The Stay A while Deluxe – Product Review – RV Living  #12
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The Stay A while Deluxe – Product Review – RV Living #12

HI! and welcome back to 3tailsRV my
name is Aron and on today’s episode we’re going to do a review of the stay
awhile deluxe by mr. heater so stay tuned and we’ll be right back right after we purchased our RV in the fall of 2014 we soon discovered how difficult and tedious it was to break
down disconnect and store everything just to go get propane after about the
third or fourth trip to our local u-haul I decided that there had to be a better
way and started doing some research on external propane systems and add-ons two
RVs and I found this wonderful product I recommend this for any full time RV
users and the reason why I say this is because like i said it’s awful tedious
to steal everything just to run to the store to get more propane i picked up
this product at camping world there’s a little bit pricey but well worth the
money in the long run especially during the winter months so let’s show you the
system that we have in our RV and then we’ll go over the pros and cons of what
we found for this system so stay tuned for this i’m just going to show you the
system that we have this are 25 gallon propane bottle that we use you follow
the hose that come out of there it goes down just like this and gets connected
into the RV that’s the original RV bottle line goes in goes into the extend
to stay it got replaced here and here i took those reduced it pulled it out on
behind this silver thing is the regulator that’s what regulates the
pressure that goes into the coach and then mine hassle has another tea that
goes to my here which will be in another episode coming shortly so stay tuned for
that that’s why there’s an install video that i will attach to this it’s not one
of mine but it’s one of the manufacturers so it’s a good idea to
watch that and it was to exactly how to install everything
so a little pan back here again you should see the whole setup is what we
have i do have chain on there that is my security system that keeps everybody
else out it is locked up you have a bunch of cords and strapped across that
it goes over here to the other side and that helps it keeps it from getting
tilted over somebody bumping into it hurt themselves so that’s our system now
that you see in our system I’d like to go over some of the pros and cons of
this system some of the things that I really what I really enjoyed about this
is how easy it was to install it also converts over from older systems to the
newer style propane fittings we just happen to have an older RV it’s also
it’s made in the United States always a good plus or packing restoring and
dealing with the headaches of going and get more propane this product is a
quality made and will last for years the only downside of this product and the
only major complaint that I have is the instructions the instructions are
written in such small print that it’s hard to really understand hard to really
read what they’re talking about but for me it was easily remedied by doing a
search on youtube and I found a video that shows you step by step on how to
install this system safely and effectively so i will put a link down in
the description on one of the best ones that i found it’s not one of my videos
but it will get you what get you to where you need to be so that about wraps
it up for us today here at three jails RV I would like to thank you for viewing
if you have any questions you can contact it contact us at three tails are
feeding and gmail com we hope that you enjoyed the
video today if you enjoyed it please give us a thumbs up if you would like to
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today so my name is Aaron and I’ll be signing off and we’ll see you again soon


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