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– [Laci] Sometimes I wish
I could be a toddler again. It would be nice to go back to the days before nudity
was a crime, literally. You can crawl around, wild and
free, letting water and wind wrap you up and nobody
cares that you’re naked because you’re a baby and you don’t care that you’re naked because you don’t care about anything except
maybe your mom’s boobs. You haven’t been around
long enough to learn from society that nakedness is something that’s supposed to be shameful and that nudity is something
that is supposed to be sexual. But by six years old society
will inevitably take it’s grip and most will be reluctant to fight back. But there are some people who do, people who call themselves nudists. (upbeat pop music) Nudism or naturism is a lifestyle choice and it can be carried out in lots, and lots of different ways. None of which require clothing. Personally, I’m a big fan of
personal and familial nudism. Like being at home naked,
hanging out with friends naked, hanging out with your partner naked. But there’s also social nudity where you take part in recreational
nudism with other nudists. Because public nudity is
illegal in most places there are some nudists retreats. You just have to look for them like nudist beaches or parks. Or you can join a nudist club
where you do other outdoorsy or recreational activities
with other nudist folk. But why might someone be nudist. Isn’t that kind of weird. If by weird you mean it requires you to question how you’ve been
taught to feel about bodies then yes, nudism is very, very, weird. And also, awesome. A naturist lifestyle
would actually solve a lot of the sex and body issues that I talk about on this channel. It’s a very liberating philosophy
centered around acceptance and love of the human
body in all of its forms, and not just a few of them. Now, let’s look at some of the questions y’all have sent me about nudism. So, how will I get turned on if I see naked people all the time? Nudism doesn’t mean that your naked body is no longer sexual. You just learn to draw
the distinction between erotic nudity and just
regular, plain old nudity. Do nudists ever wear clothes? Yes, nudists wear clothes
when it’s convenient. Like if you’re cold, if you’re cooking, or if you’re at a place where
your body’s gonna be shamed, and stigmatized, and
sexualized, and demonized. I thought all nudists were
insert certain body type here. Well, nudists have all kinds of bodies, including hairy, wrinkly,
saggy, chubby bodies. I know, I said a ton
of curse words, right? When you truly take on
the nudist mentality, you’ll find that you don’t really care that we all look different. You might just find yourselves saying, “Damn diversity, you lookin’ good today.” Isn’t it morally wrong to be naked? No, is that a trick question? You shower naked, don’t you? You were born naked, won’t you? I mean, I know, I know, that
stupid woman Eve bit the apple and fucked everything up but don’t you think God cursing her with body shame was kind of rude? They didn’t even have
sweat shops in Malaysia to make clothes for them yet. How will I ever know how to treat someone if not for their clothes? Good question. Aren’t nudists just perverts
who wanna see people naked? Come on, do I look like a pervert who wants to see people naked to you? Actually, don’t answer that question. Does the idea of nudism
really require being creepy? There are lots of people
out there just like myself who find power and freedom in being naked. And sure, there are probably
some creepers who chime in because they think they can
benefit from it in some way. They probably found it wasn’t as sexy as they though it would be anyways. I mean, it’s just a bunch of naked people. Well, I hope this answered some of your questions about nudism. I’m Laci Green, thanks
for visiting my channel. I’ll see you next Saturday. (kisses) ♫ Please, play everyone,
except your mom, oh. ♫ – [Man] What?


  • Guardian Angel

    Only 2 things wrong with this video. 1.) It was never specified what kind of fruit it was although it could have been a fig cause the bible says that after they ate the fruit they clothed themselves with the leaves that were the closest to them. 2.) After Adam and Eve ate the fruit which made them see that they were naked. They clothed themselves and when God came walking in the garden he called out to Adam. Adam said he was hiding. When God asked him why, Adam responded with: I heard your voice and I was afraid cause I was in the garden naked. God said: WHO TOLD YOU THAT THEE WAS NAKED?! God seeing that Adam and Eve had disobeyed him when they both ate the forbidden fruit, he kicked them out of the garden. He didn't kick them out because they were naked rather because they had disobeyed him by eating the fruit. God never wanted mankind to be ashamed of their naked bodies. He just wanted a close relationship with us. If Adam and Eve had not eaten the fruit than we would all be walking around naked without shame and lust in our minds when we looked at one another.

  • NKProductions2014

    I'm a nudist. And I like it. At home, the beach and with friends. It's not weird. Society has screwed body confidence in the ass and nudity solves it

  • saprissa9

    There's a nudist club near my home and I seriously want to try it. But my problem is that I'm socially awkward. I don't want to be confused by a creep.

  • Tyler Bryant

    I know I'm late but clothing is a type of protection against the elements. It is extremely rare probably non existent to find past Paleolithic tribes inhabiting freezing lands not wearing clothing. Its actually a luxury tgese days to be a nudist

  • 612Tiberius

    Dammit, for months now I was already trying VERY HARD (no pun intended) NOT to visualize Laci in the buff, and not doing very well at it; then you had to go and show this video. This is on your head YouTube,… on your head. I need a cold shower and a cigarette now…

  • Zen Rhino

    Considering you live in California not far from the entertainment industry you should be concerned about being naked. As a woman the people who live in that part of California 10 to take advantage of people like you especially if they are uninhibited and leaning towards wanting to be a nudist. But you should be even more concerned about children being nude in that part of the state because there's a lot of fucking creepy people in hollyweird. Sexual predator types are all over that part of California and not just the Harvey Weinstein types being brought to light by the me to era I'm talking about actual pedophiles like Kevin Spacey or Roman Polanski. Unfortunately because of the progressives and the leftist kids and women aren't very safe especially if they're trying to live a nudism style of life. So you can blame your own people from that side of the aisle for why it's not good for you to be running around naked. It's not rape culture because that's a myth here in the United States. It's not a patriarchy which is also a myth here in the western civilization world we live in. It's mostly coming from creepy rapist / pedophile types from the Left End of the political Spectrum.

  • Rebecca Warren

    you should show your hole body so you can get more subscriber's like I did cause I got 5 million subscriber's and cause i'm super sexy

  • Harambe's not dead he's surely alive

    I think you make some good points, Laci, but I can't really make sense of them to their full extent unless you bring the camera down just a bit lower.

  • luis pratts

    yea its a shame she is not nude even though its not like she would ever show us. i wish she did over 18 videos and posted them on twitter so she could be completely naked or topless and show us she is really a example of the topics she discusses

  • Skinny & Ellie

    Laci I loved your video! I am a nonconformist, but I don't think I can go as far as being a nudist lol. I agree with some of your feelings and ideas about acceptance, but the fact is that we live in a world that is bad, and people are imperfect. That's why nudity should be reserved for a man and his wife. Even if my intentions are wholesome, other people's intentions may not be and it's better to have a measure of privacy. It's good not to hide what you are, but there is still something to be said for modesty.

  • Michael J. Richard

    @LaciGreen after I read an article about you on Wikipedia (I know this is personal) and I found out you were Pansexual I want you to know that fully support you and I'm behind you 💯%

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