Tie Tack & Tie Stick Pin Guide by Fort Belvedere
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Tie Tack & Tie Stick Pin Guide by Fort Belvedere

Hello, I’m Sven Raphael Schneider from the
Gentleman’s Gazette and Fort Belvedere. And in this video I’m going to show you
how to wear a tie tack and a tiepin or
a tie stickpin. So you may wonder, why wear a tie tack or
a stick pin? Well it’s just like a pair of cufflinks or a collar bar. It’s simply
decorative and it is one way to really create a unique look and a unique outfit. Maybe you
want to make it your hallmark and wear these things at all times. It’s entirely up to
you. I wear stickpins usually with stroller suits, morning coat or a very formal three-piece
suit let’s say to a wedding. And, I think it’s a great way for the groom or the wedding
party to add a little festive element to their whole outfit and just stand out from the guests
and the rest of the wedding party. Now I’m going to show you how to wear a
tie tack. First, a tie tack usually has a T-bar and a chain, and a little fastener mechanism.
Now, you want to position it in the middle of your tie. About a hand width above your
closing button, just so you can see it. If you don’t have a jacket, make sure it’s
around about a hand width above your belly button. So first thing, once you have decided
where you want it to be, you move your tie and look for the closest buttonhole. In this
case, I’m going for the upper one. You unfasten the button. Put the T-bar though it from the
front. Once it’s through, you close the button again. Make sure you pull all the way.
Now you remove the stickpin. You look at the middle where your tie, put the stickpin in
to it, through the back of your tie. And now you fasten it together, just like so. This
way, as you can see, the chain keeps the tie close to my body. Keeps it in the middle and
it looks nice. Now you may wonder, because if that stickpin that you get holes in your
tie. And if you encounter a hole, what you can do is you steam either from a steamer
or iron. Like, don’t iron it flat, but use the steam and massage it with your fingers
and the hole should come out. I suggest you wear the tie tack with woven ties rather than
fine printed ties, because in a fine silk flower like this you will see the hole more
than in a jacquard woven tie. The interwoven structure is looser and a hole will disappear
much more easily. Tie tacks were really popular in the 50s, 60s and70s. They are not really
popular anymore today and for that reason, they are very easy to find in Ebay or Etsy
or antique stores for just a few bucks. Sometimes even in solid gold or with diamonds or semi
precious stones and it’s a very special look that you don’t find any where. Some
people would maybe say it’s a little dated. So just find something that you like and stick
with it and wear it that way and you’ll be fine. Sometimes people say tie pin or tie stick
pin and what they mean is this. It’s like a little needle with a decorative elements
sometimes it’s a pearl or semi precious stone or just some decorative element. And
it’s usually worn with morning coats or formal morning wear outfits like a stroller
suit. And it’s particularly elegant and it looks great when you have a vest because
it closes very up high. And the pin just helps to create a more polished look. Alright, this
is how you wear a tie stickpin. Basically start out when you look where you want it
positioned. Ideally you want to position it underneath the dimple in the middle and right
underneath where the dimple fold ends. So basically you stick through your tie. And
you stick through the end. You pull it through. Then you pull it through your shirt. With
a little keeper, usually it’s the metal part. If you lose it you can use a little
piece of cork. You just set it back in. And just like with the tie bar, you want to make
sure that your tie stickpin attaches through your shirt because that way it just does not
move and your tie stay in place especially underneath the vest. But once you have it,
it’s comfortable to wear and you get this beautiful look of an element right down there.
Again, just like a regular tie tack, this is a pin so you only want to do that with
like a woven tie and not a finely woven tie, more of a loosely woven one. A jacquard fabric.
And once you’re done, be careful to remove it so you don’t damage your silk threads.
And use some steam. Don’t iron it. But use steam from an iron or from a steamer to get
rid of that little hole. If you enjoyed this video make sure to check
out our article about tie bars, tie clips, tie tacks and pins. You will also find a video
there about how to use a clip and a bar. And go into more detail about the history and
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