This is Haptic Garage – Projects, Travel, & Camping
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This is Haptic Garage – Projects, Travel, & Camping

Hey, I’m Brent. I like building stuff
that can take me somewhere. Naturally, this involves a lot of work
but that’s all part of the fun. This channel is about sharing the projects, the places, the wins, and the losses, but most of all the journey. Old cars, travel, camping, outdoor cooking, and a pretty cool dog are all included so hit the subscribe button and come be a part of the experience. This is Haptic Garage. Thanks for watching this introduction to
Haptic Garage. Like the video, subscribe to the channel, and stay tuned because there’s more on the way. We’re gonna build it and go. It won’t all be pretty, but it will be an adventure. So subscribe now then I’ll see you in the shop and on the road. Bye now!


  • Pedro U

    Love the idea, the quality of the video, but I have a soft spot for pets, dogs specially. Your pup is adorable, such beautiful doggie. Pat him in the head for me 😉 Keep cranking videos, you have a subscriber!

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