TIENDA, ESTERILLA y SACO DE DORMIR | Básicos de acampada
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TIENDA, ESTERILLA y SACO DE DORMIR | Básicos de acampada

First of all happy new year to all
2018 It’s going to be a great year. We are going to make an adventure that you already know, to travel Europe cycling from south to north with
this dog and today what we are going to present is
our camping gear, our hotel of millions of stars.
The basic material that we have a mat, a sleeping bag of
feathers for winter that you already know for the video that Eva made, and the tent. Under the store is always convenient to have a tarp, which is like a large plastic that isolates a little bit more soil moisture than
goes up to the tent. We bought this in Canada. It is a plastic for
work in the construction and it is not good, It weighs a lot, it’s very big and we’ve already
order another tarp. It’s a much smaller tarp, it weighs much less and when we have it we will show you. We are going to assemble everything so you can see it and to explain a little bit why we have chosen everything let’s go to it. I do not know if you know but we have decided to
distribute the videos. This video is directed and executed by Sergio, but as the work is always faster if we are two, I’m going to help, I’m going to throw
a hand not only on the cameras but to assemble all the
material. We already have the tent set up. It is a three person tent. What we were looking for was a waterproof tent.
It has 5000 mm of waterproofness in the top part and 5000 in
the soil, which is a lot. Then we looked for a tent that was for two large people or three people because inside now we’re going to
Sleep Eva and me. Surely many nights will sleep Mus with us when it is cold outside, and we also want to put the stuff and also we were looking for something with advance we want to put panniers and when it rains it’s very comfortable being able to cook inside
the tent without having to be inside at all. This is a self-supporting tent,
that means you do not need picks to mount it. You can set it up
on a pavement floor quietly without pickaxes and it will be stable and well. It’s a four season tent and it’s difficult to find a store that has a balance between the weight
and the sturdiness to withstand wind, snow and whatever. It specifically weighs 2.9
kg. Another feature that we really liked is that you can set it up without the inside part. For what? To save time, to mount the tent while it’s raining. Assembling the structure from outside with the sticks and putting the picks
correctly it would be enough. The color is green for camouflage, so we pass
more unnoticed. If we were going to the snow, to make a mountaineering route and we would like people to see us soon If we had any problem, it would not be the
correct one, but for our use is perfect. When the tent is assembled we have to take into account that the tarp below should be hidden. When it rains, the
water slides around here and goes towards outside. Apart from all of this, we have always been looking for material that has a reasonable price-quality, and this
concretely we saw that it is not expensive for everything it offers us. It is not a
well-known brand and that helps a lot because the price is cheaper. We will leave links of everything we have in the description
of the video. Let’s talk about the mat As I said it is a therm-a-rest, and the truth is that we chose it without looking Many models because we needed one. It should be inflated alone, but the truth is that it is very slow, and we have never been waiting so much.
You have to inflate it and that’s how is the
swollen mat. It has a part inside
that has a little foam and then these air ribs. Is
quite comfortable and although it makes just a little bit of noise when you sleep. It’s not so
noisy as other lighter ones, that are very thin and occupy little space
but when you sleep, it looks like a fair With the noise you can be waking up constantly. The problem of these mats is that they can be punctured and if you are in a place where it is not easy to find easily something to fix, so will sleep on the soil and that’s a pity. Here I make my stellar appearance talking about this, which is of the same brand This does not swell and do not have the problem that can be punctured in
any moment. What model is that? Therm-a-rest Z-light I think this is more for snow and because it insulates very good.
I have tried many days with extreme cold of minus 12 degrees
and the results have been good. It weighs very little, comfortable, does not make noise. The inconvenient I see in the circles is the condensation when
you sleep, droplets of water are formed. It do not gets to soak the sleeping bag but it’s an
uncomfortable feeling that the sleeping bag can have moisture in the morning and that’s it. The options are these: it can’t be punctured, they need more space, they are very light, more economical or these: they don’t occupy a lot of space, they are also very light, they are a little bit more comfortable as well but they can be punctured Well now let’s go to the sleeping bag.
We have looked for a lot for sleeping bags.
And in the end we decided to buy this especially for the price but when we proved it, we saw a lot of
things that we did not know they were and we liked a lot. Although Eva has already talked a little about them in the video that will appear here, I’ll explain
what are the things that we have seen that we liked it very much. Apart from that they are super comfortable, super warm as they should be, they have
details like for example on the feet they have a pocket to put the front, to
put the mobile, to put what you want. It’s silly but that’s it. Then
on the top of the head it has a seath here inside Are you recording?
Here to put a jacket or put some item of clothing and make yourself a pillow. And another thing is when you travel in couple is very comfortable to link them. You can put two sleeping bags,
buy one that goes left and another to right and join them. And you can sleep
hugging your partner, your … whatever you want You are a flea I’m a scoundrel, right? But it is very nice that, it is very beautiful. Hug you there at night in the tent when it’s cold and you get hot. That seems silly but I think it increases the chances of the sleeping bag in even more places Sack for winter, comfort temperature between -5ºC and -15ºC depending on whether you are a woman or
man, your physical condition and if you sleep with some clothes or not, and
Extreme temperature to -25 ºC I would not try it, I do not think
I will try or prove it weighs 1.3 kg, it has feather. I like it. And this is our 1000 star hotel.
We will continue making more videos of material, about the stove, cooking material I do not know, extra things.
Also, all the equipment of photography and video. But step by step. I encourage you to subscribe to the channel, that you follow these adventures of Eva, Mus and me and leave us comments, what you want us to talk about I do not know, any suggestion is good for
help us a little bit to start with this because your feedback is important. We leave you, happy new year and until the next video.


