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Let me see those hands there we go Don’t forget to bring your hands to training camp We’re on our way to training camp, but we’re late So there’s that we also have to pick up somebody, and I don’t think she knows that we’re running late So we probably need to tell her Sorry jamilyn All right, we made it we’re gonna pick up jamilyn. We’re kind of on time it’s right here The sign says Adventures in Missions There’s people! (oh my gosh it’s Julia Robertson) …it wasn’t her i’m just kidding alright so today is Asia day, and we’re eating pad thai. pad Thai I’ve never had it. I don’t know what it is Chopsticks. And we have limes to put on it All right, so it’s night 2 of training camp Katherine and I bags got stolen There’s my air quotes STOLEN. my bag got stolen or sorry lost on an airline that we were on they’re trying to prepare us for the race though we Um we lost a bag and that bag had our tent poles in it so now we have a tent with no poles And it also had our double Eno in it, so we’re borrowing and Eno from someone that way we can hammock tonight and we don’t know when we’re getting our bags back so if you’re a future world racer brace yourself because your packs probably get stolen and if you’re married, they’re ruthless and they will not Make any exceptions, so we have a really good squad really good teammates that pitched in and a lot of people got their stuff stole, and and uh It’s kind… we did get a blanket. We actually got like a blanket a tarp couple Eno’s, so I guess we’re gonna see what happens And if my lovely wife can fit in this hammock with me. OH! she just handed me gummy bears. Oh Bring snacks to training camp It was a really cold night the eno thing with my 55° sleeping bag and like 40 degree weather It did not work out too. Well. Hopefully tomorrow will be a little bit warmer Rumour Has that we might be sleeping in an airport which I think is basically there’s gonna be a room that they convert Into an airport and play Airport noises and make us sleep in there all night, so I guess we’ll see what happens Yeah Do your research on sleeping pads before you come to training camp because if not you’ll pay for it Garage sales are where it’s at I’ve only showered once and I’ve been wearing the same clothes for like two or three days So here’s our shower situation for the week Bucket showers just take freezing cold water and pour it on your head So it’s day four of training camp training camp it’s going pretty good so far really tiring lots of events throughout the day lots of team-building exercises worship sessions missions training So we just learned that we were eating out of the hand that we’re supposed to wipe with And we’re supposed to just pick it off with our right hand and not stock it up in our left Just that we’re doing it wrong in the table is filthy Oh And we have our team we do have a great right here There we go everyone say your name, I’m Saylah, Johan, Sara, Preston, Katherine, and Kaydan So they’re doing a pretty realistic scenario right now where we’re in a market, and there’s just craziness going on Look they’re coming in with a van Crazy Chandler just bartered for a whole pan of food. Here’s the jackpot is what we scored The best part about that whole ordeal was definitely Caleb Pauls acting like a drunk guy Activity going somewhere driving off-campus to camp out That sucks, but hey we’re gonna have fun hi Preston. What are we doing? We are going to live on the land on the land? We’re loading up in these bands Go to a campsite And we’re gonna cook our own food and kind of and They gave us supplies to build the shelter So we’re gonna see if we can do it. We got the whole squad out here you got to do it survivor style and just get out there and Hope for the best we got some torps Some wood an axe and we got a Preston. That’s all you need it’s all you need Side fires dying It’s India day, and we’re having I think it’s chicken curry on rice, and we’re eating with our hands And we’re not supposed to use our left hand Because that’s what you wipe with And all the women have to have head coverings. I’m just doing this because it’s cold I feel so exposed This is Katherine’s headband. I’m just wearing it cuz I haven’t showered in three days and my hair’s really greasy, and I can’t stand it So we’re sleeping in an airport tonight, we don’t need our headlamps on in the airport I’m about to go take a shower, and it’s dark outside Yeah, so they’re just playing like airport noises over the loudspeaker in here And they’re gonna keep the lights on all night and treat it as if we had a long layover in an airport So I’ve been told to take a video with my headband old Katherine’s headband off, this is what it looks like Well since this is where the video started I guess this is where it’s gonna end jamilyn was getting dropped back off at her house Training Camp is over we love jamilyn. still rocking this stupid headband. Oh here. She is


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