Tom’s SkyMall Camping Hack – Parks and Recreation

-All right.
I call this wonderful spot -You didn’t bring a tent? -I don’t really go camping ever,
Jerry, so I’m not gonna spend $15
on a tent. I’m just gonna sleep
on the floor. -It’s called the ground
when it’s outside. -Whatever. Why? Do you guy
do this a lot — camping? -I’ve never been before,
but I think I’m gonna love it. Why am I gonna love it? SkyMall. Come check out my tent. I ordered a bunch of crap
off SkyMall. I got my TV, my Xbox, DVD,
awesome bed right there. DJ Roomba’s in the mix. Ah.
It’s like I’m not even camping This is actually a dog couch
but it’s super comfortable [ Mid-tempo music playing [ Birds chirping ] [ Buzzing in distance ] -Hey, Tom. -One second. I’m just
in the middle of a head massage. That’s a good stopping point
What’s up? -Uh, you want to bounce
some ideas off each other? -Here’s a better idea. How about I bounce my way over
to my dog couch and watch a little Season
of “Top Chef”? -All right.
-I know Leslie seems upset But the truth is she’s bette
than us at this stuff by a thousand miles. So there’s really no point
Care for some fondue? -Yeah. Hey. How do you afford
all this stuff? -I just return it the next day
and claim it was defective The key is crying a lot. No one likes to hear
a grown man cry. “And then my hand accidentally
went in the panini press!” [ Sobs ]

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