THE THINNING – Official Trailer
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THE THINNING – Official Trailer

Hair flip. What’s up? My name is Logan Paul and I play Blake in
“The Thinning,” coming to YouTube Red
this October. Check out the official
trailer for my new movie, “The Thinning.” ♪♪ – How many sides does
a pentagon have?
– Five. – What causes disease?
– Bacteria. – How many letters
are in the alphabet?
– Twenty-six. ♪♪Take your time,
focus on the equation.
You’re going to do great. – I love you.
– I love you so much. ♪♪ WOMAN:What if only the
smartest boys and girls
got to live here?We are the number one
most educated population
in 196 countries. ♪♪You’ll have two hours
to complete the test.
♪♪ All grades are final. ♪♪ Here are the results. – No, no, no, no.
– No. No! No! No! Laina Michaels. What? Ellie Harper. [distant scream]
No! [yelling]
Ellie! We have to do something,
Dad. I’m sorry, son,
my hands are tied. ♪Dark as midnight♪ ♪Blue and red lights♪ ♪Come take you awayIf my dad wants
to stand by the system,
he’s gonna have to stand
by a system that put his own son
to death. Get the hell out
of here. [powering down] The system is down,
commence containment mode. [alarms sounding] AN:There is a story developing
at Vista Point High School.
GIRL:Something’s not right.There’s no way
I failed that test.
– Oh, my God, Laina.
– Kellan?Can you help me?You need to see this. We’re going live
right now. We need to find
where they keep the tests. MAN: Take her
to the thinning. ♪♪There are those that say
the thinning is barbaric.
Is it barbaric
to be the best?
[slow footsteps] [charging sound]If you don’t support
our great society,
then you are a parasite.We’re in this together.Do you know what
we do with parasites?
♪♪ We wash them out!Are we approved
to commence the thinning?
You are approved.♪♪


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