jwow. 100 percent. – Yeah. – Deena versus Ronnie. The car fight. – Don’t call me sweetie. – Okay, sweetie. – No, don’t (bleep) call me sweetie. – Okay, sweetie. – You’re in an aggressive state tonight. – You know what, D. You are a good person but you play both sides. – How am I playing both sides? – You want to be my friend. You want to be Sam’s friend but like. If Sam was a talking bad about me, you wouldn’t be like don’t say that about Ron. – Deena was a little on edge in Miami. – Yeah. Sometimes you order your
meatballs with extra sauce. – You’re gonna tell me
she’s never said one bad. – No! Because you know what? This past year, we didn’t talk about you. It’s not all about you Ron! You narcissistic (bleep) (bleep). It doesn’t all revolve around you. – It actually does. – It doesn’t all revolve around you, Ron. – Obviously it does because you’re the one mad because the (bleep) doll is there. – I don’t (bleep) like the doll. – Oh why? – I don’t like the doll. – Why? – Because she doesn’t know it’s here. – So then (bleep) call her and tell her. I’m not trying to be a dick but I’m being honest with you. Like straight (bleep) up. Now I’m gonna (bleep) say how I feel. – Oh my God. I’m done, I’m done. – And here it is. The most epic and the most heated. – Jenny versus Angelina. – Hey. – Hi Angelina. – Oh hey bitch. – Hey. – Hey. – So I’m just gonna ask the obvious question. Why the (bleep) are you here? – Jenny wasted no time with this. – She’s like a preying mantis. When she has sex with you, she rips your (bleep) head off. – No bitch! No! It’s been 8 years since we’ve seen you. – Let that go! (yelling) – I bet you, you won’t make it
a (bleep) week in this house because you are not a part
of our (bleep) family. End of the day, you have not experienced what we all have (bleep)
experienced together. – This whole stuff was built up from stuff that was said off the show. – Yes. – So Angelina made some comments online about Jenny and Nicole when
they went back and forth. And they never got to speak face to face. Until this show. – Not once did you try to a make amends in eight (bleep) years. – How do I make amends to you? – Eight (bleep) years. – Do I have your number? – I didn’t have you blocked bitch. I didn’t have you blocked. – I don’t have her number. – You never Twittered me. You blocked me on every
(bleep) social media. – You blocked me actually. – You want to come
somewhere eight years later. – Right now we are watching a baby
hippo named Angelina get preyed on by wild hyenas. – You have no (bleep) idea what this took. And you’re not a part of group chat. – Facts. – Fact. – Oh no. Jwow is ripping the hippo’s head off. – You guys should be like know what let me try to
give this girl a shot because we don’t really know her. – No, I know you. You’re not a nice person. – Oh my God. Nicole is (bleep) her vagina. I mean, wait. – How long are you staying? I just want to know so Nicole can pack your bag. – Oh. – She’s not packing my bags. – Get the (bleep) out of this house. – I’m staying.


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