Tiveden National Park Sweden – Wild Camping and Horse Trails
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Tiveden National Park Sweden – Wild Camping and Horse Trails

Hi guys and welcome to our first video
of the Scandinavian roadtrip footage and in this episode we tell you about
Swedish Tiveden National Park and why to put it on your bucket list and what to
expect when you are there. Tiveden national park is located
between two big lakes inside the park you can find a number of smaller lakes.
Here you can chill by the water and swim. The lakes are shallow and on hot summer days the water gets really warm. Here you can also do stand-up paddling and kayaking this time we have not brought our kayaks but the others brought theirs. So… we’re gonna take one of them into the lake? No?
Maybe? Sure.. Sure… These guys are definitely capitalists – they have two boats and we have none. Oh my god. And you can track here. Right here is the main entrance, there’s a parking lot, an office and you
can refill your water most of the trails start right here. Over here you can see
there’s nine different trails, they’re ranked by how long they’ll probably take
you. There’s very short ones – just half an hour and the longest one is six hours.
The one here for example is through a bit of a hilly terrain so you get some
nice views over the area and this one goes around the lake and yeah so let’s see
what that looks like The trails are kept in excellent
condition and marked with different colors as you can see from the tree up
up ahead we are on the purple trail. The trail are easily recognizable, so
that it’s nearly impossible to get lost here. I saw that the trail went up the
hill but I decided to walk here into somebody’s private bathroom
apparently. As I mentioned the routes are well marked the difficult parts are
bridged over and the wood is covered with mesh so that it doesn’t become slippery if it’s wet. Still we did not meet many people on the trail. Maybe it’s too late and everybody already went back? What do you think? Maybe it’s just not popular? Maybe it is stated in all the guide books avoid this side by all means. But we did not meet people because we were hiking in the late evening and we did notice that in the
morning hours the trails are really busy. Guini still managed to go off the
beaten path. And even to go off the unbeaten path. My turn. The ground is so soft…
Okay… what else can you do? You may horse track here. We still haven’t seen any horse trackers, but it is nice that they think of natural needs of people to possess a horse and track with it.
Yes I’m sure this would be an interesting place to ride with your horse – we’d love
to do that but unfortunately we did not bring any horses. As a matter of fact we forgot to buy one Yeah, we even forgot to buy the horses… So tell us what you noticed about the
horses here. The horses are so clean they’re so clean. They are like… the
horse’s legs are clean the horses rugs are clean. I think they just don’t use
them. This is a horse shoe and we are on a horse track and here is a great tip: if it’s rainy like now and the grass is wet the horse track is a good way to track and not to get
your feet very wet we actually asked about the prices – uhm.. forgot the name of the stables but I’ll add it later. Apparently the price is forty five Euros per hour per person if you book a guided
tour through Tiveden the area Sixty-five Euros for two hours – right. So…
probably makes more sense to go for two hours riding. Look I found a fungi it’s a
horse hooves fungi they’re very good to make fire. Should be dry enough. Well that’s not dry enough. But they really burn well. So if you ever wanted to make a fire and find one of these horses hoof fungi you can use them to
make a fire. The inner part of it is very dry like tinder well maybe we
should try it later. Here there is some more. They only grow on the birch trees. Hey Guini, look I found a horse hoof. We are at our campsite now and it is kind of both easy
and difficult to find a campsite for wild campers you may just park right next
to one of the main roads but of course other campers might park right next to
you. But to be in complete solitude you’d need to drive into the woods.
However most roads leading into the woods are marked as prohibited and the
ones that are not, you can only drive with a 4×4 So that is where we parked for the night.
It’s at the end of a road was quite the turn over there had to go back and forth
several times to turn the car around because there’s not a lot of space back
there. And that’s our camping site for the last
night um… and as you can see there’s a lot of
blueberry bushes all the way up blueberry hill. While picking these
blueberries we were thinking about buckets of blueberries we were enjoying
last year during our roadtrip beyond the Arctic Circle in Russia they were sold
by the highways by babushkas for just five bucks per bucket. We got… Quite a few here actually… I think that’s enough. All right. So we are preparing the muesli Guini cook. Banana! Looking good! We brought our bimbos…
Oh yes… Bimbo Rapiditas You cannot go on a trip without your
bimbo. Guini is doing a photo shoot.
As a food Instagramer – wanna be food Instagramer. This is the way we put our chocolate inside our muesli. We saw an ad that you
can do wildlife watching here and even get a chance to see the
wolves but so far we have only seen these ducks we are sharing our breakfast
with ? small little toad guy. Jump little
toad. Today we’re going to head towards Norway and see how far we get. And in the next episode we’ll be
exploring Norway and trekking through its tundra and Arctic desert looking for a
prehistoric furry cow. So… stay with us and subscribe to our channel and ring the bell.

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