The Most Important Camping Tip for Families & Groups
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The Most Important Camping Tip for Families & Groups

This is Nikia here with Mrs. Rat and my
little rattling.. baby rats… and we’re out camping my wife’s family annual
huckleberry pick and we it started raining and usually were prepared for
rain but this year we don’t have rain pants for the kids, or my wife… she also
doesn’t have a rain jacket or forgot it or we forgot to pick one up so… and the
other thing… we’re realizing we forgot was Silvidene for burns and…. building a
fire, we’ve just tried… it since we have a one-and-a-half-year-old, she’s almost two
now, running around, we’ve tried to keep small fires or just not do to fires
cause she’s just… just really active and doing her own thing. Hey babe… girl! No.
Anyhow, that… I think that’s a really important part and I want to do a parent
survival kit sometime or a first-aid kit I should say and I
think that’s one important thing that we should always have. We hadn’t… we haven’t
had any burns this weekend, but, man, there’s nothing like that cream when
when you do have an accident. anyhow we might be pulling out a little bit early
today instead of picking huckleberries. we’ll, we’ll see since… I… my wife’s using
my rain jacket and, yeah. anyhow. little snail. so the lesson that we’ve
learned is that we need to make lists. we’ve talked about this before some and
the problem is my wife and I are both a little bit sanguine and optimistic and
we will think that one person has packed one thing and the other has packed
another and when we get here we haven’t and so all kinds of arguments and chaos
ensues. it’s actually usually not that bad, but we definitely have some
discussions. Tthat’s one thing about making… about camping is that you make do and
have a good time with what you have and that’s what we’re doing. key. he’s holding a
key, huh.


  • Am Pm309

    I never travel anywhere without a list and they are kept in a velum sleeve in a binder, one for air travel, one for car trips, one for cross country day trips, one for hiking, weekend seminars, one for a master prep list..etc and I use them. Once you make it and keep it in a binder you always refer to it.

  • Geri Kinnaman

    First, you have a lovely family. 🙂 Lists are good to use, I usually forget where I put them though.
    Another idea is a using a large storage tote to keep items in that you always need when camping.
    I have one I call my camping box. I keep trash bags, paper towels, cooking utensils, plates, eating utensils, my dog’s water pail, my fold up saw……
    And on and on. You kind of get the idea. Lol. My family all know what the camping box is, and it works for us.

  • The Northwest Forager

    Perhaps its the curse of the digital age? Seems like anymore gadgets do all the "thinking/remembering" for us… But come to think of it I hear that being a parent is enough to rattle your brain a few times ;] I remember my mom forgetting stuff all the time on my account.

  • Jordan Picking

    Silvadine is great, unless you're allergic to it like I am… ended up in the ER thinking I was gonna lose my hand after a seemingly minor burn.

  • The Wandering Cedar

    My children is why we forget stuff when heading out the door. It’s amazing how many times you can say put your shoes on. Or don’t forget your coat. Only to realize that when we are 2 hours away from home child one did not bring a coat. Child two only wore flip flops for the camping trip. And a parent (I won’t point fingers) forgets the dog food.

  • Bryan Levesque

    My wife and I have packing lists for everything! We have 6 kids and each kid has their own list with their unique needs. We have them on 5he computer and print them out for each trip. Then each time we get to our destination if we think of something we want to add for the future, we write it on the list we took with us and then update the list on the computer when we get home. Lists are a life saver. Lists for camping, hiking, shooting, trips to the beach, mountain, general trips away from the home.

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