Tiny House Furniture, Gratitude, Perspective and Perseverance, Log Cabin Life, Braised Lamb Shanks
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Tiny House Furniture, Gratitude, Perspective and Perseverance, Log Cabin Life, Braised Lamb Shanks

(wind howls) – Good girl, you’re a big help. You should have a nap, Cali. You look tired. Yeah, you look tired,
though. (dog grumbles) Can you sit? Cali, sit. Okay, do you want me to let you out, or do you want me to go out? Sit. Nope, not now. Can you give me five? Oh, 10. Okay, I’ll let you out. I can’t go out, pup. It’s too cold for me. I still get a lot of
questions about why you take the bark off the logs
before you build the cabin or other furniture, anything
out of it, and the answer is that it holds the
moisture as well as insects. So, you can see this wood that was cut, I cut this down about a year ago. The problem with that is that
the bugs are already in there. So is the moisture. So the top layer tends to be damaged, deteriorated a little bit,
and full of grub holes. In a lot of cases, the
grubs are actually right in, deep into the wood. So, as I’m drying this wood out, the grubs will be coming back to life from their winter dormancy
and coming out of the wood. So I wanna dry them quickly
and get them outside to debug, essentially. So there’s several methods to debarking. A lot of people use a
draw knife, and I do too, especially when it’s really holding on, when the bark’s really holding on. But a better tool is actually this. It’s actually meant for
this, for debarking. A better way to do is
actually take it off sideways, ’cause then you can kind of get
all the way around the stump or all the way around the log. And that, of course, won’t do it. Like that. So, you loosen it up, and you can kind of go all
the way around and peel it off in one, sort of one big
chunk like that, see, where with the draw knife, you’re just taking a strip off each time. What’s out there? What’s going on out there? Did you get excited? (pot clanks against stove) Something going on out there? (Shawn laughs) Spoiled, aren’t you? Spoiled dog. So I asked a while ago for
questions from you guys about what you want to hear
from me in regards to success in life and success in business maybe, or how to achieve this kind of lifestyle. And I made the point, and I
wanna continue to make the point that I don’t want to
sound like I’m an expert. I don’t wanna sound like I’m preaching, so I’m literally just answering
questions, your questions, and from my perspective, what I think the keys to happiness and success are, ’cause I feel like my life
is where I want it to be. I’m finding meaning. I’m finding happiness. I’m feeling fulfilled. And if I am maybe, you can, by
following some of the things that I’ve done or just pick
up the odd tip or trick or habit or whatever from me, so just a little bit of advice, so. Again, tune out if you’re not
interested in hearing this. This is the my self
reflections part of the video, so here I go, answer to
the broader question, how do you turn your life around when you are in a bad
place that, you know, that you’re willing to admit
that you contributed to? So there’s two ways of looking at life and at suffering and at
the difficulty of living as a human being, and
one of them is to assume that life just sucks and
it sucks for everybody, and therefore, it’s not worth living. And then the second thought is that maybe your life, good or bad,
is a result of the things that you put into it, the
effort that you put into it or the decisions you make and the people that you have in your life and so on. I think the truth is for
me, from my perspective, is that it’s a combination
of the two things. Life is hard. It’s difficult, and
it’s made more difficult by our frame of mind, our perspective. But basically, having, I guess, gratitude, appreciation, goes a fairly long way. When I lost my business
and went from making like literally $300,000
a year and, you know, building up this value
in a business itself, when I got hit by the financial crisis and hit by the result of
bad decisions that I made, it left me $750,000 in personal debt that I had to get out of. And when my wife and I went
and talked to bankruptcy trustees at the time to see
what the next move would be, what the solution would
be or what we should do to try to resolve the
situation, they said, first of all, the type
of business you’re in, you can’t declare bankruptcy. So that’s not an option. So taking on that debt and
dealing with the creditors is the only way to resolve it,
which is going to take time, and he said every single
client that’s he’s addressed that was in a similar
situation to that degree ended up in divorce, the
couple ended up in divorce. And I can see why. The stress on me was
incredible, and therefore the stress on the family
was almost insurmountable. My wife is very involved in the business, very instrumental in it,
and she could see first-hand what kind of position we were
in and how hopeless it was. So at that point, we
both could have given up, and me as a man feeling like
my life work was in there, my whole passion was in
that and my value as a man was tied up so tightly into that business that I could have felt hopeless. I could have felt that
life wasn’t worth living. And I didn’t. I felt like, you know, I
woke up each and every day, and I looked at my life, and I thought, I still have a beautiful wife
and two beautiful daughters. I still have three sisters
and parents that are living and in good health. You know, I still actually
was living in the same house. We liquidated all assets. We financed the house right to the hilt just to pay back some of those creditors. We sold off everything,
