The White Mountains: Hiking Owl’s Head.
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The White Mountains: Hiking Owl’s Head.

Okay we found out today that this is the #1 scariest trail… …like in the daylight…well those are amateurs. ‘Cause we’re doing it in the dark! Aimee: Good morning! Liz: Good morning!
Aimee: Day 2! Liz: Yay! Aimee: Ahhhhhhhh! It’s so cold. Liz: Cold? Liz: Cold mountain stream! Oh my god! Liz: So we took off our hiking boots, to keep them dry. Aimee: It’s really rushing right here. Liz: Aimee’s at a place where it’s really rushing. It looks a little scary. But we don’t really see enough rocks
to step on all the way over… Liz: (laughing) Aimee: Yay! Liz: My feet are numb!
Aimee: I know it’s so cold. Liz: Cold piggies! So, here’s the seventh river crossing of the day. It’s so annoying and treacherous. Wait, why are we going down? This is it. Seventeen minutes across the top of this mountain! To see this? I am not impressed. Oh my gosh, although we’ve walked as far as Lafayette over there, oh my goodness. Okay, I’m waiting for mom to catch up. And get her 44th summit in New Hampshire. We found out today from a couple that was hiking they’re right with us I think at #44 of the 48 4000’ers found out that this is the #1 scariest trail of the list of Top 25 of the scariest trails in New Hampshire. And while yesterday was harder (Flume Slide Trail) because it was longer this was probably the scariest trail. Here she comes: you made it! Yay! Liz: Oh my god!
Aimee: I know, right? Nice job, mom! Yay! Number 44! Owl’s Head. High five! Let’s take a selfie and head down
before we get dark. Okay we found out today that this is the #1 scariest trail… …like in the daylight…well those are amateurs. ‘Cause we’re doing it in the dark! This is the, maybe, stupidest thing we’ve ever done? Top five? Yeah top five. Okay. We are almost down though. I don’t know if you can see this. Oh my god, this is so crazy. So crazy. Okay, I’m going to go. You’re sure it doesn’t come out the top, right? Aimee: Mmmhmm. Okay. So that’s that. Yay! I’m so happy! Liz: We’re going to eat out of the bag? (Aimee: Yeah.)
And then we’re going to fill these two bottles. Sounds good. Aimee: We made it.
Liz: We made it. We’re coming out on the Lincoln Woods Trail. And we’re going to search for some pizza. I guess our first priority will be to find the car
so we’ll do that. Aimee: What do you think? Liz: I’m proud of us.
Aimee: I’m proud of us. I’m proud of us. We did a great job.
Liz: Yay! I think we did 24 miles… something like that.
Liz: Mt. Flume, Owl’s Head. Aimee: Alright, bye!
Liz: Bye!


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