Tim Johnson: From Super Bowl Champ to Senior Pastor
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Tim Johnson: From Super Bowl Champ to Senior Pastor

This past Easter, the inaugural He Got Up! celebration and resource fair assisted thousands of our neighbors in need by providing transportation, legal services, job opportunities, food, showers, clothing, medical referrals and even hair cuts>>What happened was happening, literally is a miracle, it was supposed to storm the day with rain, the sun came out. Many people said maybe this was a bad idea, it wouldn’t happen. I don’t know how many people, there’s a lot of people here. The technology, the volunteers, the sponsors, all the different organizations, they showed up. They’re actually here and people’s lives are being changed. And I’m just a little bit overwhelmed. Honestly, I’m just a little bit overwhelmed to see something that started in my heart with the Lord speaking to me about reaching out to those who are on the fringes of our society and city with three counties, bringing them together to see them get lifted up. Because Christ rose from the dead. He got up to lift us up so that we can lift others up is actually taking place. We’re gonna cut the ribbon, we need all of our hands. Let’s get of all our hands on here and this ribbon cutting is the opening ceremonies for He Got Up! 2016. So if everybody can say one, two, three, we can cut this.>>One, two, three. [APPLAUSE] [MUSIC]>>Today, what we’re doing is we’re celebrating things we take for granted. We have about 300 barbers out here, we’re just doing some hair. We’re making sure that people are being taken care of, they look good, they feel good and making sure they have a great experience.>>I originally came from the job program to see what they all have to offer. They’re giving away clothes, they’re giving away food, giving away a bunch of knowledge, information, schooling choices. They’re giving health and wellness. It’s a very fine experience.>>I went to see what they had and then took my shower and then I’m getting my hair cut and I got some clothes and now I’m going to go eat after get my hair cut and I’m going to jump on the bus and go home>>It’s finally time for the community to stand up and do things for Orland, for the city to create a change that’s going to impact cities all over the United States of America for the stand up. He Got Up! They’re gonna be able to resurrect from wherever they came, from the bad life, from the dead of where they’re at and resurrect to a greater good, which would be changing their lives, getting jobs, getting their health right. Getting their hair cuts right, looking good, getting their families together and getting their lives together all together. [MUSIC]>>If we come together from all walks of life, ethnicities and backgrounds by the grace of God, we will become a powerful force in seeing change in central Florida and eventually, our nation. This change can only happen in our community when we work together to make a difference. I’m invite you to join with He Got Up 2017 on Palm Sunday April 9th. If you’re willing to join us in seeing a powerful change in our community, please go to www.hegotup.org, to donate, volunteer, or become a sponsor. [MUSIC]

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