Thoughts On Our Overland Kit
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Thoughts On Our Overland Kit

Hey Guys! Feeling like crap today, the weather miserable but we got an adventure coming up and I’m having to pack, I’m going through all my stuff and I just wanted to show everyone the things
we bring along. You’ll see we’ve got, probably more tools and recovery gear than we need. But because of all the
modifications tend to have to be prepared for a lot of
things specifically with the tools and
modifications mean you gonna be fixing in some stuff that’s
non-standard. When it comes to the kitchen you can see we’re pretty
basic. Tent, it’s a tarp with some polls. We probably have more voodoo dolls and knick-knacks then food but it’s not a big deal this is a pretty
simple weekend trip we’re planning for, be sides
we’ll pick up some fruits and vegetables along the way. A little something to you know snack on. A big part of it is obviously the first
aid kit. Anytime we go out always chance someone is going to get hurt. Not a lot just want to show everybody kinda what
our typical a short anywhere from two to five-day sorta adventure kit looks like. All right. And
if you’re wondering where it all goes we managed to get it all into the rig and get ready for a trip (door slam)


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