This Just In: Next-Level Picnic
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This Just In: Next-Level Picnic

– Erin from Target here, and welcome back
to “This Just In.” Sit back, buckle up,
and get ready for a peek
at the latest from Target. Heads-up.
Shop your favorites right there. Grilling is a skill,
and it’s one I’m totally willing to admit
I don’t have. This handy guy
uses Bluetooth technology to alert your phone
when your grub is ready, so you can make lemonade,
salsa, you can check
the latest Snapchat filter, or whatever you want
while you’re waiting. It’s also a pretty cool
Father’s Day gift. All right…
[tongs tap] Let’s fire up the grill. A fun beach throw
can make the day. They used to only be
at luxury boutiques, but now they’re available
at Target in two colorful patterns. These lightweight blankets are ideal
for soaking up the sun at outdoor picnics… or indoor picnics. Freckles are fun and cute, but dark spots–
no, thank you. Burt’s Bees
Dark Spot Corrector is a natural way
to help fade spots and even skin tone. Infused with daisy extract,
this corrector creates a brighter,
more luminous complexion. That’s better. “Eight out of ten women
in a clinical study found that it was effective
after eight weeks.” Seriously? If you’re bringing wine to a backyard barbecue
or party, you don’t want
to have to worry about broken glass, corks–
all that. This sport canteen
from Oenophilia can hold an entire bottle
of vino. It’s an insulated
vacuum flask made from
food-grade stainless steel. Need a Father’s Day present? Well, not anymore. Thanks for checking out
“This Just In.” Give us a thumbs-up
and leave some comments on what you want to see. Hit subscribe to follow along
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