The NEW TAR-21 is OP! (Call of Duty: Modern Warfare RAM-7)
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The NEW TAR-21 is OP! (Call of Duty: Modern Warfare RAM-7)

What’s up guys, this is M3RKMUS1C and welcome to the ram 7 assault rifle in modern warfare I just got this thing unlock that I’m gonna be using it for the first time It’s only level 1 and as usual, I’m gonna check it out in core hardcore and ground war to see how it performs But I do wanna load it up in a private match and see what kind of attachments you can put on it There’s their m7 Let’s let’s see what kind of attachment we can get all the typical suppressors and stuff has some different barrels have any unique sights I don’t know maybe the cronin 2 x elite It looks like it has all kinds of under barrel attachments But you know, nothing necessarily newer stand out about it any initiative 45 rounds, not bad. Oh you can turn into a burst Yeah, so far the rm7 looks pretty standard since I can’t necessarily find anything too crazy on it I’m gonna go use it online. Probably just hardcore Dom. I almost went insane last time playing hardcore headquarters I don’t know if I can handle it again. I cannot wait to be able to play hardcore on shipment That’s gonna be so crazy We probably have to wait a while for that one, but it will be worth it mark we’re on crash would be cool Just anything but these giant 20 versus 20 maps. Oh and oh Piccadilly, you’re fucking kidding me. What’d I just say? We got shoot house. I think I might actually use a double weapon thing Just use it for 30 minutes. Alright, let’s see if the new tour 21 is any good. Oh god this lobbies already gone It’s already halfway over. Oh, no Oh fuck, of course. They have a wheel sin fucking right? No fur buy it and just not go into general direction It definitely feels better than the holger so far. Oh my god. I knew you’re gonna be a glitch in there Always someone eglish in there. Come on There’s so much better than the lobby’s I normally get in the Corners, pretty serious. I wish I got in here in this lobby. First started would have been completely different story We all all these been actually Wynton come on. They have no flags right now. Where are they gonna spawn? Kind of crazy did it have no spawn right now. Oh My lord no spawn, dude Come on no, let me get it My cheeseburger Well shit real no You don’t find extra ammo could have gone on. Oh my god. They just got a flag – I think it’s over They got a veto. Oh my and of course right when the game’s over dude, that could have been so good There’s some serious potential there if I had the 45 round mag, you just got the play – that’s safe. I’m diggin this gun So far, it’s definitely better than the holder 26. I’m so unlucky that I had to reload. They’re not bad I got quality first game on I can want to play some more hardcore. That was actually pretty good mark. We’re calm on crash Yes, hopefully this is actually a good Lobby though. I’m taking this gun so far It’s actually kind of crazy to think that right now. I’m basically using like a remaster tar21 on a remastered crash Oh my god, can we get a flag guys? Oh No, no, no, no fucking earn debts Okay, wait – copy so much goes dude Fuck you just camping there. We got loved as a child My god, they’re gonna be more come out of here I Fucking heard you can this team cap some fucking flags man. I’m the only one going for the flags. I Think I might be done with hardcore early I just can’t stand the fact that no one on this scene is going for Flags It’s so much faster that’s what’s giving you that advantage over the Holger there’s people actually up here Wow, this is really like caught for right now Oh Wilson What is the deal with this? All right, I’m not saying for this No, even though that last luffy was pretty horrible the RAM sevens pretty good nerdcore, but now let’s see how it does in core Ok headquarters on shoot house. This will be good. I feel like I’m getting better lobbies and better Maps today. It’s so good I really just need to accept the max for this thing the Rams Evans not that bad right now, but with the extended mags That’s definitely gonna help as far as it goes for any kind of feed potential especially getting bigger feed that’s gonna need that extra ammo Let’s see how strong you are on course, not bad Wincott, it’s kind of that lifting. This dude’s leaning the hell’s wrong with people I can’t tell if everyone’s doing camo challenges or they’re actually does that lame Come on Oh shit all this apartment water. Come on, easy. Coffee Darion. What? Oh, look at there’s so many more how to get flash dude Let’s like this play quad BW new attachments. I come on trout Thunder barrel shotgun. Let’s see how it is. Oh, that looks ugly. Oh My god, it’s not bad Okay now I wish I didn’t have that shotgun attachment there oh shit No, just wanting in front of me. Oh, no, not a vamo Just right do that, right? My bad, just like water Oh so going come on Oh Granny, let’s go. Let’s get it going one. No what I need to stop there Shit, dude, I just pop the fuck off got a VTOL. I like the RAM seven so far It’s definitely gonna be worth getting guys. This thing’s pretty strong This really is modern warfare 2 all over again, isn’t it? Come on damn dude throw my 45 rounds Oh, come on pop out again Bullshit oh my god Everyone block use the new tube up fuck this thing is a fucking feed machine guys. Yeah I think this thing’s probably gonna be one of the better assault rifles in the game Come on reload, that shit is another guy over here Know What I reload hmm, I used wood That noise no I’m getting excited back to the next level. Let’s go. Take it off the new to for some better attachments Force the responds to save shit Come on let’s get it going. Oh shit. Wait Come on over here. Now. I See you Here he does God Presi. Thank you Oh my god, come on Would you reload fuck? Ah, I should complete of hand on Damn, dude, I think I had the excited max now. Oh, it’s over guys, dude. I met fucking 72 kills right now. This is ridiculous Cut that extra ammo now, dude Fucking apply more ICU Shit the 80s is a little bit slower when you put 45 rounds on it’s definitely something to watch out for because the 80s gets Slower, but man those extra rounds they help Fucking rolling, they’re like a warm We win. How many kills would I get eighty-five? Holy shit. Yeah, I think I like the RAM seven in this game Oh and got me getting the play. That was a crazy game an update is required And it has failed. I can’t connect online right now what Mouse error? I don’t know why this is happening But I think that’s a good place to end it. Thank you guys very much for watching this video Hope you guys enjoyed watching me use the RAM 7 in modern warfare If you guys did enjoy this video and you want to see some more new modern warfare stuff Make sure to drop a like I’ll see you guys later


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