Three Bizarre Cases Of Alien Abductions
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Three Bizarre Cases Of Alien Abductions

(thunder clap) – This week on BuzzFeed Unsolved, we examine three of the
most compelling cases of alien abduction. At least, in my opinion. – I mean the possibility that aliens exist is very likely. I don’t know if I believe most of what you’re about to say. – I just don’t understand
how you could believe in aliens, but then just not believe in the prospect
that they could maybe kinda poke around a little bit. Put a little rod up your butt-hole, stuff like that. – I don’t know. I don’t think they’re here. That’s it. – Well, I’m gonna get into it now. Here we go. The first case is the
abduction of Travis Walton. On Wednesday, November 5th, 1975, Travis Walton was working in a seven-man tree-thinning crew in
Apache-Sitgreaves National Forest near Heber, Arizona. At the end of the day,
on the drive back home, Travis noticed a bright light
coming through the trees. When the men got closer,
they saw that it was, quote, a strange, golden disc, end quote, hovering stationary about
20 feet off the ground with a 15 to 20 foot diameter, and eight to 10 foot width. Though his coworkers warned
that he should stay away, Travis approached the craft, hearing loud vibrations as the craft began spinning erratically. Suddenly, a blue-green
light sprung from the craft, striking Travis in the chest and head, catapulting him backwards several feet. You would be the best
person to get abducted. – Oh, absolutely. The aliens would get tired of me. They’d kick me off. – You’d be like, oh, good costumes. – [Shane] Yeah. – [Ryan] Travis remembers, quote, all I felt was the numbing force of a blow that felt like a
high-voltage electrocution, my mind sank quickly into
unfeeling blackness, end quote. Having witnessed this, Travis’
friends fled the scene, assuming Travis to be dead. – No, you got like your big burly friend being like, oh check it out and then just, (exploding noises) ah! And then everybody just running. – His eyeballs pop out. – Yeah, just smoking. – In their retreat, one of the men observed the saucer fly up to the top of the trees and away to the northeast. Some of the men returned to the scene out of guilt only to find that Travis was no longer there. So, basically, what we just went over was the experience as
witnessed by all these men. Now, let’s board the train to crazy town and go into Travis’ recollection of what happened when he woke up. And this is only his recollection. – Before we get into this, is there anything we need
to know about Travis? – No. – Okay. – Normal dude. – Normal dude. – [Ryan] According to Travis’ own writing about the experience, Travis awoke in what appeared
to be a medical office or lab with a triangular ceiling among three humanoid beings with large brown eyes and
abnormally large heads. They stood under five feet tall and were wearing soft billowy
orange-brown overalls. – What? (laughs) Are they like minions? – Yeah, I guess they are like minions. – Now I’m just gonna imagine this guy being operated on by minions. – [Ryan] Travis attacked the three beings who then retreated. As Travis explored other rooms in an attempt to escape, he encountered a large muscular man wearing a helmet who
forced him out of the craft into a warehouse with other saucers. Eventually leading him into another room with three more people. All very good looking Quote, two men and a
woman were standing around the table. They were all wearing
velvety blue uniforms like the first man’s, except that they had no helmets. The two men had the same muscularity and the same masculine good
looks as the first man. The women also had a face and figure that was the epitome of her gender. They were smooth-skinned and blemishless. No moles, freckles, wrinkles, or scars marked their skin. The striking good looks
of the man I had first met became more obvious on
seeing them all together. They shared a family-like resemblance, although they were not
identical, end quote. These people gently
pushed him onto a table and put a mask over his mouth and nose. At which point Travis passed out. The next thing Travis knew, he was lying on the
ground in Heber, Arizona. He saw a silvery disc shaped craft hovering above the road near him, which then flew straight up into the sky and disappeared silently. Although he only believed he was gone for an hour or an hour and a half, he later learned he had been missing for five days. Over this period of five days, the rest of Travis’ crew
came under investigation for Travis’ disappearance. During this investigation, the suspects underwent psychiatric testing and polygraphs during
which none of the men confessed to faking the abduction. All of the later lie detecter tests administered to Travis
and the other witnesses came back as passing or inconclusive. A psychiatrist suspected
the entire abduction was in Travis’ imagination, but could not explain why the
others went along with it. In a recent Huffpost Weird News podcast, Travis said, quote, about 15 years later, it was discovered that the trees nearest to where the UFO hovered had
been producing wood fiber at 36 times the rate it had been in the 85 years before that. A complete core sampling revealed that this thickened growth
was only on the side of the trees towards or in the direction that the craft had been, end quote. As if this case couldn’t
get anymore bizarre, Travis appeared on Fox’s
Moment of Truth game show where a polygraph was conducted on stage. This particular polygraph determined that he was not telling the
truth about his abduction. Regardless, Travis
maintains that the events transpired as he has told them. The second case is the
