Therm-a-Rest Auriga Down Blanket
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Therm-a-Rest Auriga Down Blanket

We are taking a look at the Therm-a-Rest Auriga
Down Blanket. This is a perfect alternative to a traditional sleeping bag or a traditional
mummy style sleeping bag. It is very, very lightweight. And the real story here is that
you have a blanket above you that tucks in around your sleeping mat, but it does not
have a bottom like a normal, traditional sleeping bag would. So you save a lot of weight that
way. You can use it in a couple of different ways.
It is very versatile. And if I peel this back you can see that unlike a traditional blanket
that is just flat, this does have side walls. It has got side walls that go around the sides
of your sleeping mat. And the bottom of this bag does have a pocket so you can actually
slide in the bottom of your sleeping bag so that you are not going to lose it in the middle
of the night. The insulation here is high quality 750 fill
down. So you are getting a lot of compressibility and a lot of warmth for the weight. The material
here on the face fabric is a light weight 20 D polyester and it is very, very soft.
So on the inside you have a really great next to skin feel. And just really comfortable.
It feels like it would be very breathable which is perfect for those summer nights when
you just need something to take the edge of that cold off, but you don’t need something
that is, you know, going to be too warm or too stuffy. If I take a look at just the construction
here, Therm-a-Rest does include a loop kit. So if I show you that, it is basically…
you an attach these to your sleeping mat. So although it works really well with the
Therm-a-Rest sleeping pads that are up to 25 inches wide, you can use it with other
sleeping mats as well. So you would use these pieces of Velcro to attach to your sleeping
pad. And there are snap loops here on the side. You can see them all along the sides
of this bag. And you actually just take that and loop it in. So on colder nights this is
rated for 35 degrees. So if you are getting close to that 35 degree rating on colder nights,
you can really cinch that down around the sides to keep the heat in and it just works
really well in that way. If you need to vent the bag or if you need
to get a leg out or something like that, you can undo those snaps and, really, just open
that up. So for me sometimes my feet are the coldest thing, so I would keep my feet down
in that area, kind of undo that and you have just a really breathable, really comfortable
sleep system. This blanket comes in two sizes, a regular
and a long. The regular is what I have here. And that will fit up to a person that is five
feet 10 inches. The long will fit up to someone who is six feet four inches. So you have some
room there. But unlike a traditional mum-my sleeping bag, you don’t have a hood at the
top, so this could definitely work with a wide variety of heights. It does come with an included stuff sack,
so I have got the stuff sack here. This packs down to be very, very small with the down
fill and with the uninsulated bottom. So I can see this being perfect for people who
are trying to save a lot of weight, ounce counters and through hikers who don’t need
a very, very cold weather sleeping bag, but are just looking for something light weight
and packable. It also comes with a storage sack. So when
you are not using it, you should store it in an uncompressed state and Therm-a-Rest
includes that with the bag. All in all with the different ways you can
use this, the high quality down insulation and the quality that you would expected from
Therm-a-Rest, the Auriga Down Blanket is perfect for those warm weather back packing trips.

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