Tin Foil Steak Packet On Campfire | Campfire Dinner | Camping Recipe
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Tin Foil Steak Packet On Campfire | Campfire Dinner | Camping Recipe

hey everyone welcome back to another
exciting episode of Baum Grillin’z as you can see we’re at the campfire we’ve got
our nice fire going we’ve got some hot coals and it’s perfect to cook something
on so what we’re gonna do is we’re gonna take some steak we’re gonna take some
potatoes some mushrooms some seasonings wrap it all in some tinfoil and throw it
on the hot coals so I’m going to show you guys what you’re going to need
ingredients how to prepare it and how to set it all up so let’s get to it
all right get yourself some tinfoil and stretch that out and I want to do a
double layer here so we’re going to go across the other way well and then we’re
going to just take that and set it aside next up we’ve got a steak this is a
little petite sirloin steak now what we’re gonna do is we’re going to cut it
up into just little squares little chunks 1-inch chunks now we’re gonna do is we’re gonna add
our seasoning to our steak chunks here we’re gonna do some garlic powder onion
powder some black pepper and then we’re going to do a little bit of Italian
seasoning get that seasoning all over that there we go oh yeah we’re gonna
chop up some mushrooms here all right so you’re gonna need some little mini
potatoes these things are kind of cool they’re really small and they’re
colorful so we’ll take that we’re just going to take these potatoes we’re gonna
cut them in half okay so now take your potatoes and slide them into your
tinfoil we’re gonna add a little bit of olive oil to our potatoes little drizzle
we’re gonna add some onion salt blue and some garlic salt give it a little mix
make sure all those seasonings stick now go ahead and add your steak all right
now add some of those mushrooms that you chopped up there we go
now we’re gonna seal this little packet now be gentle with the tinfoil you don’t
want to make any holes because you don’t want any of those juices to leak out
just keep scratching this thing up nice tight just like that there you have it
now we’re just going to toss this on the fire for a little bit and we’re gonna
have a delicious meal that’s good okay so what you’re gonna want to do is
you’re gonna want to make sure you don’t really have a fire going where you place
your packet you want it just over the hot coals so we’re gonna kind of bring
those over here we’re going to maintain our fire to one side so we can keep kind
of getting those coals going so just over the hot coals is what you want to
do we’ll just take our little packet set it right there now we’re gonna let it
sit there for about a half an hour we’re gonna flip it and then we’ll just kind
of keep taking a look at it and make sure that it gets cooked properly to
your desired doneness and while you’re doing that just sit here and enjoy the
fire all right so it’s been about 15 minutes
and I’ve been kind of stirring the coals around it to kind of maintain the heat
there so we’re gonna go ahead and flip it now this is where you want to be very
careful you don’t want to tear it if you tear it you’re gonna lose your juices
you’re gonna kind of kind of mess it up so be very gentle when flipping oh yeah I love campfire cooking oh man
this is gonna taste so good I can just tell I could smell it hmm oh yeah not
only do I have the campfire smell but I have some steak and potatoes smell
that’s what I’m talking about okay that thing has been sitting in
there for about a half an hour maybe 40 minutes or so we’re gonna pull it out
we’re gonna plate it up so grab yourself a clean plate oh I’m hungry now we’re gonna let that sit because
that’s very hot it was just in the fire I mean come on guys you know so be smart
about it we’ll let it sit for a minute and then we’ll tear into it so good whoo
all right we’re gonna open this thing up and let it air out check it out a little
bit Oh everything looks perfectly cooked Tate us yeah they look like they’re uh
they’re pretty well cooked yep it’s cooled down quite a bit it looks
delicious everything is cooked the potatoes are nice and soft so let’s take
a bite a little bit of steak there a little bit of potato Oh hmm oh wow
that’s good oh man that is really good little steak little bites a little bit
of potato you cannot beat that I tell you what one more bite here in one
morning this is an excellent meal excellent this
is perfect for just camping a cookout there’s so many different ways you could
do this you could use chicken you could use veggies you could use whatever you
want you could put sauce or whatever super easy you guys it tastes amazing it
takes just a little bit of prep work little bit of tin foil wrap it up throw
it on the fire and continue to hang out with your friends oh yeah that that is a
delicious dish this is excellent so there you have it
guys steak potatoes mushrooms seasonings wrap it in some tinfoil throw it on the
campfire that’s know if you haven’t already I hope you guys will subscribe
to my channel give me a thumbs up if you liked this video send that my way and I
hope that you guys will comment down below give me some feedback let me know
what you guys like what you don’t like and I will catch you guys on the next
video happy curling’s everyone don’t don’t drop your fork in there
tough jump your fork in there actually it’s just a little earth tone now to my
steak oh yeah good boy scram to my channel please by the fire


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