Timeshare cancellation: Why hire Vacation Ownership Consultants to cancel a timeshare?

[Cancel a timeshare contract] It’s Mike here with Vacation Ownership
Consultants. I want to go ahead and answer one of the popular questions we get from our
clients, “why should I use Vacation Ownership Consultants to help eliminate
my timeshare versus just going through a regular real estate attorney or finding
an alternative source to eliminate my timeshare?”. Ok guys so why should use
Vacation Ownership Consultants to assist you with terminating or cancelling your
timeshare contract. This is a great question number one reason Vacation
Ownership Consultants is hands down the low-cost leader for timeshare termination and
timeshare cancellation. If you do your research you’ll find that our company
provides all-in-one service and a guaranteed service and we provide the
lowest rate on that service. Now you can go and hire a real estate attorney to
assist you in getting out of a timeshare. In most cases any real estate attorney
is going to file a lawsuit. By doing that you’re going to go into litigation and
that could drag out for months. It could drag out even for years with no
guarantee that you’ll actually win the case. So while that can get very expensive it’s also not guaranteed. So that’s one reason. Another reason would be if you go with an alternative company maybe a company that just gets you out of a timeshare, well in most
cases, if you pay to get out of a timeshare and that’s the only way that that company makes money, you’re going to pay a premium. What’s unique about our services that our company is not all about just getting you out of a timeshare. Our
goal is to become your vacation ownership consultants. We want to assist you in managing your vacation ownership portfolio. Everybody has different situations. Some
people have timeshares that they really like and maybe they bought one that
they’re just not happy with, that they’re struggling to sell, if that’s you, you come
to us we’re going to show you how to safely eliminate that timeshare without falling
victim to listing scams or some type of fraud and without blowing a bunch of
money on a lawsuit with no guarantee that you’ll actually ever eliminate the timeshare. What we would like to do is not only help you eliminate unwanted timeshares but show you how to get more out of the timeshares that you
still have without buying more points and maybe increasing your maintenance
fees. Our goal is to be more of a long-term solution for you and be the
consultants that you can go to when you have any problems with your timeshare
ownership. So that would be the reason why you would use us over our competition.

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