Thor Industries RV Reviews – Do Not Purchase a Thor! @ Pissed Consumer Interview
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Thor Industries RV Reviews – Do Not Purchase a Thor! @ Pissed Consumer Interview

Hello ladies and gentlemen and welcome. We welcome you to Pissed Consumer YouTube channel. I want to ask you a question how many of you Have a dream or ever had a dream Well in our upcoming story we are going to be speaking with Janice who had a dream of owning an RV They purchased it but what happened next? She will tell you in a video interview that you are about to see in a minute Enjoy the video and stay tuned for more Ok, so we we bought a Motorhome from Thor We purchased it Missy in 2017 and We had nothing but problems from the beginning it spent this is a $200,000 RV it spent the whole first year in the shop and I went back and forth with with somebody from From Thor and they were supposed to you know, help us out. I mean they did they did, you know get it fixed But right now it’s in the shop again, it has been in the shop most of its life its cost us so much money and We cannot we have not been able to use it since January. It just has so many problems there just and they would after After the year of it being in the shop and and the the man from Thor telling me oh, don’t worry We’ll we’ll help you out with this will compensate you After we got it back after the first year, you know They fixed most of the problems that it was having then he said oh, there’s no proof that There’s no proof that have spent most of that time in the shop. I sent him all my you know all my Invoices and everything and then he was just like now, you know There’s no proof. We’ve decided that yeah, it’s fine So that’s why I wrote that because then it’s literally a piece of junk that we paid $200,000 for and they want nothing to do with it. And again, like I said, we we got it to 2016 we actually got in 2016. It was the end of 2016 and We’ve maybe used it. This is something that we’re paying $1,000 a month for plus insurance because it’s an RV You know, it’s registered and it has spent out of the two years we’ve had it. It’s probably we’ve used it Maybe six or seven times because the rest of time it’s in the shop. We used it in January We got it home the we it’s on its third set of batteries The slides don’t work The it won’t start. It gets stuck on on the jacks. It’s just and they want nothing to do with it You know, they there they’ve kind of got, um, they just pump out Products and don’t want to stand behind him. So let me ask you this Janice when you purchase it in 2016 Was it a brand-new RV? Yes, it was brand-new. No puedo. So with I live in Florida and We found this in Georgia. We went to Camping World which camping world’s another one that I wrote a complaint about because you know, they So we went to Camping World to get it because it was what I wanted So my husband’s like okay, we’ll drive up there and get it. We had another one another RV That was only like a year old. It was a smaller one, but we wanted this I wanted this nicer It’s a diesel pusher. And so we drove to Georgia and when we got there it was supposed to be ready and it wasn’t so because we drove ten hours and so we waited during the day and then we found some things wrong with it already and It was my fault my husband’s like no, we’re not taking this It’s got there’s something wrong on like college what we I really want it so we’d left with it We got five hours away and was already having problems with it He wanted to turn right back around and bring it back. But when we called the you know the candle Orla Oh, no, you can’t do that, you know just bring it to Camping World in Fort Myers, which is where we live So we on our way right from from picking it up We dropped it off in Camping World of Fort Myers and that was November And we did not get it back till February the first time We took a camping February for a weekend dropped it back off because it was you know Just I have a whole list. I’d have to go through everything as it’s been Oh You know It’s been ongoing but I mean it was that that was things so then February I think we left there February to June Got in June Brought it back. You know, I was like every time we used it we had to bring it back and leave it there and There was just you know, nobody wants anything to do with it, you know and the Camping World and you know they make you leave it there and and Thor They didn’t they they would you know Said yeah, I guess the warranty that what was wrong with it, but we we were you know We’ve paid a lot of money for this and couldn’t use it It’s like having a house, but you can’t live in it, you know, you’re paying a mortgage, but you can’t live in it What about warranty and insurance like you are paying for all this repairs and are any of them covered? Um, some things recovered some things aren’t like the batteries. We had to put batteries in it twice I mean, like I said, it’s only two years old and it has a lot of Mattox every time we put batteries in with a thousand dollars and then we just paid $600 and it’s in the shop again because we pay $600 because uh The some module was gone, and I even had an extended warranty on it – we paid money to have an extended warranty That’s not covering anything every time you bring because it doesn’t cover batteries. It doesn’t cover electrical. Well, it’s some kind of electrical problem That’s training. So we had brought it to – an RV place It was there for a few weeks because you know, you just leave it there. They you’re at their mercy We got it back on June I’m gonna say maybe June 25th, we brought it home and and it’s kept in a garage we have in a garage You know, it’s not left outside. It’s it’s inside and Then we want to go start it. Everything was dead now I had just cost a 600 not well actually more than that cuz the batteries were a thousand and then another $600 at the shop and now it’s there again We had to drive it up there and who knows what it’s gonna cost us now because they’re not covering anything that warrantees not covering extended warranties not covering it because they’re saying now it’s two years old and You know what? I mean, but it’s this has been a problem since the beginning and I tried to lemon law it like but lemon law because if we had a lot of problems with the inside too You know like because it’s but they like a lemon law only covers the motor and stuff like that Nothing to do with the slides nothing to do with you know There’s a washer and dryer and it didn’t work It’s