like, literally cash, whatever was in the garage,
whatever we could sell, including parts of the business, like those assets I mentioned. We sold everything off
just to pay creditors and to have living expenses
or pay living expenses, and ended up with almost
nothing at the end. Well, worse than nothing. We ended up $750,000 in debt
that I guaranteed personally, so I had to pay that, and the business was another 200,000 or 300,000 in debt. So it wasn’t really an
option to continue it. But the stress on me was
so great that I carried on doing the liquidation part,
winding down the business for three months, and then
I got a job with this real unlikable person. I mentioned him in another
video, so I won’t go into it. But did that for six
months before realizing this was not gonna solve anything. I’d be literally never
in a better position for the rest of my life. I’d never even pay off
the interest on that debt, never mind pay the principal off. So I made some major changes. But I made sure the
number-one change that I made was changing my
perspective and changing my outlook or how gracious I was or thankful, so I woke up each morning, like I said, I looked in the mirror, and I thought, I still have all these
great things in my life. I’m still physically in the same shape. I might be a little bit
more mentally worn down, but other than that, what’s the difference between waking up today and
waking up six months prior when I had half a million
dollars in my bank account and a $300,000 annual paycheck? What could I possibly complain about if I had all the same comforts? Still had a warm house, still had food, and those people in my life,
so what was the difference? It was really just a
matter of perspective, and just the extra anxiety of thinking, okay, now my future’s not secure, so when I do get sick or,
mentally or physically ill in the future, or, you know,
something happens to me where I get in an unfortunate
accident or something and I’ve left my family hanging,
but they’re resilient too. People are resilient. People are able to go on, whether
you think they are or not, and that includes yourself. So when these major things
happen in our lives, like, in my case, that was financial, but it could have been a loved one dying. It could have been, you
know, a personal injury that left me in a handicapped position where I was incapable of doing
what I really loved to do and things like this, but
there’s other things in life, and there’s more important things in life, and there’s, you know, you can grieve, and you can forever hold
those losses in your heart, but that doesn’t mean you
should hold onto them so tightly that you forget to live your own life and forget to add joy to other
people’s lives around you, and to me, that was the number-one lesson that I’ve carried, and I think
by applying that principle or applying that outlook, it allowed me to quickly bounce back. I started another business,
and I grew that so quickly, a completely different business
and a completely different mindset and completely
different set of risk factors, so I did it smartly, but
we’re able to pay off all that debt and to get
into a better position. So, it was really the outlook
that I had to change first. Second is habits, good and bad habits. You can get up in the morning
and continue with those bad habits, continue to do those
things that have not worked for you in the past, those
things that have taken you down instead of up, taking you
backwards instead of forwards, whether that’s, you know,
picking up and opening up those bills and paying that
phone bill that’s getting out of hand or the utility
bill or whatever it is, taking control or taking
responsibility, I guess, for every action that you take. Each and every day, starting today, make that decision just
to address one thing even today, and don’t put that off, and let that kind of build momentum. Start, you know, feeling
like each and every day, you’ve accomplished something,
however big or small, that you can build on. It’s, you know, it’s a cycle, and once you get that feedback, once you get that good feeling
that you’ve done something, that you’ve accomplished something, that you’ve eliminated
some of that stress, you’ve prepared some of, or prepared, done something to improve your future and your future security
and your future health. Maybe it’s a diet. Maybe you drink too
much or smoke too much. Do something else maybe,
just this one day. If you just could change that
and do something different, adding a bad habit and eliminate one, or adding a good habit and
eliminate one bad habit, or just do one little thing
good instead of one little thing bad or one little thing
good instead of nothing, that you should have been doing. Then maybe that’s the
start of a great life. And that’s the way I get
up each and every day. I have to tell myself, even
if I’m not feeling well or not feeling motivated or
got depression or something else, that suffering, pain
and suffering that’s inherent with humanity that kind
of wants to take over. I have to fight that, each and
every day, just like anybody and just say, I’m doing something. I’m gonna do something productive today, and at the end of the
day, I’m gonna feel like I’m fulfilled and I
took some steps forward. I climbed that ladder, no matter, that endless latter, ’cause
there’s no top, by the way. So that’s it for this video. I’m gonna sign off here. So you have a great week, take care, and I’ll see you up here
again at the cabin next week.


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