Tiny Cabin Perfect for Living Off the Land
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Tiny Cabin Perfect for Living Off the Land

How’s it going guys? I’m staying in this
tiny cabin for a few days and it’s completely off the grid and I wanted to
give you guys a tour of it but it’s looking like it’s about to rain so we
got to do this quickly. Whenever you’re driving in they’ve got a garden that has
just been planted so nothing has grown yet, but whenever that’s ready you’ll
have your own food. There’s also an outhouse there so you can use a restroom. Once the garden is going you could live here and never leave. I mean you’ll have
food there, you go to the restroom, you can go not very far get some water and
you could hunt right off your front porch and get a deer and then you’ve got
meat, vegetables, and water, and that’s all you really need to survive so it’s
pretty pretty cool here. It’s about 380 square foot give or take. I measured it.
I’m not exact with it. Some friends of mine own it and they’re letting me stay
in it for a few days and they gave me permission to give you guys a tour of it
and it’s really really rad. These, my friends, built it themselves, very cool. So let’s start with the outside. As you can see we got the cabin here. We got the front porch. On the front porch we got a little bit of firewood, a chair, and then
if we come around to this side of the house. On the side of the house you’ve
got a chimney. When you come around back and right under this box is a car battery. So the cabin isn’t completely without
electricity. There is enough electricity to power the LED lights that are inside
and so at nighttime you can see what you’re doing, but there’s not enough
electricity like charge your laptop or batteries or anything like that
but once they get the solar that will fix that problem and then you could live
out here and you could work online because out here I get cell phone
service so you could use your phone as a hotspot for internet and you could work
out here do your online job and just live out here off the land. It’d be pretty
awesome. Let’s go inside now. As you walk up to the house you can see you’ve got these few stone steps up under this porch. This very large porch which you
could sit and look out at this. This land was acquired for very cheap because as
you can see like all these trees were cut down. Well and basically the middle
of nowhere in Maine and it’s just beautiful like the weather’s nice
you got trees and if you like nature this is beautiful, but let’s let’s take a
look inside. Got a nice sliding glass door here. Walk inside and you’ve got one
chair to hang out in. Got a couple bunk beds. Over here on this side we’ve got a
wood-burning stove to heat the whole place in the winter because we are in
Maine so it will get very very chilly. Very beautiful craftsmanship as you can
see, just a gorgeous looking house. Since there’s no electricity there’s no
refrigeration yet but for cooking down here we’ve got a propane stove. All the
pots and pans that you could need. Open the window so that you don’t die of
carbon monoxide poisoning and you cook your dinner. As you can see this window
cranks right open. Pretty nice view if you ask me, I like it a lot.
As you can see here there is a sink but like I said there is no running water
but you can have this sink working which I’ll show you in just a few minutes. But
right now, the tanks not filled up. You’ve got a few essentials: coffee cup,
coffee maker, tea, just other foods. Over here this is full of clean drinking
water, spring water actually, I brought up like eight gallons of spring water that
I stopped at a spring in New Hampshire and brought them up for drinking water.
You have to go fetch your own drinking water but there’s a natural spring not
too far from here so you just take your car take a bunch of gallons empty gallon
jugs and go and fill it up and then you’ve got clean drinking water for
however long however long you bring. But I brought up eight gallons for me so
that’ll last me about a week probably. Right next to the sink we got the light
switch to power that LED light there which lights up the whole cabin at night
and then we’ve also got one right above the sink here which flips on and off. Those are both powered by the car battery that is
outside and there’s actually an outlet down here. There is an outlet back there
so if you really needed to charge something you could but you’d definitely
drain the car battery and then you’d be out of luck for light. There’s no
refrigeration so cooler is a must. We got a trash can. Here’s the futon, got a
little coffee table, that’s my laptop and stuff. There’s the bunk beds. If you’re
sitting down at the futon and you look up there’s a whole loft area with a nice
natural-looking railing, very beautiful, and right here in this corner we’ve got
the ladder to go up. Let’s take a look up there and up here we got two more beds,
another window, which also cranks open. Let in some more air flow if you need
to. You can get running water and that’s what this is. This is a cooler that if
you look in here you’ve got two little holes which run through the floor right
there and run through the ceiling here and here so this one runs down and into
the sink and so if you got the cooler full you could use a sink and then it
also runs and wraps around the chimney of the wood stove, wood-burning
stove, so in the winter whenever you get the wood-burning stove going you get hot
water and that runs out this wall right out into an outdoor shower. So then you
can shower out here in the winter with hot water you can also share in the
summer but I doubt you would want hot water and look at all that which would
be beautiful in the winter because all that would be covered in snow. I just
wanted to show you guys that real quick I think this little cabin is really
really cool. It’s off-the-grid. Once they get the solar panels in here it’ll be like
really amazing to live in and then during the summer
I don’t know how hot it gets up here in Maine but if they really need to with
the solar power they could add like a small AC unit or just open up all the
windows and get a fan going in here with the electricity from
the solar panels but really cool. Really stoked that I get to stay here for a few
days but that’s where I’m going to end this one so I will catch you guys on the
flippity-flop. Stay rad. you


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