The outdoor gear you need in Alberta in winter | With Malcolm Sangster | Alberta, Canada
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The outdoor gear you need in Alberta in winter | With Malcolm Sangster | Alberta, Canada

Hey guys, Scott Bakken here. Today we are answering the question, “Where do I get all my gear in Alberta?” Today I’m picking up Malcolm, who is the go-to guy when it comes to all things
outdoors. music Alright, I’ve just gotten to Malcolm’s
house. Hey, how are you, buddy? Good to see you. Look at all this stuff you have –
these skis, a canoe. You are Mr. Canada. So today you’re gonna show us where we can
get our gear.
– Yes.
– Malcolm, let’s do this. No matter what activity you want to do,
or where you’re going, there’s a plethora of stores where you can rent or buy
anything you need, from clothing to hard goods. If you forget something, or you
just want to travel light, then it’s all right here in Banff and Canmore, Jasper,
We’re skiing today up at Mount Norquay, so I’m gonna go over to my
buddy’s shop at Banff Soul Ski and Bike and get some ski gear.
– We’re a full-service ski shop, so we do rental, we do ski service, we do ski retail. Let’s
get them set up on something that’s perfect for some front-side rippin’ and
maybe a couple of bumps up in the big chair.
– Something like this guy. There you are.
– Thank you, sir. So when you’re coming to
Alberta, you’re coming to Banff, you want to go skiing, you can get your boots, your
skis, your poles, helmets. So I got my gear, got my skis, my boots, my poles. We’re
gonna head up Norquay. Well, we’re here in beautiful Banff National Park,
and we’re gonna go to Mount Norquay and ride a chairlift called
the North American.
– What’s at the top? The top is an awesome view point,
and it’s probably the best view point of Banff and Mount Rundle. Well, if you’re
coming here in the winter you can pretty much do anything. You can you
can go to the three ski resorts – Sunshine, Lake Louise or Norquay – or up to
Marmot in Jasper and do downhill alpine skiing and snowboarding.
You can go backcountry skiing, which is pretty much just park your car, pick your
mountain and go, and that of course requires its own, you know, set of
equipment. And then there’s things like ice climbing, snowshoeing,
skating on the lakes, cross-country skiing or, you know, just taking a walk on
some of the trails around the town sites. It’s endless, really. Here we are at
beautiful Mount Norquay. Because everything changes so much in the winter,
you’ve got to have a good layering system. I got a big duffel bag full of stuff here. So I start with a next-to-skin layer, you know? So this is merino wool. That’s
really important not to wear cotton because if you get wet, cotton gets wet
and then you get cold. I got my my polyesters next to the skin, and I like to wear a
mid-layer. You know, this is usually what they call a soft shell. If it’s cold out
you can add, you know, a puffy or a sort of a micro puffy here. And then, last but
not least, I like to have my outer layer is a Gore-Tex. You know, it kind of keeps
keeps the snow off, keeps things dry. Again, so I get too hot or too cold I can
add a layer, take it away, you know, go from there. Ski boots can be a cold piece
of equipment, so it’s always good to have the right socks.
Well, it’s winter here in the Rockies and, you know, we get a lot of sun here in Banff, so it’s always important to apply a little sunscreen.
– And it’s so bright I had to borrow Malcolm’s sunglasses because I forgot mine. Sunglasses are good gear to have.
– So I like to wear a buff – that’s what this thing is here. You know, that
helps keep the wind off your face or the sun off your face, snow off
your face if it’s snowing. Last but not least, I throw my brain bucket, my helmet, on.
– Protect that noggin.
– You gotta protect that noggin, yeah. There’s
a lot of assets up in there. Alright, we are geared up. We are about to load on
the chairlift to go up to the top. Alright, whoa! music So here we are, on top of Mount
– Check that view out. Alright, well thanks, Malcolm, for showing me
where we can get my gear. If you guys are in Alberta, know that we got you
covered. We got everything you need here. Goin’ for a rip.
– Whoa!

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