The upside down show playalong episode 2 picnic
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The upside down show playalong episode 2 picnic

hey guys Nicholas Wingfield here once
again here to bring you another play along video now for this one I have a
special guest hey guys me Jack you may know his channel Jack dinosaurs or if
not go go check it out go subscribe and and please post comments anyways for for
this play along we’re doing an episode of The Upside Down Show In this video we’re going to be doing the episode called picnic remember
last year we did an episode on an airport that guys I’m really appreciate
about your submissions to likes 4,896 views That is just crazy I couldn’t believe it either
Anyways thank you so much and let’s get this playalong started Wait wait let me put my teacup down Fido says we haven’t got everything we need No that’s the upside down button

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