abduction of Linda Napolitano. UFOlogist Budd Hopkins worked closely with Linda to document
and publicize her case. On November 30, 1989, around
3:15 am in New York City, Linda Napolitano claims she awoke to find short aliens around her bed. She found herself unable
to wake up her husband as she perceived the
beings to be telling her to be quiet in an odd language. The three beings then
levitated her outside her twelfth story apartment window, floating in a blue-white light up into a clamshell shaped spaceship. Sh. – Right, without that person going, what the fuck? – I know. Especially if you look like a minion. Once inside, the beings
experimented on her. Including putting an
instrument insider her nose. After, she woke up nearly two hours later at 5 am next to her husband in bed. In 1991, two years after the abduction, Linda reached out to Hopkins with an x-ray of her nose, showing a calendrical object
that Hopkins describes as having, quote, spiraling extensions that curl out away form
her face, end quote. The x-ray was taken by a podiatric surgeon and Linda’s niece, Lisa Bayer. Shortly after, Linda claimed the object was removed during another abduction. Hopkins reports that Linda visited a nose and throat specialist who confirmed the object was gone. A conspicuous ridge of built-up cartilage showed where it had once been embedded. – They also have small fingers right? – I’m sure they have
– Small but long. – E.T. had a long finger, so he could get some distance. He could go way up into that butt-hole. – E.T. would be a good doctor. – He would be. Ouch. These details are somewhat
common among abduction tales, but what makes this case famous are the supposed witnesses to the event. In 1991, nearly two years
after Linda’s abduction, Hopkins received a letter
from a police officer detailing an experience with his partner in November 1989. The two were sitting
underneath the FDR Bridge when they saw a blue light with a woman being levitated alongside
three strange beings as they made their way into the light. They reportedly felt guilty
for not helping the woman and one officer had a nervous breakdown. Spending nights parked
underneath her building. Hopkins told Linda not to
speak with the officers if they reached out to her to avoid contaminating their accounts. Unfortunately, the two visited Linda multiple times on their own volition revealing their names
to be Richard and Dan looking for answers about
what they saw that night. Linda directed them to Hopkins and in a few weeks, Hopkins received a letter. This letter revealed that the two officers were actually bodyguards
on a security detail for quote, an important
political figure, end quote. This political figure who was also present with the two bodyguards
during the abduction also signed the letter, albeit under the moniker HIM. Some UFOlogists believe this figure is the former Secretary General of the UN, Javier Perez De Cuellar. However, while this seems impressive in terms of proof, it should be noted that Hopkins never physically met with Richard and Dan and only corresponded via letters. This has led many to believe that Hopkins was the victim of a hoax where either Linda made
up Richard and Dan alone or Linda and a group of people coordinated to complete the hoax. When take down of the story in the book The Trickster and the Paranormal, sites a person who formerly served in dignitary protective services who explained that details of the night of the abduction provided
by Richard and Dan didn’t line up with security protocol for moving officials. Still, according to Sean F. Meers, a UFO and alien abduction researcher who worked with Hopkins, there are 23 witnesses
on the public record. Ranging from family and friends to complete strangers. Three of these strangers worked at the nearby New York Post. One of whom was an investigative reporter named Steven Dunleavy. Despite the questioned credibility of the two main witnesses, Linda maintains the truth
lies in all the witnesses. She has said, quote, if I was hallucinating, then the witnesses saw my hallucination. That sounds crazy than the whole abduction phenomenon, end quote. There were a lot of witnesses. – It’s juicy. – I’m just saying, her quote makes sense to me. – Yeah, this one I would buy this over. – Travis Walton? – Yeah. – And other, like Allagash
and all that shit? – Yeah. – [Ryan] The third case is the abduction of Frederic Valentich. This case is a little
different from the others in that the abducted person never returned On October 21, 1978 at 6:19pm, instructor pilot Frederic Valentich began the flight from Moorabbin Airport in Victoria, Australia to King Island, Tasmania
over the Bass Strait in a Cessna 182L. His destination was
only about an hour away. Visibility was good and
there were only light winds. Valentich, 20 years old at the time, reportedly wanted to get
more flight hours in. Valentich made contact with Steve Robey at air traffic control in Melbourne between 7:06 and 7:12pm. During the transmission, Valentich asked whether
there was any known aircraft in his area. After air traffic control
said there was not, Valentich claimed a large unknown aircraft was flying about 1,000 feet above him at a fast speed with four bright lights. Valentich then reportedly said, quote, it seems to be
playing some sort of game. He’s flying over me. It’s not an aircraft. End quote. – What does he mean by
it’s not an aircraft? – It didn’t look like any aircraft he’d ever seen before. – Okay. He’s saying it like, it
doesn’t look like an airplane? – Yeah, he’s probably not thinking through his words right now. He’s seeing a fucking alien ship above him.