just like right now it’s themed verdure that makes it The inverter makes it run off the generator or whatever that’s not working. But so all these things have never worked right now that’s two years old or you know, uh, You know, I would never recommend Thor to anybody there. They’ve pretty much bought out a lot of the RV companies and they’re just mass Manufacturing things, you know, they’re cheaper because 200 is seems like a lot but it’s not a lot for a diesel You know what? I mean? It’s the lower end, you know, and but they’re just mass producing and not really quality Why did you go with Thor? I mean, did you did you consider any other options? And why did you choose them and they have well? Affordability pretty much. I mean it’s a beautiful unit. If you see it, it’s beautiful. I mean, it looks beautiful inside It looks beautiful But you know, then when you start to you know, you touch the walls they like shake You know what? I mean it but it’s the qualities that it’s like What I really would want would be like a Tiffin which they’re like high-end but now you’re talking five hundred thousand dollars I mean, they’re made good they stand behind it. I mean it from everybody I’ve talked to you have a problem You know, you could even bring it up to them and they fix it for you, you know But now you’re paying, you know, some Thor was what we could afford and I guess I didn’t do enough research Because after the fact, you know, I started looking into it and seeing all these people who say don’t buy a Thor, you know I mean in anybody I know like we’ve looked talked to people at campgrounds and they’re like, oh my god We have nothing but problems so I didn’t do my research. So it was you know, but it was what we was Even though it’s a big of a big purchase and it’s it was what we could afford But now the other problem is so we want to trade it in and get rid of it. It is not even worth What we owe on it, you know, like I said, we paid two hundred thousand for it We went to a RV place to see if we could just trade it in they want to give us ninety five for it What upsets you the most? Is it the money spent? Is that broken? Expectations is it the time like what’s the most hurtful thing about the whole experience? you know, it’s almost like all of those things that you just said because I mean My husband can’t stand it. I mean he doesn’t even want to go camping anymore Not that we can ever go, you know, I mean, but it’s just like it is like almost a broken dream It’s something that we you know, I wanted and you know He he did it because I wanted it and now it’s just like been it’s it’s horrible You know, we pay all this money a month. We’re still paying and and like I said it has insurance on it so my insurance is $800 every six months on it and a thousand eleven hundred dollars a month for My payment and then there’s it’s a red. It’s a car so there’s you know registration It’s just like all these things and we can’t even enjoy it. It costs us, you know say $15,000 a year we could be going on vacations, you know for that $15,000 a year and and You know, it’s just it’s just such a it’s such a disappointment you know was it was this dream that we had that’s been shattered and It’s it’s it’s not nice If Thor Industries decides, you know to take their head out of you know Which place is there anything they could do for you right now to make the situation better? What remedy would you see acceptable for you from Thor industries under the circumstances? Well, you know in the beginning When I had originally talked to the man from the you know He was like consumer relations that Thor and he was supposed to help me He was supposed to help us with some compensation For the whole year that it was a way that we you know that it was in the shop you know, he was supposed to help us with some compensation for that now I mean That’s a little bit too much and what are they gonna give us, you know, we’ve already it’s already cost us Say you know almost $30,000 in payments in two years we’ve lost a hundred thousand dollars in value and It’s still not working. I mean I’d like to sell it tell him take it back. You know what I mean? Take it back Give me my money back, you know, just you know, because we also we also put $50,000 down on it, you know So it’s like it was It was a big a big thing that you know all the way around and we’re stuck with it now We can’t even sell it because we still owe 130 thousand dollars on it You know cuz when you when you buy a RV, it’s like taking out a mortgage. It’s 20 years so out of that eleven hundred dollars Five hundred goes to principle six hundred goes to interest so that you’re not taking off a lot of um, you know Principle every year so we still owe 130 thousand Donna and it’s worth Ninety five and we’ve not used it for two years If we were to think you and me What was the main motivating factor that made you go online and write a review? What would that be? The reason the main reason Oh Main reason because I want everybody to know you know cuz I wish I would have known I wish I would have seen you know, I Wish I would have went on because I think there are some other reviews on Thor and I I wish I would have went on that first and Looked at it and and then I would have made my mind up not to buy it because you know You can go on Google and you do want different things to research and it kind of helps you decide you know, I mean, sometimes it’s a matter of money and you do it anyway, you know, hoping that you’re not the one but Unfortunately, I was the one this time so I just wanted everybody to know that, you know do your research Make sure you you know what you’re getting into


  • Roy Saxton

    Welcome to the moho world…. If you can't fix it yourself, don't buy it….I've owned coachs since 1980, both used and new. They are all the same, they break down all the time. All the brands are the same…. cost makes no difference. Moho depreciation is crazy, no matter what the brand.

  • Don R

    Just in case ya didn't know already Thor & Camping World are owned by the same ass*** named Marcus Lemonis. The jerk ya see on TV destroying businesses. He likely has more Lawyers than salesman considering how often he's rumored to be sued by customers just like you. All his contracts seem to be well written pretty much allowing them to promise you ANYTHING but give you Nothing because I've never heard of anyone winning against him and there are a LOT of complaints about him and his businesses online.

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