  • Roberto Givica

    Bien!!!!!! ….poco a poco.
    Gente como vosotros, Biciclown, Bicicanine, haceis vivir en primera persona y desde el confort de un sillón una gran aventura.
    Animo…ya tenéis un seguidor de vuestras corrrerias.

  • dos pedales, rutas y bushcraft

    Buenas paisanos,muy buen material para tan largo y frio viaje. Yo soy más de hamacas pero entiendo que para meses de viaje seguramente sería mejor una tienda de campaña. Aunque mi hamaca se puede poner en el suelo a modo tienda túnel,el espacio para varios meses (sobre todo si llueve o hay nieve) es fundamental. Aunque en mi caso también llevo un tarp de 3×3 metros para ganar bastante espacio. Voy haciendo pruebas en la gélida Alemania con todo ello. Es que las tienda de campaña me dan claustrofobia jajaja…Podríais llevar un par de hamacas de redecilla de Mil-tec para haceros unas siestas con buen tiempo,yo la quiero utuilizar para poner le mochila o alforjas a salvo del suelo frio,nevado o de la humedad del mismo…saludos!!!

  • Félix López Fernández

    Buen video! Me gusta mucho, porque yo también estoy preparando un viajecillo de ese estilo. Estoy todavía por decidir si andando y mochilero, o en bicicleta. Me gusta sobretodo ir andando, creo que conecto mucho más con el camino, mientras que la bicicleta me permite desplazarme más rápido y da algo más de flexibilidad. ¿Vosotros que opináis, que ya habéis probado ambas?
    Supongo que al final el medio de transporte es lo de menos y lo importante es empezar.
    Un saludo y a seguir asi!

  • Alvaro Montaño

    Hola buen día, feliz año, quedaré atento a sus próximos videos, una pregunta, acá en México la tienda para acampar más parecida es una que venden en Decathlon, ¿es correcto?, saludos!!!!

  • Hispano Survivor

    Hola, sigo desde hace poco varios de vuestros videos y me surge una duda, como os las apañáis a la hora de acampar, al menos en la zona de la Comunidad Valenciana, donde en principio no se puede acampar libremente en ningún sitio, sin adquirir ciertos permisos y la mayoría de veces en aburridos campings habilitados que nada tienen que ver con acampar en plena naturaleza y parecen centros comerciales. Optais por pedir permisos a particulares, obteneis todos los permisos de cada lugar por via legal u optáis por hacer un poco de lo que podríamos llamar " acampada silenciosa"? un saludo

  • Aurelie Hoog Cretinon

    Me ha encantado ver lo bien preparado que váis. Desde luego, todo comprado con mucha cabeza.
    Me gusta lo de la tienda autoportante. No sabía que tenían doble techo. Creía que era tipo de las de Decathlon que se montan en un abrir y cerrar de ojos. Pero me gusta más la vuestra por el doble techo
    En cuanto al lo de poder unir los sacos está genial. Yo sólo compro sacos rectangulares porque me muevo mucho y suelo destaparme en cuanto tengo calor. En un saco rectangular circula más el aire y no me siento tan agobiada por el calor. Llevo siempre dos sacos y si hace frío meto uno dentro de otro y el perro a mis pies o a un ladito. Y no os imagináis qué calorcito más agradable!!!. A mi perro le llamo bomba de calor en plan cariñoso. Eso sí mis sacos son de esos malos que no abrigan nada. Pero para viajar un mes en otoño me valen.
    La colchoneta mía es de esas dobles flocadas con tela. Pesa bastante pero bien enrollada no ocupa demasiada. Es superresistente a los pinchazos y cómoda. Eso sí no aisla tanto como las termarest. Pero la tenía y la aprovecho mientras dure.

  • Dani Gutiérrez

    Hola buenas. He empezado a seguiros y ver vuestro vídeos desde que os vi con Pablo de Bikecanine. Seguir así que son muy amenos y entretenidos.
    Por cierto, ¿este vídeo está hecho por alguna zona de Extremadura o Ciudad Real? Por el tipo de arbustos y arbolado me daba la impresión, más que de Valencia (que soy pero no vivo allí).

  • Angel RA

    jajajaja que idiota, el bolso al final de la bolsa de dormir, es para poner parches químicos para calentar los pies

  • Alba Cesar

    Hombre un saco de las plumas de gansos enjaulados y torturados vivos .. Desplumados ..a mano.. Recomiendo ver videos ..Como? Arrancandoles las plumas! Donde ? En asia .. Donde esta hecho el saco !! Dulces sueños .. De verdad muerte al ser humano torturador

  • miguel Angel Bravo

    Que energía transmitis, ya soy un seguidor de este canal, felicidades por los contenidos tan útiles que sacais, gracias de verdad, saludos desde La Rioja

  • Maria del Mar Gil Gonzalez

    Y una cocinilla de alcohol….yo he hecho una con una lata !!! funciona muy bien.
    Saludos de BILLIG CAMPER desde Alemania.

  • hector javier condori mestas

    buena me gusta acampar tengo todo el equipo pero no puedo salir por falta de tiempo y falta de amigos que les guste ir de camping es una tortura vivvir en las grandes ciudades saludos desde arequipa peru

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