– You always go with this. The their not thinking about their words. – ‘Cause they’re not! There’s an alien in front of you, you’re not gonna be the most well spoken you’ve ever been in front of an alien. – Yeah, sure. – Okay. He continued to describe
the craft saying, quote, it seems like it’s stationary. What I’m doing right now is orbiting, and the thing is just
orbiting on top of me. Also, it’s got a green light and sort of metallic. It’s shiny on the outside. It’s just vanished. End quote. His last message around
7:12pm to air traffic control was quote, ah, Melbourned, that strange aircraft is hovering on top of me again. It is hovering, and it’s not an aircraft. End quote. After 17 seconds of silence, there was a loud sound of metal scraping. Authorities are said to have
searched the area for four days but found nothing and
Valentich was never seen again. In May 1982, the aircraft
accident investigation summary’s cause of the accident read, quote, the reason for the
disappearance of the aircraft has not been determined, end quote. A. Woodward, the man who
signed off on the report, offered pure, unfiltered speculation that Valentich could’ve been disoriented, suicidal, or even the victim of a meteorite crash. One alternate theory
comes from a feature story in a 2013 issue of Skeptical Inquirer. The story mentions that Valentich was inexperienced as a pilot and had supposedly been cited twice for deliberately flying
blind into a cloud. According to another source, Valentich was reportedly
fascinated with UFOs and even had a UFO scrapbook with him when he disappeared. The publication Skeptical Inquirer posets that Valentich’s experience was some mixture of
wanting to see something, being easily led to believe that anything he didn’t
recognize was a UFO, becoming disoriented, and, or mistaking stars
in the Cessna’s own lights as lights from another object. – They discredit him a fair amount. – [Ryan] I don’t think so. – Not entirely, I still find it convince, I mean, I find it intriguing because the plane UFO
encounters are always the most convincing to me. – [Ryan] However, it should be mentioned that other sources contest that Valentich was an experienced pilot. It’s also worth noting
that the Cessna 182 planes were designed to float in
the case of a water landing. Historian Reg Watson
has also found numerous reports of UFO sightings. Including reports of cigar-shaped lights seen near King Island, Australia for two months prior to
Valentich’s disappearance. A farmer allegedly saw a craft flying over his land near Adelaide the morning after Valentich vanished. He claimed that Valentich’s plane was stuck to the side of the craft. Furthermore, one of the
last pieces of information on record was Valentich
reaching Cape Otway at 7 pm. Here’s a photograph taken off Cape Otway 20 minutes before Valentich vanished that shows a strange shape in the sky. – Let’s see the picture. – Alright, here we go. Right there, see. – What are we lookin’ at here? – That’s the sky and
that’s the weird object. If this is legit, this corroborates the timeline.
– But this also doesn’t look like a UFO either, does it? – Well, we don’t really
know what a UFO looks like. Do we? – Looks like some, like God spit out his gum. – Sure. But you saying this doesn’t really look like a UFO’s exactly the same thing as saying, oh, this doesn’t
look like a lava monster. We don’t know what a
lava monster looks like, we don’t know what a UFO looks like. They’re apparently made up, so until we see definitive proof, I think that this is a very strong case that this happened. – And you’re welcome to think that. – Oh my God. – [Shane] That’s fine. – [Ryan] Ultimately,
nobody can say for sure if aliens are real. Let alone alien abductions. Until we procure solid physical evidence beyond eye witness testimony, the lore behind aliens and abduction will likely remain just that. Lore. Hopefully one day we’ll
have a definitive answer. But for now, whether or
not aliens abduct humans will remain unsolved. (mysterious music) Can you at least say that you have some sort of ambivalence to this? – I will say that there is a possibility that some of these have a shred of truth to them. – Alright, get out. (whistles) That’s not what it sounds like. – [Shane] Yeah. Ah, my butt-hole! (laughs) – Ouch. (mysterious music) – Hey, Ryan, I like your shirt. – Thanks, I like yours too. – Thanks. Buy it here.
– Buy it here.


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