Tips To Avoid Getting Sick On Vacation
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Tips To Avoid Getting Sick On Vacation

“Summer is here, and you may have already
planned a few trips for the family. And no one wants to be sick during their vacation
time! So when you’re traveling, it’s important to remember that your health can suffer if
you don’t take the proper steps before your trip. I’m Gabe Garza here in Madrid, Spain
and this is a health feature about some important tips to remember when traveling.” The CDC has three suggestions when getting
ready for travel. Be proactive, be prepared and be protected. The first is be proactive. Learn about your destination. The CDC keeps
an updated section on their website with what vaccines to get, and what to look out for
when going to a different country. Dr. David Winter is Chief Clinical Officer, President,
and Chairman of the Board of HealthTexas Provider Network, a division of Baylor Health Care
System. He also has some tips on what to do before you travel. “If you’re going to travel internationally,
there are some things you should consider. A lot of it has to do with where you’re
going. Certain countries require vaccines and won’t let you in the country without
evidence you’ve had them.” The CDC post country-specific travel notices
and warnings on their website. Information is updated regularly. It is a good idea to
be aware of any weather or health concerns before you leave. The next tip from the CDC
is be prepared. No one wants to get sick, but things happen. And depending on where
you’re going or what you’re doing, you can plan ahead to deal with them. “Allergy medications, anti-inflammatory
medications for aches and sprains, maybe some pain pills over the counter, even sleep medicine
over-the-counter are safe to take.” Dr. Winter also says that what you’re doing
may also be a factor for what you take. If you’re going on a cruise ship, maybe think
about taking along some medication for motion sickness. If you do become sick seek medical
care right away. And if you become sick on an airplane or cruise ship, let crew members
know right away, so they can take proper steps to ensure your safety and the safety of fellow
passengers as well. The last big tip the CDC has on their website
is to be protected. Use sunscreen and insect repellent as directed. Be careful with food
and water in underdeveloped countries. And pay attention to your health and note any
warning signs. General symptoms can include headache, weakness or digestive issues among
others. So make sure to get enough sleep, eat right, and pace yourself when doing any
physical activity. Traveling can be an amazing experience, but
it is important to keep an eye on your health too. Watch out for health alerts, pack accordingly,
and have a fun, healthy trip. “So remember, make sure you are up-to-date
on all your vaccines, and if you are going to any developing countries, check the CDC
for up-to-date information on what immunizations you might need before going.”
For dailyRx News, I’m Gabe Garza.

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